The 100 Most Intense Moments of Degrassi’s First 10 Seasons (25-11)

25. Rick, Terri, Cement Block

3.17 “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

This was not be the Most Intense Moment in Degrassi history, but it was the funniest. For real, did anyone else laugh when they saw Terri hit that cement block?

Paige, Spinner, their black sidekicks, Terri and Rick drive to a field to hang out. Everyone is leery about letting Rick near Terri, and for good reason. No one likes Rick. Paige gets mad at Rick for suggesting he and Terri sit on the hood of the van. Paige doesn’t even want to think about how much it would cost her to fix that dent.

Rick and Terri go off on their own to a field. Rick doesn’t want to ride with Paige and tells Terri to walk home with him. Terri isn’t one for walking which makes Rick REALLY MAD! Rick just slams Terri down so hard he smashes her head against some cinder blocks. For some reason they were in a field full of cinder blocks.

Terri is knocked out by that. When Spinner and Paige come by the check out what happened, Rick takes off into the woods. Yes, that is what happens. Rick runs away into the woods.

24. Twincest

10.20-23 “Degrassi Takes Manhattan”

I called it from the first episode we met the Coyne siblings:

I’m 99% sure that Fiona and Declan are fucking each other.

— 9.01

While evidence continued to mount throughout the ninth season, my prediction was not proven until the finale, a two hour TV movie set in NYC (but actually mostly in Niagara Falls). Holly J had come to the big city for an internship at a MTV knockoff channel, while the Coyne kids are just hanging out and being rich. They live in New York, so I was never clear if they are American citizens and their diplomat father was sent to Canada; or if they are Canadians who moved to Manhattan because they are rich. Either way, it doesn’t explain why a diplomat would be stationed in Toronto when Ottawa is the capital and over 200 miles away. Even the Degrassi writers don’t know anything about Canada.

Anyway, Fiona grew increasingly jealous of Holly J’s romance with her brother and these emotions culminated at a fancy party. Fiona knew she needed to stake a public claim on her one true love. We later find out Fiona had severe emotional  issues that required therapy. But that was pretty damn evident here.


23. JT’s Wet Dream

3.06 “Gangsta, Gangsta”

Except for the inclusion of Liberty, JT has awesome wet dreams.

[A]ll my friends who saw this episode were telling me the shocking news about JT’s wet dream. This was the talk of the town for some time. They were like, “You’re not going to believe this. JT HAD A WET DREAM ABOUT LIBERTY! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS” I have some fucked up friends.

22. JT & Toby Think They’re High

1.15 “Jagged Little Pill”

JT was semi-responsible for the madness of this episode, due to the fact that he procured the ecstasy tablet. The plan was for him and Toby to split it. Then, whatever they did together wouldn’t technically make them gay because they weren’t under their own influence.

But Sean switched the ecstasy with an aspirin tablet and gave the drug (illegal one) to Ashley and the other drug (legal one) to JT and Toby. While Ashley ingested the ecstasy tablet, she rode that thing like a motherfucker. But JT and Toby were a lot funnier. Sean made them chew the aspirin tablet and the two nerds fooled themselves into a placebo high.

JT and Toby believe that they are high and start acting goofy. More so than usual.

Emma and Manny go to Toby’s room and witness him and JT continue to think they are tripping. I’ll have to try Aspirin some time; it gives you such an awesome placebo high.

21. JT Rips Off Spinner’s Pants

3.10 “Never Gonna Give You Up

After JT attacked Paige’s rapist in “How Soon Is Now”, he won Paige’s friendship, becoming the Lancelot to her Lady Guinevere. Or Popeye to her Olive Oil. Whatever. However, Spinner was Paige’s boyfriend, and didn’t like that JT was spending time with her. A normal guy would assume JT was just Paige’s gay friend and leave it alone, but Spinner couldn’t stand it. He wanted JT out of her life. But JT wasn’t going to give up that exposed belly without a fight. JT actually faced Spinner in a battle of wills and won. 100% INTENSE!

Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty seven Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty seven Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty seven

Spinner and Paige are walking down the hallway, Paige captivated by Spinner’s pecks, when out of fucking nowhere, JT runs past them and rips Spinner’s pants right off! Oh my Lord! Spinner is left in his boxers, while a crowd gathers around to look at his bulge.

There’s no way to describe in mere words how awesome that was. It’s really weird, because JT didn’t pull Spinner pants down, he tore them off. The only way JT could have done that was if Spinner was wearing stripper pants.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty seven Degrassi The Next Generation episode forty seven

[JT]still has a few tricks up his scrawny sleeve. JT comes to the Dot while Spinner is waiting tables, and makes an order that was so complicated and confusing that Spinner just gives up and beats up JT. Since attacking customers tends to be frowned upon at the Dot, Spinner is demoted to dishwasher.

Spinner does some thinking and comes to the conclusion he can’t win this fight, so he agrees to a truce with JT before he loses badly. That’s unreal. My jaw dropped when I saw Spinner make peace. Spinner does not compromise with his enemies. Everyone who has stood against Spinner before has died at his hand. Look at what he did to Ms. Kwan in “Friday Night,” he put her in metal institution. But JT beat Spinner. My God. JT is more powerful than we ever could have possibly imagined.

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