50 Photos of Jessica Tyler

Jessica Tyler plays Jenna Middleton on Degrassi. On the show, Jenna is a retard who didn’t know she was pregnant until 13 months in. There should be a Degrassi episode where Jenna films an episode of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant for TLC. Half the bitches on that show were just so obese that they didn’t notice the baby’s weight, so Jenna will be something different.

In real life, Jessica has a music career. She has some songs on iTunes and toured Canada earlier this year with Nelly Furtado. Hopefully next year, she’ll step it up by releasing a full length album and touring Canada with the Barenaked Ladies, who are one step above Nelly Furtado in Canadian music hierarchy. The ultimate goal of Tyler’s should be to win a Grammy and tour Canada with Neil Young, who is the top of Canadian music. Some people will say, no Leonard Cohen is, and those people make me sick. It’s Neil Young, fuckers.

To inspire Jessica to reach for Neil Young, we have a gallery of 50 pictures of her. You can find Jessica on Twitter.