50 Pictures from Pokemon in Which James from Team Rocket is Dressed as a Girl

After Squirtle, Team Rocket was the best thing about the Pokemon cartoon. Jessie, James and Meowth were meant to be the villains, but it was hard to see it that way when the entire Pokemon system was so incredibly cruel. It’s a series of tournaments in which  animals are confined to little tiny balls and only let out to fight each other using violent heat or ice or electricity attacks.  So Team Rocket cheating at Pokemon is like stealing money from Michael Vick. I mean, Bonnie & Clyde were criminals, but the banks they robbed during the Depression were certainly not good guys.

And it’s not like Team Rocket were lazy for not wanting to play by the rules. They built a friggin’ hot air balloon in the shape of Meowth. They put heckuva’ lot of effort into villainy. If they had channeled the energy they expanded trying to steal Pokemon toward training Pokemon by the rules, they would have become Master Pokemon Grand Wizard Trainers–or whatever it is the top rank of trainer–in a month. I think their hearts just weren’t into playing Pokemon, really.

The bulk of their work was put towards their disguises (that always fooled Ash and friends). Many of those disguises had James in a dress. And he rocked it every single time.

So here are 50 screenshots of Team Rocket where James is dressed as a woman. It includes the banned episode “Beauty and the Beach” where he sports giant inflatable breasts.

Most of these pictures were culled from the Screenshots of Pokemon with additional caps coming from Pokemon Time. For all your Pokemon screencaps needs, check out those websites

You have to admit, he did make a good looking woman.


As a bonus, here is Ash in a dress from the episode “Pokémon Scent-sation!”


And finally, Pikachu.