Come on People, We Can Do This! We Can Bring New Hamtaro to the USA!

Dear My Fellow Americans,

Hamtaro was the most adorable TV series ever. It was a Japanese anime about a group of hamster friends which aired in the US on Cartoon Network from 2002 to 2004. There were almost 300 episodes made before the series ended in Japan in 2006.

However, in these dark times of economic turmoil and global warming, the Japanese people needed a hero to rally around, so in April of 2011, a sequel to Hamtaro began on TV Tokyo, Tottoko Hamutaro Dechu. Take a look:

Is that not awesome!! Sadly, Cartoon Network has yet to pick up the new series. I have created a petition on to get Cartoon Network to translate and air this new Hamtaro series, as they did with the first one. If you are as pumped about Hamtaro as I am, please sign. If the Occupy Wall Street movement has shown us anything it’s that a group of diverse people, once united, can change the world.




I have two great loves in this world: America and Hamtaro. They should be together.