Degrassi: 11.38 & 39 “Need You Now”

Season 11 Episodes 38 & 39
Airdates: March 30 & April 6, 2012

Part 1

A Plot:

Imogene snaps photos of Eli napping. This is one of those things that would look ten times creepier if the genders were reversed. Eli wakes from his power nap and asks Imogen to sleep over—in his bed! Whooo! Imogen is up for it, but asks if his parents approve. Eli’s parents dress like they are roadies—and not even important roadies for, like, Metallica or Ozzy Osbourne, but like roadies for a Nelson tribute band—so they should be down with it. This is when Eli’s dad enters and reminds Eli to take his bi-polar pills. This makes Imogen decide to leave. Eli is bi-polar? Like Craig? Bi-polar kids are really into punk rock and wearing leather jackets and being flakes.

Eli’s dad thinks his son is not ready to have a girlfriend because he crashed his car over Clare and went manic during a play, presumably for another girl (or he is just a stage diva). “Just because I’m bi-polar doesn’t mean you get to start telling me what to do,” Eli says. No, he’s your father, that’s why he can tell you what to do.

Over at Degrassi, Imogene is taking pictures of a tree. She tells Eli she saw a bird. Wait, aren’t they indoors? There is a tree, but also windows on all sides of this space. I am totally confused as to where in the school this is.

The two make out in the art room. “Close your eyes,” Imogen instructs. Eli, does, eagerly expecting to soon see her boobs. Instead, she reveals her art project. It’s a print of Eli with words about mental illness. Imogen says it’s to show that mental illness is not a big deal. She is literally making him a poster child. Eli doesn’t like that she plans to show this to her class. He gets nervous and accidentally knocks over her camera, breaking it. Imogen thinks he is having a manic episode. “Think of a happy place,” counsels Imogen. “Mine’s on a beach in the winter covered in snow.” Imogen spends her time in odd places.

After talking to Fiona—who thinks he had a manic episode as well—Eli apologizes and presents Imogen with a new $500 camera. Imogen worries this is impulsive spending which would mean his bi-polar is all blowing up like a Craig. Eli wants to spend the rest of the day with her, but Imogen says she must go home for some “Triple H” which is “homework, a hot bath and Harry Potter.”  Is Triple H the new thing the young people are saying? Would it make me sound hip and cool if I used it? I’m going to start saying it from now on.

In his room, Eli and Adam play old school Atari Caterpillar. I wonder if it’s a ROM or Eli has a working Atari or he bought one of those joystick toys you can plug into your TV to play classic Atari. I also want to say that the updated Caterpillar game for the Playstation was a lot of fun. And hey, Adam is finally doing something.

Eli’s dad asks if he has seen his guitar. Eli claims to have “lent it to a friend” when, in reality, he pawned it to buy Imogen’s camera. Eli should have claimed he has no idea where it is. I will point out that Eli’s dad leaves an expensive electric guitar in the back seat of a convertible car. I’m surprised it wasn’t stolen sooner.

Eli and Adam go to Imogen’s house. Her dad answers and says Imogen is out. Imogen’s dad acts kind of weird and flighty, as you would expect from the father of Imogen. He also appears to be putting on a fake English accent. Again, from what we know about Imogen, this would not be unexpected. The boys can’t find Imogen and Eli phoness her a bunch of times. Adam thinks his bi-polar is acting up. “Maybe you should take a pill,” Adam recommends. Eli resents that people keep telling him to take his bi-polar medication. “No, I mean a chill pill, dude, chillax.” Then Adam makes gang signs.

B Plot:

KC received an invitation to the Christening of the baby he and Jenna gave up for adoption. KC’s mom thinks he should not attend, but KC’s mom isn’t really one who should be giving parenting advice. “KC, you should move on…like I did with you when I was your age.”

KC wants to ask Jenna about this. He and Connor see her talking to her new boyfriend Jake. “Do you think they’re studying chemistry,” quips Connor, “…or biology?” KC compliments Connor for being able to put together a joke. Connor says he has been working on being funny. “You should check out my Youtube channel.”

Jenna does not want to attend, so KC makes the trip alone. He meets the adoptive couple at their home. KC holds his son, who (the baby) then cries. The adoptive mom says the baby is “uncomfortable with strangers”. That makes KC feel like poop. We don’t see the actual Christening because Degrassi can’t afford to rent a church for an afternoon, plus the cost of all those extras, and renting additional babies would be expensive.

KC returns home with several baby books, determined to see more of the little one. “He wants me in his life,” KC tells his mom, “he needs me.” “He’s just a baby,” replies KC’s mom, “let him go for 14 years. Believe me, you can pick up from there just fine.”

C Plot:

Tori tries out for Power Squad. She does a cartwheel, which is not enough to impress the older members who do not want a freshman on the squad. “No, give me one more chance. I can do a crab walk too!”

Tori laments that she will not be in with the popular girls now. But as luck would have it, a cheerleader fucked up her ankle in a bar fight, so a spot opened up for Tori.

After school, Zig gets Tori to film him skateboarding for an online contest. All Zig does is roll back and forth along two short ramps. I think he would need to do something more impressive to win this contest. After the writers decided to make Zig someone who liked to skateboard, they should have cast a kid who actually knows how to skateboard.

This makes Tori late for cheer practice and Marmalade kicks her off the team. Tori begs for mercy, so Marmalade hands her the big panther head. Tori can be on the squad, but as the mascot! Marmalade is ruling Power Squad with an iron first, like Paige, Manny, Holly J and Chante before her. The head cheerleader wields power ruthlessly over Power Squad like the General Secretary of the Communist Party did over the Soviet Union. I’d make a Canada-is-really-cold joke like how Marmalade has a Siberian prison camp in her backyard, but Degrassi exists in a universe where Canada never gets snow.

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