Degrassi: 12.01 & 02 “Come As You Are”

Season 12 Episodes 1 & 2
Airdates: July 16 & 17, 2012

This is the 12th season premiere. I said I was going to stay away from recapping the summer episodes, but I also once said I was done recapping Degrassi. But the fall premiere “Building a Mystery” had too many moments that confused me, so I need to look at some summer episodes. Plus, this episode was named after a Nirvana song. I’ll do a few more summer eps, this I promise you.

Like with “I Want It That Way”, I have written this as if I was posting to Twitter as it aired.

New school year. Torres bros w/ new kid named Dallas #dallasthenewkid

Drew says “famous degrassi” adam says “you mean infamous” #youmeaninfamous

Mrs. Torres will be away 2night, says boys can have “1 or 2 friends over” Adam wants a party #ThisAlwaysMeansTonsOfUninvitedGuests

Will be a school assembly 2day. Kids hope it means Degrassi will be shut down #degrassidone

Drew and Katie broke up #nomoreKaew

No. Did not break up. Katie gave him a sweater. #drewssweater

Clare, Jenna & Alli talk to Drew & Adam for some reason. All want Degrassi to close down #noonelikesDegrassi

Adam wants 2 show off scar. Oh yeah Adam was stabbed during a dance last yr. Adam now has manly scar. #adamsscar

now Adam has something to bond w/ crusty old fisherman when they hunt a killer shark #JawsReference

assembly time #assemblytime

Drew & Bianca sit 2gether. #Brew4ever

Drew needs a good time to break up with Katie. #KaewNotOverYet!

Katie sits with Drew & Bianca #AWKWARD

Katie still recovering from pill addiction #LittleKatieAdderall #CommunityReferenceInHashtag


Simpson addresses the student body. Sounds like he has grave news. #SimpsonsDollyIsMissing #Every1PleaseHelpLook

Announcement: No more uniforms! #every1getnaked!

The students all cheer! #celebration

Simpson happy the students r happy #SimpsonWants2BeTheirPrinciPAL #SimpsonWantsAFriend

“I agreed to get rid of the school uniforms. Now you kids have to agree to stop stabbing each other. It’s called compromise.” #nevercompromise

Simpson should have told students this before semester began #EveryoneMissedBack2SchoolSales

Bianca takes shirt off. Has pink tank top underneath #WishSheHadNoTankTop

opening credits. sound effects really cranked up. whoosh, water spray, sword clangs, random cheering. annoying. #UnnecessarySoundEffects

kids backflip, make sound like jet landing on runway #whatthehell


Back 2 assembly. Jenna happy 2 wear jeans again #wegettowearjeans


Simpson introduces the new hockey team. Degrassi just now got a hockey team? #DegrassiRememberedItIsCanadian

Clare chides Alli for using finger quotes w/ her innuendo towards hockey players. Good on Clare. #FingerQuotesAlliReally

Clare spots Eli. Eli went to New York over break. #eliNYC

AH! It’s fucking Becky! #NeedAnExorcist

Becky introduces herself 2 Eli & Clare. Becky is a flake. #firstimpressions

Becky is from Florida. #floridaistheworststate

I support global warming because it will mean Florida will be underwater. #notjoking

Tori & Maya jump up and down because uniforms are abolished. #goingshopping

Tristan is texting on phone all the time. Also doesn’t seem to like Maya #MayaWontFollowHimOnTwitter

Maya asks Tori & Tristan to form a band w/ her. They decline. #ShootThoseAreMayasOnlyFriends

Maya wants to be in a band. Moe has flyers looking 4 members for his #IDontNeedABoyfriendINeedABand

Hockey team asks Maya if caf serves pancakes 4 brkfast. Maya says no #usuallycereal #bagelsifwe’relucky

Hockey player is craving a nice flat pancake #DegrassiHockey

Didn’t mean pancakes literally. Was making fun of Maya’s small boobs. Kind of gross 2 make fun of 13-year-old girl’s boobs #DegrassiHockey

Drew breaks up with Katie. Tears aplenty #nomoreKaew

Kate: “u have new gf?” #yesitsBianca

Drew: “Yeah but you don’t know her. She lives in Canada. Shit I mean America.” #madeupdialogue

Drew: “She lives in that state that’s next to Ontario. Mich…innesohionsin…sylvaniabama. Yeah that one.” #madeupdialogue

Drews sees ‘court case’ on blackboard. Names made-up GF Courtney. Met on ski trip #CourtneyIsntReal

Katie: “I was in rehab & u were off in a hottub w/ some slutty ski bunny?” #hotutbwithsomesluttyskibunny

Katie: “So glad I didn’t lose my virginity 2 u.” #VirginKatie

Maya pushes way through caf to talk 2 Moe. Moe wants someone “more mature” than her 4 his band. #MoeWantsGirlWithBoobs

Maya insecure about tiny boobs #MayasBoobs

Moe has bigger boobs than Maya #MoeGetsTo2ndBaseWithHimself

Drew sets up rec room for candlelight dinner w/ french fries in romantic cardboard holders #DrewIsDegrassisBestCharacter

Bianca enters. #biancaenters

Dallas is living with Drew & Adam? #DallasMustBeFromDallas

Adam & Dallas set up 4 party. Drew no wants, but cant cancel. Adam already tweeted it. #twitter

Drew says about Adam’s twitter: “He has so many followers.” Adam runs @myprincipalsays #myprincipalsays

Drew: You guys got a keg? #keg

Jenna, Alli and Clare get ready 4 party. R friends now. #xmaseditionbroughtthem2gether

I assume this is the beginning of the spring semester. #degrassitimeline

Clare wears stylish dark blue dress #ClareUsuallyDressesLike40YearOldChurchSecretary

Clare not sure if Eli likes her. They kissed in previous episode but a boy will kiss anything. #evenClare

The girls call Jake in. Are they going 2 ask his opinion on Clare’s dress? #DoYouThinkYourStepSisterIsHot? #JakeThinksSo

Jake says if Eli likes her, he will kiss her again. #likeJakedid

Katie & Moesha talk about Courtney. Then they get in pjs, eat ice cream & watch ‘Waiting to Exhale’. #girlpower

Moesha looks like a creepy Japanese girl who kills people by coming out of their TVs. #theRingReference

Katie admits she was not the best gf to Drew #DrewDeservesOnlyTheVeryBest

Moesha found out about the party #MoeshaFollowsAdam

Katie decides to crash party. Says Drew will be glad she did. #NoHeWillNot

Tori, Tristan, Maya & Zig r at mall #mall

Maya upset about having no boobs. Wants to be in Moe’s band, but Moe would want a lingerie model. #MoeHasSomethingInCommonWithAdamLevine

Tristen says Maya has a nice body (he prefers a flat chest) #gay

Tori says she would rather have Maya’s bust size. #lie

Tori: “I even asked my parents for breast reduction.” tells Zig: “Don’t worry. They said no.” #ZigAlmostHadAHeartAttack

Maya stares at busty model in lingerie ad. I do too. It’s why I’m banned from the mall. #publicindecencyconvictionwillbeexpungedin2years

Tori says Maya just needs “a little support”. #OrALotOfSupport

Party time #partytime

Kids drink out of red plastic cups. Canada just learned about those. #redsolocup

Drew & Bianca vow to love each other “Til the world explodes.” #AfterThatTheyllBeDead

Katie is outside. #ohshit

Drew offered booze but wants to stay sober as he may lose his virginity tonight #DrewWillBeLousyEitherWay

Drew told Dallas he may lost his virginity tonight. Drew is getting awfully personal. #ohDrew #TMI

Eli is at party. Tells random guy about seeing a hipster band that was better in NYC than Toronto. #EliNeedsStrangersToThinkHeIsCool

Clare wants to talk to Eli but party is too loud. Alli sees that Clare is a bad dancer. #ClareCantDance

Adam has a lighter. Is going to burn the school uniforms. #ReallyBadIdea2DoThatIndoorsDude

Becky appears out of nowhere & grabs clothes. Says she will donate them on Adam’s behalf. #BeckyWillGo2GoodwillAt10AtNight

Becky leaves with uniforms. Adam: “What the hell was that?” Said what I was thinking. #degrassiquotes

Katie enters party. Wants 2 give Drew a 2nd chance. She cries. #KatieKries

Drew puts her in another room until she stops crying. Keep her away from Bianca. Katie will spend party in utility closet. #utilityclosetparty

I’d feel sorry 4 Katie but she was a total bitch last season. #karma

Ex GF & current GF in same party. Drew under duress. Drew drinks. #alcoholepisode

Maya is at home. #MayaDoesntFollowAdam

Maya rocks out on the cello. Writing a kickass groove. #mayarocksthecello

Sees her flat body in mirror. Poses to get sideview. Nothing. #MayaPancake

Maya has breast forms. Tori’s idea. #MayaPancakeNoMore

Hockey team makes Drew chug all the beer in the Junior Stanley Cup. #DegrassiHockey

Drew stumbles into room Katie is in. Kate: “R U drunk?” Drew: “Nah, I just had a beer in a trophy.” #beerinatrophy

Drew admits Courtney doesn’t exist. Katie admits she was awful last year. #truth

Drew: “I might be dead right now if it wasn’t for you.” #KatieKnowsHeimlichManeuver

Drew & Katie kiss. #KaewLives!

didn’t catch most of Eli-Clare convo. Listening 2 music of @Seal #kissfromarose

They kiss. Clare: “I am all in.” #clareisallin

Drew stumbles downstairs. Proclaims: “I did it!” #IDIDIT

Drew falls over. Hockey team picks him right up #hockeyteamdidntwritegayonhisforehead

Drew celebrates. Takes shirt off. Party time! #IDIDIT #shirtsoff

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