Degrassi: 12.17 & 18 “Sabotage”

Season 12 Episodes 17 & 18
Airdates: August 13 & 14, 2012

Part 1

A Plot:

Clare has to give a presentation in class on the news internship she was fired from, but is keeping that fact a secret. Ms. Oh asks what is the most important thing she learned from Asher Shostak. And Clare has flashback of Asher touching her. Clare’s answer is, “No one will believe your story unless you have facts to prove it.”

Remember, no one in the newsroom believed that Asher harassed her, and Asher got Clare fired by claiming she was stalking him. Dastardly Asher! The editor decided to still sign Clare’s paperwork so Clare will still get her class credit. Clare hasn’t told anyone about this except her dumb little friend, Alli.

Clare wants to find another woman he harassed. She hides oot in a supply room while trying to call former interns. The hockey team enters—minus Cam because he is a weenie. They come here every morning to drink beer. Clare points oot that it is 11am. That just makes the hockey team more awesome. Clare asks them to keep it down because she is on the phone. Becky’s brother offers her a beer.

Clare meets a young reporter named Jennifer at the Dot. Jennifer interned under Asher a few years back and thinks Clare is interviewing her as a project for her internship. When Clare attempts to ask if Asher ever harassed her, Jennifer ends the interview. She knows who Clare is, the crazy girl who is obsessed with Asher.  Clare apparently has a reputation, which would be problem for Clare’s future in print journalism if print journalism had a future.

Clare gets back to school and rips up the one article she wrote. Clare is sad.

“Looks like you could use a beer.”

–says Dallas, seeing her stressed oot. Clare caught the team with beer, so now Dallas wants to make sure she is compromised as well.

Over in the supply room, an inebriated Clare pours oot her Asher story to Dallas. Clare kicks off her shoes. Then Dallas kisses her. The she slaps him. “You kicked off your shoes,” Dallas says to justify putting a move on her. Clare is deeply offended and leaves. You ask me, Dallas was a gentleman here. He actually put a move on Clare when she was still clear headed enough to consent. Considering how poorly Clare holding her alcohol, one more beer and she could keep talking about the newspaper while never noticing hat Dallas is doing her in the butt.

Clare leaves the supply room and walks the school hallway drunk. Aislinn Paul has awesome drunk acting. She’s so good you’d expect Clare to start hitting on fat girls by bragging aboot how big her penis is.  She tries to act cool when she comes across Katie and Jake. “I gotta go,” slurs Clare, “You guys are cute.” “Where are your shoes?” asks Katie. Jake notices she smells like beer.

The school rainforest was trashed. Katie tells Clare the hockey team did that, but hasn’t gotten in trouble because there is no proof. Jake wants to fight Dallas after he made a move on Clare. That could be Jake being a protective older brother, or it could be Jake being a jealous ex-boyfriend.

Clare decides it is time she exposed the crimes of Asher Shostak –I mean the hockey team. And Clare does it the only way she knows how, by publishing it on the front page of the student newspaper! She says the Degrassi paper runs 800 copies, which is probably more than the paper she was fired from.

Simpson is pissed off at Clare’s paper.  “Why doesn’t this paper have Marmaduke?” he cries.  Dallas is in the office as well and points oot that there is no one actual proof the hockey team did what the paper accuses. “Frankly,” says Dallas, “my team is starting to hate this school.” Simpson apologizes. The hockey team is threatening to move to a new stadium.  With the NHL lockout, Canada is desperate for hockey—any hockey and Dallas knows this gives his team leverage.

Dallas slips up when he says that Clare had beer too, thereby admitting to beer!  Clare gets three weeks detention for printing a newspaper without permission and drinking. But it was worth it to make Dallas and his teammates pay for what Asher did. Take THAT men! Mr. Simpson is a neutral arbiter in these gender disputes, being neither man nor woman.

The hockey team got three weeks detention as well, which will cause them to miss three games. This is the difference between Canada and the US. In America, if a principal gave the football team detention and caused them to miss even one game, let alone three, he would be lynched by the townsfolk. And no jury would convict his killers.

Dallas wants to know what Clare’s problem with the hockey team is. “You mess with my friends you mess with me,” says Clare. When did Dallas mess with her friends? And who are Clare’s friends? Katie, Jake and Eli stand by Clare and tell Dallas to F off. Why does this whole school hate the hockey team? I though hockey players in Canada are what astronauts are in the USA. It’s what Canada has to do when they never put a man on the Moon.

Remember, Dallas is one of the few people who knows the truth about Clare’s internship, so he stings her by blurting out, “Why don’t you tell the truth about your internship?” And Eli is all “What pray tell is the truth about your internship, I might ask?” Clare admits to Eli that she was fired from the paper, but does not say why.


B Plot:

On stage, Mini-Connor and Tristan rehearse a love song. They are gay lovers in Eli’s latest play. Eli’s a weird dude. Like, a weird dude.

Tristan is giddy to learn that there is a singing contest at the mall. The prize will be a guest role on West Drive, the in-show teen drama that stand-ins for what Degrassi is in our world. Manny wanted to get on that show in season 6. She was hired in season 7 but left because everyone on the cast was miserable and didn’t want to work there:

Assuming this teen drama is a representation of Degrassi, I can confidently say this is probably the only time the writers know what they are talking aboot. Everybody working at Degrassi wishes they could get any other job but they can’t.

Mini-Connor, Tori, Tristan and Zig head to the mall. Mini-Connor wanted Alli to be here to watch him, but she has to read Wuthering Heights (Alli is cramming to graduate early to go fight cancer at MIT). M-C goes on stage after Tori and sings something that could get him a slot on the next incarnation of Boyz II Men. That boy’s musical skills have come a long way.

Mini-Connor wins! The runner-ups get coupons for free slices of pizza for one year, which is a much better prize. Mini-Connor is merely going to be on Degrassi’s Degrassi. I hope we get to see West Drive in action, it would be a great opportunity for the writers to poke fun at the show. I also  think it would be funny if there was, say, a long-running website that made fun of West Drive put together by two geeks from the Midwest. Hint hint


C Plot:

Drew sneaks into science class where Bianca and Owen are doing sciency stuff. Being that one is a jock and the other is a girl, neither probably know what they are doing. Drew dropped oot but all his friends are in school, so he still has to come here to hang oot. He flashes Bianca Pistons tickets and wants them drive down to Detroit. Detroit? Shit, best of luck on surviving that. I mean, the Palace is way in the suburbs and the downtown area by the Ambassador Bridge is nice, but in between is a whole lot of stray bullets.

Bianca says she can’t because she has school during the week. “I never see you anymore,” complains Drew. Bianca should reply that is because she has school during the day. Drew could have bought Raptors tickets and saved his girlfriend the long car ride. The science teacher tells Drew to leave because he is not a student. You’d think she’d be happy a dropoot is back in school. She must have taken Drew leaving really hard. Like, felt betrayed as a teacher.

Drew works in the mall now and tells his adult co-worker aboot his problem with Bianca. “It must be hard to see her around guys who haven’t dropped oot,” says Drew’s co-worker, who may be Kevin Smith with lightened hair. The co-worker’s advice is to flash his money and buy a motorcycle. The co-worker must work in the motorcycle department and wants a commission. “Could you stop by Dungeons & Dragons game tonight?” asks the co-worker, “I want to prove to the members of my campaign I know someone with a girlfriend.”

Bianca, come to the castle to study for a test. But Drew surprises them with his purchase of a big ass 3-D TV. Drew earns more money than any mall kiosk job ever.

There is a party but eventually the other kids leave because it is late and are going to have to wing it on the test because they never studied. Drew wants to make oot, but Bianca has to cram. Drew is pissed that she has to study, Drew is acting irrational. Drew dropped oot so he wants his friends to flunk and join him. Bianca tells him that dropping oot was a mistake. “The only way that you’ll be happy if I do everything that I hate!” whines Drew. At least he is wearing the 3-D glasses so look cool.

Drew buys the motorcycle. He does that thing where you drive the bike with one wheel in the air, which Drew is able to do after owning it for only a few hours. Drew is indeed that cool. He leaves a message with Bianca, bragging that while she had her test, he was cruising in a motorcycle.

He also has helmet hair, which is a detail that never would have been included if this was an episode from two years ago. The producers are paying attention now. A cop car flashes its lights. Drew is going to be ticketed for being more badass than Toronto allows.

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