Degrassi: 12.25 & 26 “I Want It That Way”

Season 12 Episodes 25 & 26
Airdates: November 9 & 16, 2012

Just to try something different, I am going to write this review as if I was posting it all on Twitter while it aired.

Part 1

Alli in room doing homework. Puts down photo of Mini-Connor. #theybrokeup

Her parents enter, waking Jenna up. #JennaisHere?

Jenna lives with Alli’s family. They let her stay with them if she could guess correctly whether they were Indian or Pakistani #JennaGuessedRight

Jenna says it is too early but it looks to be around 11am #NowBhandarisThinkWhitePeopleAreLazy

Alli working hard to get into MIT. Should take it easy & use affirmative action card & claim she is black. #CanadaMustNotHaveWhiteGuiltLiberals

Alli’s parents got her a car! Drives it to school. Clare: “We can go to museums and art galleries!” #ohClare

Jenna wants to go somewhere fun. They compromise & go to a sex museum. #sexmuseum

Alli has Jay-Z tickets. Planned to take Mini-Connor but they broke up. Should be Drake tickets. #drake

For awhile, I thought the kid from Drake & Josh was a rapper #IwatchtoomuchTVI’mtoooldfor

Alli shows Mini-Connor the tickets. M-C calls Alli “all work, no play girl” #allworknoplaygirl

Mini-Connor in a bad mood today. The cereal he wanted was on the high shelf. #outofreach

Alli tutoring 2night. #AlliTutoringWillOnlyMakeSomeoneDumber

Tristan wants to be lead in Eli’s movie. He does movie impressions #OfMenSurprisingly

Eli doing a zombie movie. Wants some1 tough. #TristanNotToughStuff

Fiona and Imogen at mall. #lesbosatmall

Fiona going 2 meet Imogen’s mom for 1st time. Fiona nervous. #meettheparents

Imogen: “You’re cute when you have the heebie jeebies.” #heebiejeebies

Fiona: “I’m *pretty* sure it’s the heebie jeebies.” #eew

Imogen’s mom arrives. Fiona says her family is in New York. #specificallyRikersIsland

Fiona “My mom is under house arrest. You know how the IRS is.” No, she wouldn’t. #DegrassiForgotItsCanadianAgain

Imogen calls her mom by first name #Natalie

Natalie doesn’t want Imogen around Fiona. Takes daughter & leaves. #WillSpendNext6HoursAtYardSales

Alli tutors Cam. He needs to know first 10 elements #periodictable

Alli’s mnemonic device for 1st 10 elements: Harry, HE LIkes BEer Bottle Cold Not Overly Frothy NErd #HHeLiBeBCNOFNe

Cam thinks C stands for Cartoonium. #cartoonium

Alli needs to go but Cam wants more help. Cam: “I have a huge test tomorrow.” #thatyouwillfail #AlliCantHelpYou

Tristan, Maya & Tori at yoga class #yoga

Tristan sees cute boy, says “Shutup.” Maya: “I didn’t say anything.” #stolethatfromMeanGirls

This other boy is in yoga class. Good chance he is gay. #gaydar

This boy is in good shape. Tristan is not. Too fat for yoga. #fattyfattyboombalatty

Fiona calls Imogen. Imogen answers like a machine #maybewe’reallmachines

Imogen: “You’ve reached the Imogen hotline. To speak to fantabulous Imogen Moreno press 1.” #fantabulousImogen

Imogen: “To speak with the dreadful Natalie Granger press 2.” #ImogenHatesHerMom

Imogen says her mom wants her to stay away from Fiona & Fiona’s castle. #banishedfromCastleCoyne

BTW: there is plastic covering Imogen’s furniture #ImogenisItalian

Alli arrives late for date. Mini-Connor pissed. Mini-Connor thinks he could do better. That’s so adorable. #miniconnor

Mini-Connor hates that Alli wants to go to college & will not join him in his future plans to be a loser. He leaves & sticks her with a bill. #rude

As soon as M-C is gone, Dallas sits down at table. He likes Alli, knows she is willing to be w/ a black guy. Maybe thinks Alli is black. #dallas

Dallas eats Alli’s hot wings. Dallas wanted her for her hotwings #hotwings

Dallas takes Alli to a pool after closing time.  Strips down to boxers. Alli pushes him in. #romantic

Drew & Bianca make out in Fiona’s living room. Drew is Fiona’s roommate. Fiona wants to talk. #ThreesCompanyCanadianStyle

Drew: “You remember what we discussed, roomie?” #roomie

Fiona: “‘Don’t interrupt you during sexytime.'” #sexytime

Fiona: “Eew! Is that what you guys were doing?” #DrewIsSexyTime24-7

Drew whispers something in pig latin. Bianca tells him that was not pig latin #waytofuckuppiglatin

Drew says not getting along with your lover’s mom is no big deal. Drew is not even on good terms w/ his mom. #DrewisAnti-Mom

Bianca says she is sad to no longer be friends with Drew’s mom. Bianca misses Drew’s mom more than Drew does. #DrewCanGetANewMom

Dallas doesn’t understand why Alli wants to leave high school early, says:  “High school is as good as it gets.” #ForJocksThatIsOftenTrue

Dallas sees Jay-Z tickets. Alli gives him one. #NowDallasCertainAlliIsBlack

Alli feel asleep doing homework. Jenna wakes Alli up. Alli has so much to do. Mad at herself for sleeping. #sleepisfortheweak

Fiona goes to hospital to talk to Imogen’s mom. Pleads that she is not as bad as Natalie thinks #FionaIsTheOnlyCoyneNotUnderIndictment

Fiona wants 2nd chance. Fiona: “I’ll beg.” Natalie: “I’m beginning to realize what my daughter sees in you.” #BDSMreference

Tristan needs to loose weight. Plans to cleanse. Or enema. Tristan really looking forward to an enema. #enema

Maya does not like, says there are safer ways to lose weight. Don’t do like Toby. gl.ow/10iNDoNg

Tristan: “SHUTUP BITCH I’M GETTING THE ENEMA!” #TristanReallyWantsAnEnema

Alli almost runs over Mr. Perino. Then asks him for extension. #soAlli

Tristan and Tori have a cleanse vblog. Internet is now contaminated. #nukeitfromorbit #onlywaytobesure

Tristan eager, but Tori not. Tori: “Who cares about Eli’s stupid zombie movie?” #truewords

End of school or lunch or whatever. Dallas jumps into Alli’s car #getmorehotwings

Alli asks about pills to stay alert. Dallas will trade them for hotwings #pills4hotwings

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