Degrassi: 13.15 “Black Or White”


Important Moments from the Latest Degrassi Episode

Season 13 Episode 15
Airdate: November 14, 2013

A Plot:

“I’m trying to get psyched,” says Drew for a Degrassi TV interview


Drew is in hair and makeup. Clare is giving him talking points. That’s a lot of preparation for a closed circuit school TV channel. But I like that Drew wears a suit all the time. Drew is going to announce a school carnival, so he needs to go all out.

Clare says this is his first interview with Degrassi TV, but he had one in “You Oughta Know”


Way to maintain continuity, writers.

Winston turns the interview into a hit piece on Drew’s presidency


Oh no!

“This is what happens when you elect someone based on their looks instead of their platform,” Winston tells the school.


At least he is acknowledging that Drew is attractive. In an earlier episode, Winston asked Drew if he was hot. I think Winston has a crush on Drew and that’s where this hostility is coming from.

Drew removes Winston from Degrassi TV


Drew has gone mad with power!

“If you fire Winston, I quit too,” says Imogen, like that is a threat Drew would care about


Becky is now the head of Degrassi TV.

Give it up for Winston’s sweet pink slacks


He’s small enough to shop in the junior miss section.

“We don’t have enough money for a cotton candy machine and a petting zoo,” Drew tells Clare



Public opinion of Drew as class president is at all time low


They poll the student body? This is what happens when you can’t deliver on cotton candy and petting zoos. Three Italian governments have fallen for the same reason.

Occupy Degrassi


Imogen and Winston lead a protest in the caf against Drew. The students are as serious as the actual Occupy Wall Street was.

Simpson tells Drew to fix this


As class president, Drew runs the school. Simpson spends the day in his office watching Sam & Cat.

Drew calls Bianca, who is working on a report on Margaret Thatcher. Bianca says Thatcher was mean lady who did a lot of good stuff.


Such as put poors like Bianca in their place.

Drew shoves Winston


Drew was inspired by Margaret Thatcher. To be fair, Winston totally went off by calling Drew dumb over and over. Though after Winston stated that the reason he doesn’t like Drew is that guys like Drew always pick on him, the worst way to prove you are not like that is to then pick on him.

Drew does soul searching, makes things right with Winston


Degrassi TV will get a new battery for their camera and journalistic freedom.

I’d like to point out Winston DID unfairly edit the interview to make Drew look bad. But I guess we’re supposed to forget that.

Drew cancels the carnival. Instead Degrassi will host a Thanksgiving feast for needy families.


The protest has convinced Drew that the student body are spoiled brats who don’t need a carnival. Winston is happy because the guys who bullied him always wanted to put on school carnivals, too. Instead, the funds will go towards a dinner for poor people.

B Plot:

“Are you delivering pizzas to the moon?”quips Alli


When Alli didn’t get any laughs from that.

Eli will home for a week


But Eli and Clare haven’t talked in a good long while. Clare says Eli is under a lot pressure working as peon in the film industry in New York. It’s not easy being an assistant on Law & Order SVU. Christopher Meloni demands frequent foot massages.

“You forgot,” says Jenna, “pressure turns coal into diamonds.”


Damn that’s deep.

Clare and Eli spend the evening watching silent films.


Birth of a Nation, their favorite movie.

Clare finds cigarettes in Eli’s man purse!


Eli must want second hand smoke to kill Clare. That’s a cold way to break up.

Clare: You and Pepe are having trouble? Alli: What couple doesn’t?


Not like you do, dingleberry.

Alli’s book proposal – ‘Cheaters Losers and Pervs: How to Pick a Guy the Bhandari Way’


On sale at Borders nationwide.

Cigarettes belong to Eli’s college girlfriend, Lenore.


“I have a thing for girls with hair,” explains Eli.

Or it’s a regular friend who is a girl. The show is vague on whether Eli cheated. The producers don’t want to face the wrath of Cleli fangirls by breaking them up or stating outright that Eli got it on with another girl.

I bet 99% of the reason Eli likes this girl is that her name is Lenore.

C Plot:

The students in the gym prance about in a circle while the teacher tells them to image themselves as a feather


Man, gym class has changed since I went to school. Damn liberals.

Drama teacher hands out Shakespeare monologues. Tristan hopes to get Hamlet.


I don’t think that will happen.

“You, Hamlet?” snarks Zoë. “Emphasis on the ham.”


Zoë expected a lot of laughs from that.

Tristan is given the role of the man with a donkey’s head from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Drama teacher hopes for a “flamboyant performance”.


He means like Eddie Murphy in Shrek, not gay.

Tristan does not want to do a comedic role because it’s anti-gay or something. He wants to do it seriously.


I seem to recall that there was something about Tristan and a play a season or so ago. Oh yes, he was in a gay version of Romeo & Juliet with Mini-Connor.

OK, the thing is, I guess, is that Tristan is concerned that if he only gets gay or campy roles, he’ll be pigeonholed as a “gay” actor for the rest of his life. Stuff you play in high school will follow you for your entire acting career.

It’s funny because the kid who plays Tristan is super dooper gay in real life.

If Tristan doesn’t perform the monologue correctly, the teacher will give him an F.


F stands for “faggot”.

I like that there is a very long tradition in theater of performers putting their own interpretation and spin on Shakespearean roles, but that will not be allowed here–in a class about Shakespeare.

So Tristan does the monologue humorously and nails it.



Zoë invites Tristan to join an improv group she is putting together


Based on the strength of his monologue.

I’m sure any comedy troupe Zoë creates will be hilarious. She’s always been shown to have such a wonderful sense of humor.

However, they will have to keep this secret from Maya, as she and Zoë are bitter enemies. Better hope Maya doesn’t go to Second City the night DeGAHFee performs.

Final Thoughts. How We Felt After Watching


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