Degrassi Has Not Been Cancelled; Will Join Netflix in 2016


Good news and bad news. The good news is that there will be more original programming on Netflix. The bad news is Degrassi is not canceled, as many news outlets reported last week. More lies from Big Media. Netflix has picked up Degrassi and will be the place for new episodes of the beloved series in 2016. Netflix announced it on their Twitter account early Tuesday.

At the same time, Degrassi’s distributor, DHX Media, announced it via a press release:

DHX Media Ltd…today announced Degrassi: Next Class, a new series in the critically acclaimed Degrassi franchise, will premiere on Netflix in early 2016. The deal will see Netflix become the worldwide home for Degrassi: Next Class, excluding Canada, Australia and France, where the series will appear on Netflix at later dates.

Degrassi: Next Class will be a continuation of the current series, with the same actors and whatever silly bullshit stories the show will have after season 14 concludes on TeenNick and VH-1 Canada this summer. This will be the third time Degrassi: the Next Generation has changed its name. I think ‘Next Classic’ is odd sounding and should be ‘the Next Class’, or another name all together. But whatever. We’re only ten years away from Degrassi: 2025, which, in my mind, will be greatest incarnation of Degrassi and the greatest incarnation of anything ever.

I have not read any information stating that the library of old episodes will also be added to Netflix, but I would presume they would because that is what Netflix did when they brought back Arrest Development. Degrassi isn’t available on Netflix currently. Every episode used to on Amazon Prime, but were pulled a week before I signed up for Amazon Prime. Can you imagine streaming Spinner’s boner in 1080p? I think it would set my Roku box on fire.

Netflix will be a good home for Degrassi. I always thought the show’s popularity suffered by being on TeenNick, a channel many Americans don’t receive. For years, I’ve been saying, loudly—screaming even—that Degrassi should have been on Nickelodeon at 9pm, where it would have gotten a lot more attention. Sometimes people have replied that Degrassi is not age-appropriate for Nick, to which I yell back, “Then why is every fucking show on TeenNick a rerun of Nickelodeon show?! Huh, why the fuck is it? If you’re so smart then TELL ME!!!” Which makes them shut up and leave me alone. I win the argument!

I tell ya, if Degrassi had been on Nick then my college years would have gone much better.


Yes, 2006. Bush was president, Miley Cyrus was an adorable Disney girl, cell phones had buttons, and Mark Zuckerberg and I were devoting all our time to building websites that would be our lasting legacies.

Hallmate: What do you do all weekend? Every Friday night, you take a big box of pudding and jug of Sunny Delight into your room and lock the door and don’t come out until Monday morning.

Me: Oh…um…I’m busy writing humorous recaps of a TV show for a website.

Hallmate: Oh. What’s the url?

Me: I’d rather not say.

Hallmate: …OK then. So, what’s the show?

Me: It’s called Degrassi.

Hallmate: Never heard of it.

Me: Yeah, not a lot of people have. It’s this high school soap opera from Canada. It’s super serious but also poorly written, so it’s a lot of fun to make fun of.

Hallmate: That sounds like it might be kind of fun to get group together and watch it. We could all make fun of it MST3K-style. Then you wouldn’t have to be alone in your room all weekend. You’re really pale.

Me: Well, you see, the thing is, it’s not on a channel we get in the dorms. Plus, the episodes air in Canada six months before they do here, so I have to spend a lot of time finding downloads. So even we’d have to watch it on my computer monitor, and that wouldn’t work for a group thing. Plus, there is stuff in my dorm I don’t want anyone to see.

Hallmate walks away. Then I shake my first towards the sky and cry out.

Me: Curse you TeenNick! You are the reason I don’t have any friends!

 It was dumb for TeenNick to kick Degrassi off its channel, since Degrassi was the only thing they had. TeenNick needed Degrassi more than Degrassi needed TeenNick. Clearly. I don’t know what TeenNick will do with itself now.

There was this awesome website called Nick Reboot that streamed ‘90s Nick shows, like Pete & Pete and Rugrats and game shows I forgot all about. They even had a Roku channel. Not only that, but they played ’90s toys commercials during the breaks, which made for maximum nostalgia. Christ, it made me remember that KB Toys used to exist. It was so god. Last time my sister visited, that is all she wanted to watch. But Viacom, Nick’s parent company, got wind it and shut it down. Which didn’t surprise me. Even

So hopefully, Viacom will take the opportunity to overhaul TeenNick into a 24/7 classic Nick channel, instead of for just a couple of hours in late night. Nobody needs ten hours in a row of Drake & Josh repeats. TeenNick is that worthless.

Netflix, on the other hand, is a big deal. The young people are more likely to watch TV on their phones or tablets than subscribe to cable, so Netflix is going to open Degrassi up to a larger audience. And by the way, last week, I suggested Degrassi get on Netlfix. So it’s safe to say the producers took my advice. You’re welcome.

The announcement was also timed really well, because of the new season of Orange is the New Black is starting this week so Netflix is getting a lot of attention right now, allowing Degrassi can ride some of that publicity. And hey, if Orange can be the biggest show on Netflix despite being poorly written, ignoring continuity, and having plots that make no sense, than Degrassi can be even bigger!