Degrassi Junior High: 208 “Sealed with a Kiss”

Review in haiku:
Erica kisses a guy,
thinks she has mono.

Season 2 Episode 8
Airdate: January 4, 1988

Because I forgot
The plot of this episode
I will write haikus.

It might make this thing
More interesting that way
But probably not.

The Secretary
Mistakes Heather for her sis
Or Erica… uh…

To tell them apart
One sister is uglier.
That one is Heather.

While in the bathroom
Current class president Steph
Tries to drown herself.

Wheels, ladykiller
Hooks up with Ms. Avery.
The boys are jealous.

Wheels then cuts it off
He’s all done with tutoring.
Well, at least for now.

Erica, unclothed,
Tries on her new dress, but then
Comes Heather the Prude.

She has the same dress.
Erica hates being twins
In this episode.

Wheels checks out some butts
While Erica heads off to
Make out with a dude.

Alexa looks nuts.
The boys circle their fingers
Saying, “Dynomite.”

Holy moley, look!
Heather’s making out with a
Hot middle school stud.

Heather is stunned.
Alexa, however, is
A little turned on.

Heather gets angry
And calls her twin sis a slut.
Pillow fight ensues.

Steph is looking gray.
What happened to her slut clothes?
Arthur wears them now.

Then Simon “The Dude”
Chews out his girlfriend who
Is dressed like a mom.

He is unhappy
That she did not dance with him
At the dance last night.

Erica is sick.
Heather continues being
An obnoxious prude.

Heather works with Steph
On a project for science
Steph is acting weird.

Dr. Alexa
Diagnoses Erica:
“The Kissing Disease.”

She deserves mono
For kissing that random dude,
Says her twin, Heather.

Alexa, amazed,
Can exclaim only one thing:
“At least it’s not AIDS!”

Wheels packs up early
I don’t remember why, though.
It doesn’t matter.

Aaron returns now
For a second date. Alas,
Erica is sick.

Aaron doesn’t know
The difference between the twins.
He asks Heather out.

The two drive through
Some puddles in an old lot
In his dad’s new car.

Aaron attaches
His mouth suckers to Heather
And gives her mono.

The Zits eat poutine.
I guess everything turned out
Alright in the end.

Erica, in bed,
Reads a magazine about
Young Mr. Colby.

Heather comes home.
Erica gets angry that
She stole her boyfriend.

Heather thinks she has
Mono just like her sister.
They rub their lymph nodes.

Sums up every episode.
This one’s quite awkward.

In the end, neither
Erica nor Heather got
Mono from kissing.

Both girls eat ice cream
But just Erica comes down
with Tonsillitis.

I can’t say I liked
This episode at all. It
Was dumb, through and through.
(Just like these haikus.)