Degrassi Mini – Season 11 “The Power Play”


There was only one mini for season 11, a four part series about Alli and Tori attempting to establish a dance club. This mini is presented by Playtex Sport. Canadian girls no longer have to be confined to a separate teepee when they are on the rag. Now there’s Playtex Sport!

Part 1

Setting: the girls’ bathroom. Tori is applying lipstick when Alli enters and announces that she wants to do something to “unify Degrassi women” after being inspired by reading Lysistrata. She intends to form a girl’s intramural house league. No, it’s not a House, MD fan club, it more like a dance club. Tori has just met Alli, but wants to join.

I like that Alli came to the bathroom to announce this. She was hoping to recruit whoever was in there. Hey, it worked! In this bathroom will come forth something BIG.

Part 2 

Setting: the rock wall room. Degrassi has a rock wall? Simpson originally giggled uncontrollably at Alli’s plan, but that doesn’t matter because he is not the final authority in the school. Marmalade is. Marmalade is the interim class president, and her duties include overseeing the  climbing club. She has to hold the rope connected to a super nervous Imogen as she climbs the wall for the first time. Imogen thought climbing club meant something else. She didn’t join climbing club for this!

Alli and Tori present their proposal. Marmalade says they already have Power Squad to fill the need for girls who want to dance and dismissively tells them to join the chess club. While Marmalade talks to the younger girls, she neglects Imogen, leaving her swinging on the wall. Man, a black person leaves a white person hanging from the end of a rope. Isn’t that ironic!

Part 3

Setting: the hallway. It’s night. Alli tells Tori that they will need “big guns” to make their dance club happen. “I guess that’s my cue,” announces an unseen female. It’s Paige! Tori does not need be introduced. She immediately recognizes “The Paige Michalchuk” and knows she is in the presence of “Degrassi royalty”. Paige has a legacy at the school because Power Squad started with her. Paige was part of the inaugural class of Degrassi Community School, so she is kind of like their George Washington.

Ali got in touch with Paige though Sav. Paige goes on and on about how Sav and her had sexual relations during the Hollywood adventure in season 8. That was gross, but I squealed when she said “hun”. This is like when a former cast member comes back to host SNL and does his old characters.

It was probably Paige who told Alli to start the dance club in the girls’ bathroom, too. Paige made all of her plans in the bathroom.

Part 4

Setting: the Caf. Boys are in football gear and girls are in cheer uniforms. It’s game day, which in Canada is Wednesday. Wacky Canada. Alli approaches Marmalade and says that she was right about dance team being a bad idea because Alli does not have the skill to coordinate large group of people, unlike Marmalade. Then Alli starts dancing. The entire caf soon joins in. Hey, this was already an episode! Alli has unleashed a flash mob on the caf.

Paige watches with pride. Sav stands next to her and they make plans to get together later to talk about how they both know Spinner. Then have sex because talking about Spinner gets them horny.

Marmalade is impressed by Alli’s ability to get the entire student body together to choreograph this without her knowledge. She will summon the student council to discuss adding a dance club. Alli won because she wore Playtex Sport today.

Final Thoughts:

Degrassi sold out to Playtex. Man, I remember Degrassi back before it got all corporate. Once they got that fat Pantene money in season 4, things haven’t been the same. I wonder how much pull Playtex had dictating the the content of this mini. I assume it had to be a girl centric story since only girls buy tampons, due to God cursing them in the Book of Genesis.

It’s bogus that tampons weren’t worked into the story somehow. That would have been fun. But what is funny is that even if they had, it still wouldn’t be the most tampontastic thing Degrassi has done.