ela Suomi is One Year Old

Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of my webcomic about Finnish history, elä Suomi. Today, I have uploaded the first new page since March and am back on my irregular update schedule.

It’s super awesome that there are a decent number of people reading the comic. And a lot of great things have happened in the past year. The first page of elä Suomi was passed around quite a bit on the web. The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs even asked to put it on their Facebook page (in related news, the Finnish post office will soon issue a Tom of Finland stamp; that country is weird about the art it likes to display). Also, this page about the Crusades made it to the top of Reddit’s r/atheism subreddit, though it occurred a couple of weeks after r/atheism was dropped from the Reddit front page. And…uh…I guess that’s about it.

To celebrate all these feats, I have started to sell merchandise. You can now buy Cafepress t-shirts and such with elä Suomi characters at our store.

shirt_elasu1 shirt_elasu2 shirt_elasv

Finally, the comic has its own Facebook page. I think Facebook.com is fairly popular so it’s a good idea to have a page there.