Well, the Napoleonic Wars ended in defeat for Napoleon and his allies. As a reward for being on Britain’s side from the beginning, Sweden was allowed to take Norway from Denmark, who had foolishly thrown her lot in with France! Russia famously wore down Napoleon to tune of 380,000 dead and ended the war in the anti-Napoleon coalition, so there was no way Sweden would get Finland returned. The Norwegians did not like this new arrangement and launched brief and unsuccessful war against the Swedes, but this comic is about Finland, so we won’t be getting into that here.

The last panel is in reference to the legendary origins of the Swedish flag. According to high Swedish myth, in the 12th century, when King Eric IX landed with an army in Finland to convert the Finns to Christianity, he saw a gold cross appear in the sky. This was taken as a sign that God approved of the king and loved Sweden the best. That cross became the flag of Sweden.

In reality, the Swedish flag did not come into existence until centuries later and they just copied Denmark’s flag.