Glee: 117 “Bad Reputation”

Season 1 Episode 17
Airdate: May 4th, 2010

Porpoise of Life name: “Sue Gets Physical”
Issue of the Week: Bad reputations

Glee episode 117 Glee episode 117

The glee kids are hooting and hollering. Kurt found a video of Sue dancing to Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” while he was in Sue’s office to receive hormone injections. The glee kids laugh and laugh and laugh. They want to post it to Youtube, but are afraid that Sue will kill them if it goes online. Jesse and Finn call the rest of the kids lame fucktards and post the video.

Glee episode 117 Glee episode 117

Sue is furious at Will. I forgot how she knew the glee club posted her video, because I was half watching this episode and half shouting at people for walking on my sidewalk. “As soon as I find out the difference between slander and libel,” says Sue. “I’m filing a lawsuit.”

Let’s Ask Mr. Archie “Snake” Simpson, Media Immersion Instructor for Degrassi Community School in Toronto, Canada

Defamation is the act of damaging a person or organization’s reputation through untrue and malicious communication. In many English speaking countries, defamation is divided into libel or slander.

Libel is written or printed defamation. Writing “Mr. Simpson is a racist” is libel.

Slander is spoken defamation. Saying “Mr. Simpson is a racist” is slander.

Sue would have to classify uploading the video as libel because posting to the web is considered publishing, akin to running a printing press. However, defamation cases are difficult to prove in the United States, where truth is usually a solid defense against defamation, so Sue would have little chance of success in court even if the video did damage her reputation. After all, it is true that she lip synched to “Physical.”

So saying “Mr. Simpson was forced to have his testicles removed” is neither libel nor slander because it is a factual statement.

Her video generated over 170,000 comments. Considering how hurtful Youtube comments can be, I can see why this would upset her, at least the ones that were written coherently, which is only about a third of a percent of Youtube comments. My math tells me that’s still 561 comments. That packs a sting.

There’s another problem. Someone has been posting a “Glist” in the school, which ranks the glee kids on how much action they have gotten. Rachel somehow got a -5, which shocks and appalls her. Will must find out who posted the Glist and expel that person or the principal will expel the entire glee club over their BAD REPUTATION. Oh no, looks like this could be the end of glee club! How will they get out of this mess before the hour is up? Golly gosh!

Glee episode 117

None of the glee kids come forward as posting the Glist. Will needs to each them a lesson. He gives them an assignment. They each have to pick a song that has a BAD REPUATION and make that song cool again. God, knock it off with all the songs having to be part of a damn theme. As an example, Will leads the kids in an awesome rendition of “Ice, Ice Baby.” I like how one of the oldest people in the cast is there go to rap guy. Sure, it’s a high school show, so old in this case is like 35, which means he would have been into old school rap as a kid, so I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m been varnishing my mom’s kitchen table today. The instructiosn on the can say to open a window, but I’m not going to take orders from some asshole can of varnish. Suffice to say, I’m geting a wee bit dizzy and I don’affn chjndghg ……….fgjh m,l,’;.’/




Glee episode 117 Glee episode 117

Sue goes into the teachers lounge and is upset to see everyone in the room laughing at her over her video which is giving her a BAD REPUTATION. The faculty at McKinney High is full of fat people.

Oh hey, Tina Fey is on Glee now. Awesome. Oh wait, that’s not Tina Fey. That’s Molly Shannon, playing the crazy new teacher, Brenda Castle. I guess she’s setting herself up as the poor woman’s Tina Fey now. She must have realized that if people think of her as the dark haired woman with glasses that used to be on SNL then she can get more work.

Glee episode 117

Sue is so troubled by this so she seeks guidance from her Yoda, her older sister who has Down syndrome and lives in a nursing home for people with Down Syndrome, Down and Out. Sue’s Yoda reminds her that when they were hurt and children, they would give back by helping out at an animal shelter.

Sue will help her own sick animal, Emma the guidance counselor. Sue has a Masters in counseling, so she volunteers to help Emma with her man (Will) problems after the school district’s psychologist committed suicide. Sue bugged Will’s apartment so is able to tell Emma about Will hooking up with April Rhodes and Vocal Adrenaline’s coach. Sue marches Emma into Teacher’s lounge. Emma calls Will a slut. Which is true.

Glee episode 117

Puck is in Rachel’s room trying out an acting mask. Rachel has a mask that can fit Puck’s much larger head. It makes you wonder. Rachel asks Puck if he made the Glist. Puck says no and believes the only reason he is the prime suspect is due to his BAD REPUTATION. “I go to school and I say ‘be cool Puck. be nice’,” he say, “but by 2nd period i’ve got a fire extinguisher in my hand I’m spaying some dweeb with it. and I’m wondering how I got here.” He then goes to leave since Rachel isn’t going to make out but then she offers him a way to fix both of their BAD REPUTATIONS.

Glee episode 117

Kurt, Tina, Artie and Mercedes are miffed that weren’t even considered cool enough to make the Glist. Britney is also confused that she only made 4th even after making out with everyone in the school. The five of them plan to do something badass to get rid of their BAD REPUTATIONS. Their plan is to disrupt the library, which is the worst thing you can do in a school. Fucking right that’s the worst,* and anyone who tries to mess up the library is no better than the Nazis. Fuck you, Kurt. The Jews had libraries in Germany until Hitler decided to disrupt then too.

The kids bust out to a performance of “Can’t Touch This”, mostly in front of the librarian’s desk. The librarian says they were very cute and will ask her pastor perform to let them perform for the Sunday Service. The glee kids have failed to disrupt the library ’cause the library is just too awesome for them to handle.

LIBRARY > Glee club. Suck it glee clubbers. Library is where it’s at.

*well, I suppose some kind of Columbine like schools hooting would be the worst thing you could do in school. But making noise in the library is the next on the list.

Glee episode 117

Sue is furious (note: Sue is furious by default) because her video has 3 million hits so far. She thinks that maybe she should turn a new leaf and be nice for now on, when she gets a call from Olivia Newton-John. She is heading to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a sanctuary for orphan koalas (cause she’s Australian!). She saw Sue’s video on Youtube and wants to get together with her.

They team up to put together an updated version of “Physical”, with fit, muscular men rather than the fat men of the original video because Olivia wants to fix the song’s BAD REPUTATION. The glee kids all watch it and the girls demand to watch it over and over again. Insert your own comment about Kurt being gay.

Glee episode 117 Glee episode 117

In glee room, Rachel presents her project, a video of the song “Run Joey Run.” by David Geddes, whoever that is. I originally heard that as David Bowie, and as much as I love Bowie, I could totally believe that he would have made a song this awful sometime in the 70s. The song is like bad Meat Loaf, which doesn’t actually exist in this universe since every Meat Loaf song is pure perfection. The video switches between Puck, Finn and Jesse as the male lead swooning over Rachel. Those three boys are angry because she never told any of them that the other two boys would be in the video. They claim Rachel just wanted to make it look like boys like her so she can fix her BAD REPUTATION. Well, I mean, those three boys have competed for her affection over the course of the show. Having three boys after you when your 16 is pretty awesome. I had three boys after me when I was 16, but they wanted to chase me down and beat me up because I cheated them out out of a futon.

My favorite part of the video was 3. Britney and Santana with their hair down 2. Sandy as the father with the shotgun 1. Rachel trying to sing in the hallway, but getting knocked back by he kids walking through.

Glee episode 117

Jesse breaks up with Rachel over this. Rachel tells him she just wanted to do away with her BAD REPUTATION and move up higher on the Glist. Why do these kids obsess so much about the Glist? I mean, I don’t even think anyone not in glee club even noticed it. It’s on the billboard you find in every school hallway that no one ever reads.

Rachel sings “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which better not be considered a song with a BAD REPUTATION, ’cause it’s fucking not. This must be like in “Mattress” when every song was about smiles and then they also threw “Jump” in there.

Oh, and also Quinn posted the Glist. She put herself on at #1 so she could regain some cred after losing it all when she got pregnant. The thing is, the whole school thinks the glee club are dorkus malorkacusses, so I don’t see how being seen as the most promiscuous of them will do her any good. Will opts not to tell Principal Figgins, who figures since it stopped be posted anyway, glee club can be saved, and all is well. At least until Monday when the club will be faced with disbandment yet again. But by now they’ve all gotten into the swing of things and it’ll be no big deal. Glee is like those Ralph and Sheepdog cartoons Warner Brothers used to make. Will and Sue come to school every Monday and Sue tries to find new ways to destroy glee club and Will tries to protect it, then they go home for the night and forget about and go to work every morning and try again.

Oh, and also Emma decides that Will is no good for her because he keeps getting together with other women instead. Glee always has, like, three plots per episode and I don’t want to turn my reviews into a damn novel. I have to work on my actual novel about robots who menstruate.

Grade: B-

Olivia Newton-John was cool, but the updated “Physical” video can’t help but be compared to the “Vogue” video they did in the previous episode, which also featured Sue and over shadows this week’s offering. “Run Joey Run” was also much more fun to see and came immediately after “Physical”. That kind of lowered the effect of having Olivia Newton-John even on the show.

Best Musical Number:

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” – Bonnie Hunt. Performed by New Directions

Kurt’s Best Outfit:

Glee episode 117