Glee: 120 “Theatricality”

Season 1 Episode 20
Airdate: May 25, 2010

Porpoise of Life name: “Lady Gaga”
Issue of the Week: Being True to Yourself (for the 40th time this season)

Glee episode 120 Glee episode 120

Principal Figgins does not want Tina to dress as a goth anymore. The AV club president and others are annoying Twlighteers who dress up like vampires and attack that Jewfro nerd sex-pervert kid. Figgins is pretty sure vampires are real and does not want Tina to be one. That is not a joke, that is actually want the principal believes. I can believe that Twilight fans hate Jews.

Will stands up for Tina. Will understand how kids use clothing to express themselves because he dressed like Kurt Cobain at that age. That would be sweet to see. I want the show to do a flashback episode to Will back in high school in the 90s. Everyone will dress in flannel and sing grunge songs and old school gansta rap. Make it happen, Fox. I don’t care if this will mean more money for Courtney Love to buy whatever crazy drugs she gets from the leprechaun who lives in a tree in her backyard. The benefits will outway the drawbacks.

Glee episode 120

Tina can’t dress how she wants, so she wears sweats to school. The boys notice that her breasts are gone and are concerned. Rachel is also concerned. She found out that Vocal Adrenaline, their great rivals, bought all the Christmas lights in town. The girls and Kurt (henceforth called the “gurts”) all immediately know that they are going to perform Lady Gaga and are giddy. The straight boys don’t even know who Lady Gaga is.

Glee episode 120

Rachel, Quinn and black girl spy on Vocal Adrenaline practicing their Lady Gaga routine. The Vocal Adrenaline coach then sings what Wikipedia tells me is a Barbara Streisand song. I usually only recognize the songs on Glee when they are pop songs from the previous decade or “Jump.”

Rachel then introduces herself to the coach, who is her long lost mom. They talk and her mom explains how she gave Rachel to the gay couple when she was born. Rachel asks her mom to go to dinner, but her mother refuses. “I’m sorry Rachel,” she says. “I’ll call you.” Even her mom doesn’t like Rachel.

Glee episode 120 Glee episode 120

Kurt and Tina sport their Lady Gaga outfits in school. Two of the football players accost them in the hallway and want to kick their asses for expressing themselves. Kurt asks how they can threaten to beat up a girl. One of the football players says “Lately, we haven’t been able to tell the difference!” W hen the jocks have a hard time telling if someone is a boy or a girl, they decide the best course of action is to hit anyone who is probably a girl.

Glee episode 120

The gurts look awesome. They are all wearing real Gaga costumes the singer once wore. Except Rachel, who stapled her beanie babies to a dress. Or maybe that was a Gaga outfit, who knows? Some of the beanie babies fall off her dress. Neither of Rachel’s dads could help her because they can’t sew. I find it hard to believe that among two gay men, at least one them wouldn’t know how to sew and also wouldn’t jump at the chance to recreate a Lady Gaga dress. I suppose the producers are trying to make up for Kurt by having some gay men who defy stereotypes.

The gurts perform “Bad Romance.” As always when Kurt is teamed with girls, he stands out as the prettiest and most graceful one.

Glee episode 120

Rachel goes to her mom. She wears a poncho. I was hoping she would be naked under there. But she is still in her beanie baby dress. Actually, that’s hotter. Rachel asks her mom for help sewing, since that is usually a mom thing and Rachel needed a reason to need a mom. Pfft. She has two gay dads. She has twice the access to mom skills but they can do heavy lifting too. Rachel’s mom agrees to help if Rachel will leave her alone for awhile.

Rachel comes back to the glee room in an awesome new outfit, just as the boys are about to perform. I’m sorry, I’m confused. Is this all on the same day?

Glee episode 120

The straight boys don’t want to sing Lady Gaga because it’s too effeminate or something, These boys are in glee club, first of all, and second, they’ve sung songs originally by women before…but I guess the wardrobe people were going to quit if they had to make five more Gaga costumes.

Instead, the straight boys do Kiss. Too bad Kiss blows. You boys want a to cover a manly band to that dressed awesome? Do David Lee Roth era Van Halen. Sure they dressed like 80s hair metal bands, but unlike actual hair bands, they had good songs, and I’ve always suspected Van Halen were kind of making fun of hair bands when they dressed like that. My point is, I want to see Puck in tight red spandex with the ass cheeks cut out.

Glee episode 120

One of the plots on this episode involved Finn and his mother moving in to Kurt and Burt’s house. Finn will now share a room with Kurt. This is odd because it’s mentioned that Kurt’s house is twice as big as Finn’s house, so you’d think he could get his own bedroom. Finn and his mom lived in a one room log cabin, I guess. Finn is really upset about this. Not me, though, I’m jealous. The thought of living in the same home as Kurt and MIKE O’MALLEY is every wet dream I’ve had since Glee debuted.

Kurt redecorates their bedroom as a Middle Eastern harem. Finn does not like this and calls the room faggy. This makes Burt, played by the magnificent MIKE O’MALLEY, go off on Finn about saying the word fag. Everyone else who reviewed this episode talk in great deal about this scene, so I am going to skip because it’s hard to make fun of. I just think that when Burt asked if Finn would use the n-word like he uses the word fag, Finn should have said “Can I? Because it’s, like, we’re all white here.” The producers have kind if a naive view of the Midwest if they think white people here don’t ever say nigger. Hey, we all voted for Obama, it’s cool.

Glee episode 120

Oh hey, also Puck wants to be involved with the daughter Quinn has in her belly right now. No, she didn’t eat a baby, she’s pregnant! Quinn, however, doubts Puck would make good father because he wants to name the girl Jackie Daniels. So, Puck sings the song “Beth” in glee club because that would be a pretty name for a girl. Good thing there are so many songs with female names. I am going to take this route when I name my first child Hotel Yorba.

Rachel meets her mom once more. Rachel’s mom doesn’t want to have a relationship with her, but gives Rachel a cup. The two sing an acoustic version of “Poker Face” and then Rachel’s mom tells her to leave. That’s cold, Lando.

Glee episode 120 Glee episode 120

OK, so Tina is back to dressing like a goth. She did this by dressing like a vampire and threatening Principal Figgins that “Asian vampires are the most vicious of all the vampires.” Figgins is either going to let her dress as she wishes, or else break into her house someday and stab every member of her family in the heart while they sleep.

The jock bullies want to beat Kurt up, but Finn gets in the way. He is standing up for his gay friend in a red gown. That’s how you do it. The jocks figure that taking on Finn and Kurt is 2 top 1.5 but then the rest of glee club team show up in their costumes. That’s a fair fight when you consider one of the kids is in a wheelchair and the rest are in costumes that restrict their movement or vision. But the jocks scamper off, vowing to fight another day.

Will shows up after the confrontation because he really did not want to get involved. He tells the kids that they learned their lesson for the week or something.

Grade: A

After the Madonna episode aired, I read rumors that the show was planning a Lady Gaga episode. I wondered why they would do that when Madonna has a more than thirty year long career and Lady Gaga has only released 1.5 albums so far. Turns out, they only did two Gaga songs and then most of the songs were by other people. I guess you can call that a Lady Gaga episode.

Best Musical Number:

“Poker Face ” – Lady Gaga. Performed by Rachel and Shelby. I’m probably the only Glee fan who liked this rendition. Fuck you, it’s my website, I’ll pick what I want.

Kurt’s Best Outfit:

Glee episode 120