Glee: 3.16 “Saturday Night Glee-ver”

Season 3 Episode 16
Airdate: April 17, 2012

The episode starts right off with “You Should Be Dancing”. 🙁 And Blaine sings it. 🙁 It’s the disco episode. 🙁 I’m missing hockey for this.

This episode aired during a Red Wings game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Where I live, Fox and the CBC are right next to each other on the dial because Charter Cable thinks the Upper Peninsula is part of Ontario. So I flipped back a lot between Glee and the game. If you’re not a Canadian, or American citizen who lives in Michigan, you most likely do not give a hoot about the NHL, so I did my best to keep my TV tuned to Glee.

Back in the ‘90s when Will was in glee club, they made it to Nationals with disco music. So he feels hurt when the current glee kids tell him in unison “Disco SUCKS!”

Will tries to figure out why young people don’t like what he likes, because he’s cool so it must be something wrong with them. He thinks this over with a diorama of all the kids. Will takes a particular interest in Finn. “He’s got all this talent [No he doesn’t],” thinks Will, “but no self-esteem [Yes he does].”

In the hallway, Kurt and Mercedes are approached by a boy named Wade (Glee Project runner-up Alex), a member another high school glee club, Vocal Adrenaline, to which Jesse St. James once belonged. Wade looks up to Kurt and Mercedes and asks them for guidance. You see, Wade has a female persona, named Unique, he wants to show off on stage. Anyone who survived watching the concentration camp experience that was The Glee Project knows that Alex was going to wear a dress on Glee at some point. He is the only kid the producers could find who could possible be gayer than Kurt.

Will wants to immerse the kids in the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever, an album all the kids know from their parents. The glee room now has a large dance floor for disco dancing. Will starts the kids with “That’s the Way I Like It.” He and Sue boogie on the floor and are soon joined by the kids. Except Artie, if he gets tire marks on that thing, Will will lose his deposit. Luckily, it’s raised a few inches to make sure Artie stays off.

I flipped to the CBC, but instead of hockey, they had a Wal-Mart commercial. I did not know there are Wal-Marts in Canada. Man, if Mitt Romney is elected president, all the whiny American liberals who plan to move north of the border are going to be pissed when they find out Canada has a Conservative government, Wal-Marts, and are drilling for tar sands oil.

So, I went back to Fox. There was something about Mercedes, so of course I changed the channel again. When I flipped back, Mercedes was giving some speech about wanting to be a fat Mariah Carey or something. Oh God it’s been two-and-a-half minutes, get off Mercedes already. Wikipedia says she sang “Disco Inferno” which is the most forgettable song from Saturday Night Fever. And I’m including “A Fifth of Beethoven”.

Sue calls Kurt and Mercedes into her office. She wants to know all about Unique, and hopes Wade dresses up on stage, because something as shocking as a boy in a dress will be sure to cause Vocal Adrenaline to lose. Remember, Sue is on our glee club’s side right now. She gives them a pair of size 13 wide heels that once belonged to Janet Reno.

Santana sings “If I Can’t Have You”. I loved this. Will thinks the performance was directed at Brittany, but Santana corrects him by saying what she was singing about needing was to become famous. Will is disappointed it wasn’t about girl-on-girl. “Fame is not something to aspire to,” says Will, the man who aspires to fame all the time.

Rachel sings “How Deep is Your Love” to Finn. She realized she is being a selfish Jew by asking Finn to follow her to New York, when he wants to go elsewhere. Emma the guidance counselor hands him several pamphlets from colleges he could play football at. But Finn throws it all way literally when he throws the materials into recycling. I also thought he was going to bust out into song, because some funky music played when he did that.

But we move onto Santana. In a misguided effort to help Santana achieve her dream of becoming famous, Brittany released a sex tape they recorded, because all famous people she has ever heard of have done this. This would technically be child pornography. Luckily, two vaginas together in bed does not legally count as sex in Ohio and 37 other states.

Will finds Finn and gives him a speech about having dreams and blah blah blah. I’d rather see Blaine and Mercedes together than another lecture from Will. I put up with enough people spouting long, boring speeches on The Walking Dead but that show at least has zombies. My point is, Rachel should be killed by a zombie.

Wade’s glee club is about to give a performance. Kurt and Mercedes go backstage to try to talk him out of going onstage in drag. Because it’s small town Ohio and that’s all the reason we need. However, Wade performs as Unique and leads Vocal Adrenaline with a rendition of “Boogie Shoes”.  Jesse St. James is their coach and it totally pissed. However, all that worry was for nothing, because no one could possibly tell Unique is a boy. Wade has a really high voice, and once you get above 250 pounds, the male and female bodies pretty much look alike. You grow boobies and the genitals disappear.

And with that, Alex has gotten more face time on Glee than Sam Larsen, who actually won The Glee Project. If I was Chris Colfer, I’d feel threatened. This Alex kid does being super gay and singing like a woman better than Kurt.

Finn sings “More Than a Woman” to Rachel as they dance. Some other stuff happens. Will made Finn watch Saturday Night Fever, and Finn identified with the character John Travolta played, a loser who did something important involving music and I guess disco (I never saw the movie). I would have made Finn watch Rocky I through III in hopes Finn would identify with Rocky Balboa, a retarded Italian (redundant) who loves to beat up black guys (redundant). Anyway, Finn applied to The Actors Studio, which is a real school in NYC and not just a TV show. Just like John Travolta did in the movie. Finn and Rachel can be together and hopefully not a part of season 4.

Some other stuff happens with Mercedes, so I went back to the game. The score was tied, 0-0. But the Red Wings would eventually rally and find some way to get eliminated from the playoffs. Not that you* care! I don’t know what else happened on the show. When I went back to Glee, they were doing the closing group number, “Stayin’ Alive”.

* 99.999% of the USA

Grade: C

I enjoyed the music of this episode, much more than the story. My parents were of that generation, so I heard the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack quite a lot as a kid. This episode brings back many memories of my mom listening to it while washing dishes or dusting or mowing the lawn or fixing the toilet or building a church in the backyard or stockpiling munitions.

I’ve said before, I’m not good at giving a serious analysis to anything, so I will paste something a smarter person wrote and agree because the writer has gooder grammar than me:

This show tends to be one of those shows that thinks they’re being wonderfully progressive by having characters do horrible things, (Like when Finn outed Santana in the middle of a crowded hallway, and it was all okay because she’d been mean to him and because later he spent an entire episode singing to her? Or when their tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show included transphobic slurs?), so one can understand the instant apprehension watching this episode might cause.

Racialious, the website for races

Best Musical Performance: “If I Can’t Have You” Performed by Santana.

Final Thoughts:

This episode was discussed on The O’Reilly Factor. Falafel fan, Bill O’Reilly, and morning news mental patient, Gretchen Carlson (the blonde one on Fox), agreed that this episode was bad because it would encourage teenagers to experiment with transgenderism. No seriously, they really said that. Bill O’Reilly, who sexual harassed a former producer by suggesting a three way with her friend and wanted to insert a falafel into her, worried that Glee would turn kids into deviants.

I was surprised that Fox News wanted this long to take issue with Glee. Being a lonely shut in, I watch a lot of cable news, and in three years of Glee being gay positive and making fun of the Tea Party and saying that living in New York is better than a small town, I have never ever seen anyone on Fox News criticize the program. Maybe someone would have if Glee was on NBC or the CW, but I assumed that since it was a hit on the Fox Network, the people at Fox News had an understanding not to take shots at one of the company’s cash cow. If I was Ryan Murphy, I would call to Roger Ailes to make sure this doesn’t happen again. But Ryan Murphy is too busy remolding his sex farm to care.