Glee: 3.22 “Goodbye”

Puck got a C- on his geography test and graduates. We go straight to the ceremony.

Puck and Finn sing “Glory Days” as the students get their diplomas. The glee kids come out from a curtain as their names are read. The glee kids get theirs last, I guess.

Finn and Rachel kiss here because they have to make every important moment about their dumb love. Rachel sure seems desperate to make sure everyone can see that she is attracted to Finn.

Finn, Rachel and Kurt have their acceptance letters but waited to open them at the same time after graduation. Finn says he is afraid to read his. I feel that way everytime I get a letter from the court. I throw them in the trash and hope that means the problem will go away. Finn learns that he did not get in to the Actor’s Studio. James Lipton has higher standards than Ryan Murphy. Kurt did not get into NYADA. I thought he was accepted a few episodes back. I don’t mean at his audition for Whoopi, I mean before then. I am not going to bother to check the archives, but I swear he got an acceptance letter in the middle of the season. Anyway, Rachel, is the only one who got into her school, despite originally botching her audition while Kurt nailed it. “Later losers. You can marry each other. I’m going to New York to be with my lady love.”

Rachel reflects (for a second time this episode, take that Mercedes) on her bright future. “But why am I so sad?” she asks.  Because you haven’t admitted your love for Quinn! Rachel decides to defer acceptance for a year to wait for Finn and Kurt to make it to New York. But…but…Quinn will be in Connecticut, which I am pretty sure is right next to New York. NooooooOOOOOO!!

Gloria approaches her daughter to take her to dinner. “We got a piñata,” mom says. No, she actually said that. It’s not me being racist. Gloria gives her daughter a gift. It’s gift certificate for a free piñata from Piñata Grande. These people really love piñatas. Anyway, instead of going to college, Santana will go to New York City with her mother’s blessing. This is too bad, because now that I think about it, the University of Louisville would be a perfect fit for a Hispanic. A college in Kentucky is probably the only school that would allow her to raise chickens in her dorm room.

Finn drives Rachel to their wedding location. Rachel is all excited, but Finn drops the bomb. “We’re not getting married,” says Finn. “You love Quinn. Accept it.” Rachel pleads that they can make it work, even if Finn is a loser. “Are you a 100% sure you want to marry me?” Finn asks. Rachel bites her lip and replies, “No one’s a 100% sure of anything.” Rachel cries. Finn tries to bring her comfort by saying that he isn’t merely breaking up with her. “I’m setting you free,” he says. “Coming out is scary. I know.” Obviously, a little bit of this paragraph is me reading between the lines.

Instead of following her to New York, Finn is joining the army to redeem his father, who was dishonorably discharged. Um…Finn, enlisting won’t change that. We don’t live under some Roman system where a father’s disgrace marks his descendants for seven generations. And Finn’s dad isn’t a POW who was left behind in Iraq twenty years ago and now Finn has to find him.

Rachel sings something as she says goodbye to the other glee kids and boards a train to New York. Finn and Rachel kiss for the 400th fucking time this episode. Whatever, it will be the last time. Next season, the New York gang is going to be Rachel, Quinn and Santana. One of Glee‘s out lesbians with two budding lesbians. Together. Oh yeeeaaahhh…

Grade: D

I don’t want to get into everything that was wrong with this episode, because it’s the same issues that have been there all throughout season 3. I don’t want to get in to how irritating it is that we are always told that Finn is the golden boy who knows best and took another opportunity to unilaterally make a major life-altering decision for a woman. I don’t want to write about how this show has a huge cast but ends up being The Rachel Berry Show and doesn’t bother to devote the time to tell the stories of kids other than Finn and Kurt. I don’t want to write another long screed about how the producers are so in love with their own self-important idea of what they are doing that they can’t even see that what they are creating isn’t nearly as good as it was, even though the drop in ratings should tell them. I don’t have the energy. This summer, I shall rest.

Best Musical Performance: “Glory Days” – Bruce Springsteen. Performed by Puck & Finn

Sugar’s Best Outfit:

I hope Sugar is part of season 4.

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