Hey Power Rangers!

Glee is on hiatus until whenever, so in the interim, I am going to post several reviews of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, the insane action show of my youth. I do it because the episodes are very short, so it doesn’t take long to review them, and nothing about an episode is ever right, so there is still much to make fun of. Here is the first review:

“Life’s a Masquerade” – The Power Rangers attend a costume party and fight a Frankenstein’s Monster and then go back to the costume party.

And here is upcoming goodness:

“The Green Candle” – Rita makes a candle that will give her the Green Ranger’s powers. The Rangers must gain hold of the candle before it burns out. Capture the candle!

“Doomsday” – The mid-season finale, in which Rita kidnaps the entire town, moves to Earth and befriends her own giant magic head.

“A Pig Surprise” – Pudgy Pig’s second appearance. He’s the most reoccurring guest monster. The Alec Baldwin of Power Rangers.

He's slightly more dangerous than this.

He's slightly more dangerous than this.

And more!