Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 1.21 “Green With Evil” Part 5

Breaking the Spell

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Green with Evil

The Rangers can’t believe that Tommy is the evil Green Ranger. Billy says computer has to be accurate because Alpha corrected it. Oh, Alpha took care of it! Yeah, that’s a computer technician I trust. For all we know how, Green Ranger could be a hamster.

Back at the Moon, Rita and her dingalings celebrate with “cranberry and oyster juice.” I wonder if that was wine in the original Japanese episode, but this was one of those time where Japanese content was edited by censors in the US because something is considered too racy for a children’s show here. Like how the WB has to cut out all those scenes in Pokemon that showed naked breasts.

Green with Evil

Before the episode moves forward, we have to endure another stupid Dance Off that was tacked on in 2010 where Zack teaches Alpha how to dance. This is the most inappropriate for the 21st century add-ons. The Power Rangers are in their darkest hour, the mentor is gone, their Zords are destroyed and Rita is about to conquer the Earth. Hey, let’s add in the black kid showing the robot how to dance. That won’t throw off the mood this show has gone through five episodes to build.

Green with Evil

Kimberly finds Tommy at the Youth Center. Kimberly tells him he is under Rita’s spell. Tommy’s eyes glow green and he tells Kimberly to f-off and punches her in the tits. Figuratively, that is what he does.

Man, this is a horrible setup for a gym and juice bar. The food area is right out in the open with the gym equipment. Ernie obviously has very little experience with a gym, but I went to a gym about three years ago and those places can stink really quickly. If there is one thing I like when I eat some french fries or play an arcade game, it’s to breathe in the body order from a bunch of sweaty guys lifting weights.

The Rangers regroup and Kim tells them Tommy knows who they are. Of course he would, Rita and Goldar address the kids by their real names all the time. That should be a given.

Green with Evil Green with Evil

Rita summons the Dragonzord, the Green Ranger’s new Godzilla based giant fighting robot. I guess since this footage is from Japan, we can call it a homage to an important pop culture symbol of their nation instead of a stupid rip-off.

The Rangers morph. Since they do not have their Zords, their isn’t much they can do but avoid getting stepped on. However, Zordon is soon found. Somehow this re-powers the Rangers and allows them to use their Zords once again.

Green with Evil Green with Evil

The Trypanosomes Zord and Dragonzord fight one-on-one for a while. Again, isn’t it way more awesome without the 2010 comic book crap? And by awesome, I mean silly, which is the same thing when you talk about Power Rangers. The T-Rex just jumped and kicked Dragonzord in the robo-tummy.

Green with Evil Green with Evil

The Rangers form Megazord and kick Dragonzord’s ass. Megazord lifts Dragonzord over its head and then tosses it around by the tail. I like it when the Zord’s fighting movies resemble WWE wrestling.

Red Ranger jumps down and fights Green Ranger without the giant fighting robots. Red Ranger destroys the Sword of Dorkness with his laser gun.

Green with Evil Green with Evil

Tommy is now free of Rita’s spell. The Rangers want him to join them. They ask him to do this the minute he is free of Rita’s mind control for the first time in days. Come on guys, give him some time to rest. Don’t be all, “Hey, man, Tommy, you just woke up from a killer hangover. Now come join our team of dinosaur powered superheroes who fight Moon monsters with giant robots.”

Zordon explains that Dragonzord can combine with the Black, Yellow, and Blue Ranger’s Zords to form a new giant fighting robot. If I was the Pink Ranger, I would take that as a sign that I was soon to be laid off. “Yeah, Kim, sorry, but we only have room on the team for five Power Rangers, and, well, we need to cut our weakest member. It’s nothing personal. Hey, I hear the VR Troopers are highering. I can put in a good word with them.”

Zordon also commends Alpha for demonstrating “excellent leadership capabilities.” What? Alpha did jack for five episodes. It sounds Zordon is just saying that to make the robot feel happy. He’ll pit out a certificate of merit and let Alpha tape that to the wall. God, the Command Center would be in better hands with my old 2-XL.

The Rangers do that jump-into-the-air thing and it freeze frames. Also, there is a sunburst effect. These new graphics kind of piss me off. Does ABC think that the attention spans of kids has declined so much over the past two decades that they need to enhance the show with this shit to keep their attention? Are the karate, robots, and electric guitar every three minutes not enough? At least they didn’t replace the background guitar music with rap or electronica or something. I love that electric guitar riff, it gets me so energized and ready for a fight. I’m going to go punch my grandma in the head I’m so pumped.

Final Thoughts:

You know, as silly as this mini-series was, it could work as a movie targeted as adults if Disney just hired a good writer to tighten up the dialogue and plot. Underneath the poor production values is the framework for a good drama. You have an antagonist that presents a challenge to the heroes, who also have to overcome him as well as the loss of their mentor. Things progressively get worse and worse for the heroes until the story reaches a climax and is resolved. The heroes discover something new about themselves from the challenge. It can’t be any dumber than the Transformers movies.

One comment I get every so often from our Power Ranger articles is from someone asking me how funny it is that the black kid is the Black Ranger and the Asian girl is the Yellow Ranger. When I was in elementary school, I only noticed the black guy being the Black Ranger. At the time, I didn’t know that Asian people had their own color. Maybe I could have picked that up from The Simpsons, because they make the white characters have yellow skin and the Asians have white skin.

EUROPEANS = white, Africans = black, East Asians = yellow, American Indians = red, while Arabs, South Asians, and Hispanics all have to share brown. That blows. If I was one of those races, I would totally want my own color. Orange is up for grabs and that makes about as much sense as red or yellow.

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