Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 1.39 & 40 “Doomsday”

Part 2

Zordon says Rita hasn’t brought out Cyclopsis in over 10,000 years. And due to Lokar, the Rangers will have to defeat the evil zord all over again. Damn you, Lokar.

Alpha-5 warns that the zords have not been fully re-energized yet; that will take 12 hours. But if the Rangers don’t go now, Cyclopsis is going to continue to rampage a city that is entirely uninhabited. If they wait 12 hours, Cyclopsis could make its way to a second block. Jason says they will take the zords now at half power.

The battle does not go well. Lokar starts off with some of his giant-head-in-the-sky breathe, which tosses Megazord. Then Cyclopsis chops off one of Megazord’s arms. Megazord is like, “Oh God this hurts, I’ll just lean against this building to catch my breath—Oh no! I forgot a building can’t support me!” and crashes down. Jason calls on Dragonzord for backup, but Cyclopsis severs its tail. Then, Rita hits the zords with some crazy energy. The Rangers are forced to abandon their zords as the giant robots disappear.

The Ranger kids are de-morphed and teleported to the park. Jason tries to call the Command Center, but Billy explains that Rita is jamming the comm frequency. Also the zords disappearing was a new security thing Zordon came up with. Before the zords could be destroyed, they were sent to their hiding places to recover. Somewhere in a volcano or under a glacier or whatever, I assume.

Billy says he can retune the communicator(s)* in his garage, so they all head there. This has better work, Jason says, “Or this truly is the end of the Power Rangers.”

Billy has a lab set up in his garage, which had better be the reason he wears denim overalls everyday, because he is not 8-year-old nor is he a farmer.

*I forget whether they all have wrist communicators or just Jason.

Rita and her minions celebrate this victory. Goldar teleports to the garage with some Putties. He doesn’t do anything, though. He stands around for a couple of minutes and cackles, then, to prove he means business, knocks stuff off a table and cackles. The Ranger kids ignore him and keep to their work.

Meanwhile at the Command Center, it seems that because Rita’s Moon house is on Earth, it is now close enough for the Command Center’s computer to penetrate her databank. Rita has a computer? Why have we never seen it? She must not be into computers much.  Zordon says this means they have access to all of Rita’s “files and spells and secrets” and also all the monkey porn Goldar downloads.

Alpha reads some of the newly acquired info from a sheet of paper. Why would a robot need a printer to read data from a computer?

The Rangers reestablish contact with the Command Center and teleport there. Alpha learns that Cyclopsis has a weakness: it is slow to adapt to enemies. So, if the Rangers change battle modes frequently, they can confuse it.

The Rangers call on their zords even though it has to be far less than 12 hours. And really, this re-charge should be far longer since they were almost destroyed the last time. It’s neat, at least, because we get to see the zords fire on the bad guys in single mode, which is rare when it’s not the T. Rex or Dragonzord.  Then they form Megazord and then switch it up to Mega-Dragonzord and move quickly to Ultrazord (Zordon got it out with a magic shovel or some such). All these changeovers happen really fast, even too fast for the little kids of my generation who had 2-minute long attention spans at best.

The heroes win the battle. Goldar has to abandon the Cyclopsis zord because: Overload! System locked. Too many changes. Ultrazord kills Lokar. Rita takes her house back the Moon. Ultrazord could have destroyed it, but the Rangers jumped out of their zords too soon.

As she retreats, the people of Angel Grove are returned to the park and resume the festivities (how much time has passed?). The Power Rangers make their way through the crowd and to the dais.

For some reason, this next little moment is one I remembered clearly for the next 20 years, even after I forgot about everything else from this episode.  One boy says the Red Ranger is the best, but his friend says it’s the Black one, while another boy says it’s Blue. Then a girl advocates for the coolness of the Yellow and Pink Rangers (does she know they are both girls?).

Tommy approaches the kids and says, “I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: they’re all totally awesome.”

The Rangers each shake Tommy’s hand as they make their way to the dais. Won’t someone think that’s odd?

Sexy Lady:  Why did the Power Rangers all stop and greet you?

Tommy:  They just think I’m hot stuff, I guess.

The mayor praises the Power Rangers for defending Angel Grove from the space monsters that only ever attack this town. The Rangers do that thing where they jump up together in unison and it freezes.

That should have been the end of the episode, but there was a coda. Back at the Command Center, Zordon asks the kids if they wish to continue on as Power Rangers. Of course they say yes. Alpha sneezes, saying he caught a computer virus (from all the monkey porn on Rita’s computer). Oh well, looks like the only way to fix this will be to wipe out his hard drive.

The Ranger kids are so excited that they jump into the air again. Freeze frame. End.


We all know that Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is based off the Japanese kids’ show Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger; the fight scenes are footage from Japan.  This episode is based off the very last episode of Zyuranger. And I believe the producers of MMPR intended it to conclude the American adaption as well.

But, as us and our parents were well aware at the time, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was a colossal hit, and season 1 was extended for another twenty episodes. This must explain the addition of the very last scene where the Rangers vow to continue. The scene right before in the park would have closed out the series if not for the piles of money FOX executives were sleeping in thanks to Power Rangers.

When the season would restart in February of 1994, after a two month break, the producers used new battle footage the Japanese production company had put together exclusively for the American Power Rangers, as the US team already used up all the content they could for the first 40 episodes.

I learned this from a Youtube documentary about MMPR made by a guy around my age. It’s worth your time if you are like me and spent New Year’s Eve watching a bunch of season 1 episodes.


1. If relocating from the Moon to Earth makes Rita ten times more powerful, why did she never relocate until now?




2. If Rita is 10x more powerful (Rita 10x) than a normal Rita (Rita 1x), what is the value x? (show your work)




3. Zack was wearing African colors today. Do you think this has anything to do with being one of only two black people in Angel Grove? Why or why not?




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