Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 1.42 “A Pig Surprise”

Season 1 Episode 42
Airdate: February 8, 1994

It’s Angel Grove Pet Adoption Day. The Ranger kids are helping out because volunteering is cool! A fat old lady asks the Ranger kids to find a home for Norman, her pig.

Meanwhile, Marlon, the Black Ranger, is running late to the event because it started before noon. He sees the old lady run into the woods and wonders why is that cracker moving so fast? Is there a sale on mayonnaise?

The old lady is revealed to be a Puttie! Marlon gets caught in a Puttie fight. After he wins, he picks up a strange device the Putties dropped.

Bulk and Skull run up to the Ranger kids demanding a pet. They give him the pig. The two bring their pig to school the next day, where it is a big hit. I got to hand it to Bulk and Skull, they honestly love their new pet. They are displaying more affection for something than any of the Rangers have ever done. All that killing of giant monsters five days a week have rendered them as emotionally dead as Batman.

Over at the Moon, the Special Needs Force is celebrating the completion of the first phase of their half-assed plan. “Those kids have taken the bacon bait,” says the blue hunch-back thing. “And soon they’ll get a pig surprise!” laughs Goldar. There isn’t much to do on the Moon, so this is how they have to amuse each other.

In a lab, Billy and Trini, the Blue and Yellow Rangers, examine the device Marlon found. Billy deduces it is a timer that is counting down. Trini suddenly remembers that Marlon said he saw an old lady turn into a Puttie. The pig is a trap! The Rangers should have put two-and-two together yesterday. The three rush to the hallway where Jason and Kimberly, the Red and Pink Rangers, are. Good thing they were working on that device in the school instead of the Command Center, or else they would have never found Jason and Kim so quickly. Jason, Kim, and Marlon go look for the pig.

Over at Ernie’s, Bulk and Skull are sharing a sub sandwich The Lady and the Tramp style, while their pig fetches the attention of an attractive young lady. Pigs get girls, man. Pigs get girls.

Back at the lab, the device suddenly stops flashing.

“What’s happening?” Trini asks nervously.

Billy coldly states, “I believe the timer’s reached zero.”







Ernie approaches Bulk and Skull to demand they take their pig outside. Just then, the animal mutates into Pudgy Pig! The second appearance of the old foe! He must have gotten really good ratings last time.

Everyone flees the building. Pudgy corners Bulk and Skull who plead, “We’re you’re parents!” Even now, the love for their pet remains. Marlon appears and tells them to give the pig their sandwich, or die. It is a hard sacrifice to make.

By the way, Bulk appears to be wearing two layers of shorts…as well as leggings(?) underneath. I’ll chalk that up to the poor video quality I’m dealing with.

The Rangers morph and battle Pudgy Pig on a rooftop. Because Pudgy is a real animal who was turned into a monster, they don’t want to kill him. At least four of the Rangers don’t. The Pink Rangers pleads, “We don’t want to hurt you!”

Then the Black Ranger runs at him with an axe.

Something…something…Michael Vick reference. Add your own in the space allotted:




Pudgy disappears. The Power Rangers track him to farm, where he is romancing a female pig. This proves that there is a real pig inside.

But they can’t worry about that because a giant Goldar is attacking the city. He uses laser eyes to blow up buildings. Man, this happens to Angel Grove damn near every day. They sure do have a lot of buildings available to smash down. I wonder why the military never rushes to save them. Maybe this city is like Flint. Those buildings were occupied until the local industry left in the ’80s. Now the economy is in the dumps and they are sitting around derelict. Giant monsters actually help eliminate the blight. The military never bothers to come to the rescue because Angel Grove is 90% black. The Ranger kids just live on the nicer part of the town.

Scorpina is there too, so the Rangers fight her. She is normal sized and the Rangers totally forget about giant Goldar until he tries to step on them.

The Rangers form Megazord and fight Goldar. From the Moon, Rita taunts the heroes, “You fail you weenies! You’re about to lose.” Except Megazord has fought giant Goldar plenty of times before and always won. And we know they will this time, because we saw most of this footage in earlier episodes. Goldar bails before Megazord can kill him with its crazy sword from the sky.

Goldar returns to the Moon, where Rita berates him for losing. That totally bites for Goldar. He almost dies fighting so his boss can rule the world, and he still gets a poor performance review. It’s not like he can go work for another super villain, either. Rita is the bottom of the industry. It’s where you go when no one else will take you. When you get fired from the Legion of Doom, they ship your ass to Rita’s.

Pudgy Pig has caused no further trouble, instead spending this time trying to romance the female pig. Being trapped in a monster’s body must be torture for the poor pig. Billy has reversed the device and turns him back into a real pig.

In class the next day, Trini informs the other Ranger kids that the farmer has agreed to adopt Norman. Oh joy! Norman will get to live happily ever after! Wait, um…do these kids know what happens to a pig on a farm? Oh well, farmer gets a free pig. They should have given Norman back to Bulk and Skull, he is still their pet.

The principal is subbing today and brings in something for a lesson…a pig! Bulk and Skull immediately panic and cower in the back of the room. Clueless principal, didn’t he watch the 6 o’clock news?

Everyone laughs at Bulk and Skull, even the Ranger kids. Don’t laugh! They were almost killed by a pig the other day. That’s legitimate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder they are experiencing. They need counseling.

Man, as a kid, I bought into the narrative that Bulk and Skull were bad kids. But as more mature adult, I come to sympathize with them in almost every episode. It’s the Power Rangers I hate now. Fucking fuckers all of them.