Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 1.49 & 50 “Return of an Old Friend”

Season 1 Episodes 49 & 50
Airdates: February 28 & March 1, 1994

Part 1

It’s Parent’s Day at the school. Except it’s in Ernie’s gym. We meet the Ranger kids’ parents, most of whom dress in the same colors as their children. It’s like cartoons when the parents each look like exact grown up versions of their child.

Jason’s dad arm wrestles Trini’s dad. In case you’re wondering which parent is which, Jason’s family are all in red, and Trini’s are in yellow. Trini’s father wins, despite being much smaller, because of China magic.

Skull is filming this all. Skull’s parents dress and act like punk rockers just like him. Must be where Skull got it from. His dad wears an army helmet. Oh, his family is so white trash.

The principal asks Skull where his butt buddy’s family is. They are late due to car trouble. We then hear the noise of very loud, very dirty engine, which causes the gym to shake. Bulk and his parents enter, just as the vibrations from their shitty car cause stuff to tip over, which causes a cake to fly up and smack them all in the face. Take THAT poor people!

On the Moon, Rita and her Special Needs Force observe this all, and learn that humans value their families. This is a new concept to the group. I think because none of them knew their parents, not Goldar, not the blue hunchback, not the hairy giant bat(?) thing with the monocle, not the white thing with the beak. Rita raised them all from pups herself after she purchased them from PetSmart.

The villains plan to kidnap the parents and hold them for ransom in exchange for the Power Rangers surrendering their powers. Wahahahaha!

Trini finds Kim, the Pink Ranger, outside. Kim is scared to go inside because her folks are divorced and she thinks it’s all her fault. The writers wanted one of the Rangers to be relatable to little children whose parents are divorced. So they gave Kim the same insecurities an 8-year-old feels when her parents split up. It’s believable because Kim is pretty immature. Why is she even a Power Ranger? The girls are then surrounded by Putties.


We go back inside, where Jason says to Tito, the Black Ranger, “What a girl.” Which girl he referred to, we don’t know, but it was a pretty funny non-sequitur.  Jason gets a call from his Power Ranger wristband phone, so he and Tito find a private place to speak to Alpha, who informs them of the Puttie fight outside. Tito has to listen in over Jason’s shoulder. Does only Jason has a wristphone or did Zordon take Tito’s away because he was using it to make crank calls?

The two join the Puttie attack. While the Rangers are distracted, Rita’s newest monster, a mole, burrows under the floor of the gym and teleports away everyone who is inside.

Billy, the Blue Ranger, arrives to an empty room. He immediately thinks this has to be a hoax of some sort. No, it has to be Rita! That’s the most likely explanation. Come on, Occam’s razor. With Billy alone, the mole monster hypnotizes him.

Billy teleports to the Command Center. He is clearly under Rita’s spell, you can tell because of the energy beam around his head. Billy yanks out Alpha’s batteries. Zordon pleads with Billy to fight the spell, but Billy replies—evilly I should add, “I have a mission to complete for my mistress.” Mistress, hmm? This adds to my theory that Rita has sex with the men she puts under her spell.  Billy holds out his hands and the Dragon Dagger appears. It’s that easy!

Meanwhile, the Ranger kids are still fighting the Putties. This fight has gone longer than any other Puttie fight I’ve seen. Finally the kids win and head back inside. “I hope our parents didn’t see any of that,” Jason says, which raises the issue of why no one saw that fight or any other Puttie fight. I driven past gyms before and they all have really large windows. It’s a great coincidence that the Putties always attack when no one but a Power Ranger is in the general vicinity.

The Ranger kids enter the empty gym and immediately conclude this is Rita’s work, which is better than Billy did. Man, Billy may be book smart, but he sho’ ain’t street smart. Boy walked straight into a hypnotism trap by a Moon lady.

Kim finds her mother’s shawl on the ground (it’s pink of course). Each kid coincidentally belongs to a family who have adopted an official family color.

Jason calls Zordon and the kids teleport to the Command Center. Zordon explains that Billy was under the influence of the mole monster’s “noxious gas” (the monster got him high). Tina reactivates Alpha, which was really unnecessary.

The Rangers morph and teleport to the Dark Dimension. Oh, so you can morph in the DD. Because last time Jason went there, he didn’t morph, even though he really should have.  He would have gotten the candle if he did. They also arrived here a lot easier than last time, when they had to configure some “molecular decoders”.  Maybe now they know where it is located or whatever.

Billy is about to hand over the Dagger to Goldar, but does it really, really slowly. Goldar has to keep coaxing him to come. Because it will take Billy 20 minutes to move six feet, some Putties have to distract the other Rangers.

Finally, Goldar swipes the Dagger from Bully’s hands and summons Dragonzord. I think the Dragonzord has been used more for evil than for good at this point. Dragonzord attacks the city, totally destroying a bunch of warehouses. Angel Grove sure has a lot of warehouses sitting around to be crushed by giant robots. I think because they are empty and have been since the industry left the town.

Billy is un-hypnotized and the Rangers call on Megazord, and Megazord and Dragonzord fight, just like in every episode I’ve ever reviewed. Dragonzord throws Megazord into a building. Hey, where did we see that before?

Megazord is toppled and the Power Rangers have to concede the battle. With no other option, reluctantly, the Rangers surrender their power coins to Goldar to get back their parents. But Goldar says he will keep the parents along with the Power Rangers’ powers! He reneges—oh no—I mean is an Indian giver—No wait! He Jews them, yes Goldar Jews the Rangers on the deal.

“I intend to destroy the world.” Goldar states—evilly. He means Angel Grove, of course. I don’t think Goldar understands that the world extends beyond Angel Grove.

The Ranger kids retreat to the Command Center, where Zordon tells them they made the right choice (except for the part about trusting the evil villain).

But even with Rita in control of the Ranger’s powers and the military nowhere in sight, the Rangers still have one last hope. Jason still has the Green Ranger coin Tommy gave him. You’d think Rita would remember to ask for that one, since she is the one who created the Green Ranger and all.

We then see some boots make their way inside the gym. Who could it be? Who?

Oh it’s Tommy! Hey, guys, it’s Tommy! Did NOT see that coming.

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