Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 1.54 “Trick or Treat”

Season 1 Episode 54
Airdate: May 3, 1994

We open with Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, on a balance beam. Kim will be a contestant on the game show, Jeopardy: Retard Edition. Tommy, the Green Ranger, says “Isn’t that the most popular game show in America?” Take THAT America. Kimberly wants to win a car and hopes her fellow Rangers will be in the audience to root for her, but Tommy cannot as he as has a “big inner-city karate match”. And nothing is more important Tommy than KARATE, certainly not some stupid girlfriend who doesn’t even know karate. Skull will be her opponent. So it will be an even match.

We go to the game show, which is the cheapest game show ever. The audience is only three rows deep. Come on MMPR producers, we know you guys are doing this on the cheap, but you are a TV show afterall, couldn’t you find better sets for a TV show? In a storage room somewhere?

Everyone dresses in Halloween costumes. The host is a vampire, Kim is a princess, and we learn that Skull’s real name is Eugene Skullovitch. TV shows have this weird habit of giving bullies and dumb football players Slavic names. Seriously, it should be a TVTrope. It’s like how rich prep school kids always have English names like Conrad Wentworth III, while attractive teenage badboys usually have Italian names re: Arthur Fonzarelli and Jordan Catalano.

Tommy is walking to the karate tournament when he finds a field of rotten pumpkins. It’s Rita’s garden (she can’t grow food on the Moon). Rita sends Putties to attack Tommy, which is understandable. She needs to protect her food source.

As Tommy fights we get to hear “Go Green Ranger Go” which is one of the better MMPR fight songs. I linked to Youtube account with all the Power Ranger music. It’s better than Katy Perry.

We go back to Jeopardy: Retard Edition, which has dumb rules. It seems that the contestant asks the host questions, and if the host can’t answer, the contestant claims a “pumpkin point” and has to participate in some lame obstacle. It’s Kim and Skull, so a game show where they would have to answer questions would probably make them cry.

I suppose it’s a little like Win Ben Stein’s Money but without a young Jimmy Kimmel, before he went on to carry Adam Carolla and then become a late night host; and without slightly less old Ben Stein, before he went on to create a documentary claiming that evolution is a conspiracy.

Kimberly stumps the host with this question: “Can you tell me the identity of the Power Rangers?” I think Kim wants to be sure it’s a secret. She’s not sure whether they are supposed to have secret identities or not. The host is stumped so Kim gets a pumpkin point and is placed onto a giant spinning wheel. This game show is even stupider than Greed was.

Tommy vanquishes the Putties and contacts Zordon, who confirms that Rita is up to something. Since Tommy needs to conserve his powers, Zordon sends him on his way and contacts the other Rangers.

At this point in the “game” Skull wins a point with Bulk’s help and has to fetch toy bugs from a rope spider web. Jackie, the Black Ranger, says “yuck, bugs” and everyone who heard that thinks less of him as a man.

Kimberly fakes a fainting spell to get out of the game and the other Rangers carry her backstage. The Rangers can then go to Zordon, learn who the monster-of-the-day is and fight it.

The monster is Pumpkin Rapper (known on the Japanese version as Negroa-rappu kobocha).  It’s still growing in Rita’s pumpkin patch. “He’ll try to distract you with his clever raps and rhymes,” Zordon warns. Zordon also warns that the other pumpkins in the field can attach to your head and suffocate you.

So of course the Rangers go about grabbing pumpkins and putting them up to their heads. They are all like, “These pumpkins are hollow inside. What was Zordon worried about?”

Four of the Rangers get pumpkins stuck to their heads. Not Kim though, a pumpkin on her head would be redundant. It’s a struggle to remove them but Kim does it by hitting them with her knife/gun thing.

Then some pumpkins turn into Putties with pumpkin heads. Oh Japan, I adore you so much. The Rangers fight them until they see the big pumpkin that must be Pumpkin Rapper. They wake it by taunting it with a rap. Seriously. Here it is:

t-t-t-Trick or Treat

You’re incomplete

To the Power Rangers you can be

All you are

Is full of pumpkin meat!

High fives all around!

The big pumpkin bursts open. Pumpkin Rapper! He introduces himself with this rap:

Boo you Rangers make me mad

Waking me up with a rap that bad

I would feel the same way. Then some more pumpkin Putties appear and the Rapper warns them:

So you think that something you can do?

Well I go some friends who’d like to meet you

 Attack now get em get em.

The Rangers kill the Putties pretty easily, ’cause you know, their heads are pumpkin. So Pumpkin Rapper has to step it up.

Welcome to my pumpkin patch

Perhaps you’d like to play some catch

Be the first ones on your block

to feel the mega pumpkin shock

Pumpkin Rapper traps the Rangers in his vine which he uses to electrocutes them.

Tommy is waiting his turn for the inner-city karate match, which seems to be held in Ernie’s gym or the whitest inner-city ever. Tommy has to cede match, when just as his name is called up, Zordon signals him to help out the other Rangers. Bummer. Tommy lives for KARATE man! At least he’ll get to use karate on the badguys, so the day isn’t a total loss.

Green Ranger frees his friends, and Pumpkin Rapper is all like:

You cut my vine

but you’re still mine.

Green Ranger charges at Pumpkin, who busts out this:

Better run fast

or you’ll feel the blast.

Green Ranger grabs Pumpkin Rapper so the other Rangers can combine their weapons into a laser gun thing and kill it. They don’t have to call on their Zords today. No need. In Power Ranger terms, this is working a half-day.

Rita is pissed! She screams and beats her minions with her staff. Oh man, Rita is on the rag tonight! It’s horrible living with her, you know, because her cycles match the Moon—and they live on the Moon!!

Later, Tommy and Kimberly console each other over having to forfeit their games for the good of the Rangers.

“We sure made deep dish pumpkin pie with that monster,” jokes Tommy. On a more serious tone, he lets Kimmy know

You don’t have to win some prize on a stupid game show to know you’re a winner.

– Tommy Oliver

Bulk and Skull drive by in the car he won by default after Kimberly left.  But then a woman in a business suit who claims to be a representative of the TV network stops them. She says they reviewed video that proves Skull cheated, so she is taking the car away. I mean, she doesn’t show any I.D or anything. She just shows up in business suit and demands their car. The boys are still in their costumes, so part of Bulk’s mummy wrapping gets stuck in the door. So when the woman drives off, he dies.