Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher In Relationship; That’s Awesome!

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Have An Independence Day Cuddlefest

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis spent a very cuddly Fourth of July with family and friends at an LA area home, and the chemistry between the former That 70’s Show co-stars is obvious, no matter how much they try and hide it!

— X17 Online

Dude, that photo is Sasquatch-level blurry, but I am not one to doubt the existence of the Bigfoot, so I will not doubt that Kelso and Jackie are a couple in real life now. I am surprised it didn’t happen during the run of That ’70s Show, but instead six years after the series ended. Perhaps it took a while for the two of them to realize that the Kelso-Jackie chemistry was coming from someplace real. Also, Kutcher had been with Demi Moore for years and probably wanted someone younger than him.

That ’70s Show was the last show I and my parents both liked. A lot of kids I knew watched it with their moms and dads. Boomers enjoyed the ’70s nostalgia and Millennials enjoyed the youthful antics. I don’t know what Gen-Xers liked about it, for some reason I don’t know any. Of course, everyone enjoyed Red threatening to stick his foot in someone’s ass, that was the best part of the show. While Donna going blonde marked a steep decline in the show’s quality, the good episodes are still aired about twenty times a day on around ten cable channels (about half as frequently as Family Guy).

Johnny and I have often discussed That ’70s Show. Johnny liked to point out that it was the most realistic depiction of a teenager’s life of any TV series. Most shows about teens put them in exciting adventures, but That ’70s Show correctly pointed out that most of a teen’s life is really spent just sitting around in a friend’s basement. I know That ’70s Show had their share of wacky adventures, but they were usually about trying to procure beer or Eric’s Vista Cruiser breaking down, which is also a big part of a teen’s life.

What was weird was that the series ran for eight years, but it’s timeline only went from 1976 to 1979. It led to a weird compressed timeframe where, when the show began, the characters were all older than me, but by the time the show ended, the characters were younger than me. That ’70s Show started when I was in middle school and ended when I was in college, yet they were in high school the whole time. The problem was that the series started in ’76 and had a long run, but the producers wisely didn’t want to get into the ’80 (Remember That ’80s Show? Way to get cancelled for having less interesting characters in a decade that was less interesting). They kind of shot themselves in the foot by jumping to 1977 in the first season so they could do a Star Wars episode. I have always maintained that the Star Wars premiere should have been the epic series finale. They were in 1978 for, like, seven years.

God bless Kutcher for staying so very close to his Iowa roots. The best we have here in Michigan is Kid Rock and he sucks.

Anyway, Kutcher-Kunis is an awesome pairing. I wonder what stupid celebrity shipping name the press will use. I propose KunKutchKlan. Um…or KuKu, which I suppose would be less offensive. I hope their relationship follows the progress on That ’70s Show. Then gossip websites can give us awesome headlines like these:

Kunis puts Kutcher in Dress & Make-Up; Caught by Her Parents!

Kunis Thought He’d Make a Pretty Lady, says Source


KuKu Off!

Kutcher Not Invited to Kunis Ski Cabin After Kissing Pam Macey!


Kunis Proposes Marriage; Kutcher Flees to California


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