My Little DV Survivor

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the latest television cartoon based on the My Little Pony franchise owned by Hasbro. The story goes that Lauren Faust, known for her work on well received products such as Power Puff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Quest for Camelot was approached by Hasbro to develop a new My Little Pony series. Faust accepted the offer with the idea that she could create a show that went beyond the simplistic standards set for the franchise in the past. She wanted to create a product that would be accepted by both girls and boys and would be able to explore concepts previously thought to be beyond what the target audience could handle.

Subjects like not being able to bake well

 The other day I was relaxing in my oversized wing back easy chair with a snifter of fine brandy (or I might have been doing the dishes I forget) rewatching the two part opener for season 2. This is when I noticed something peculiar. Discord was going around preying on the ponies fears in order to corrupt their strongest personality trait. Honest Applejack was turned into a liar by being shown a future she could not accept, Pinkie Pie was turned into Dr. House by making her think everybody laughed at her not with her. Rainbow Dash’s loyalty was destroyed by convincing her that her homeland was in danger and she flew off to save it, which really come to think of it was just her changing loyalties to a different priority, she was still being loyal just to Cloudsdale not to her friends but it still counted evidently. Rarity fell in love with a rock.

Discord attempts to corrupt Fluttershy’s strength of kindness by convincing her that her friends are not really her friends. He tells her that her friends think that she is weak, and that they constantly point out her flaws.

This does not work, but not for the reason you might think. Fluttershy tells Discord that her friends are correct, she is weak, and that they are justified in pointing out her flaws.

This came off as strange to me. Fluttershy isn’t defending her friends, she is defending the behavior. What I was reminded of is a domestic violence victim who will defend her husband no matter what he does to me. The old “He hits me because he loves me” or “Its my fault because I did something wrong” cliched excuses that are sadly very much grounded in reality.

Then Discord gets her to do what he wants by hitting her.

 The question has been raised: Is Fluttershy the victim of physical or sexual abuse?

Looking back with an agenda I can find a lot of evidence to support my hypothesis that Fluttershy is an abuse victim. There are a lot of coincidences present that can be fully explained by Fluttershy suffering at the hands of another for an extended period of time before the series began.

We might as well begin at the beginning. Episode number 1, Fluttershy’s introduction. Twilight Sparkle first comes upon Fluttershy and introduces herself while Fluttershy curls up and is barely able to function. Are the creators showing that Fluttershy does not like strangers, or is there more going on. After all, Fluttershy not liking strangers does not equal Fluttershy going fetal. Rather curling up in a ball and being unable to respond to stimuli is a result of stress. In this case the stress of meeting a new pony causes Fluttershy to go into a dissociative state. According to a professional website I visited called Wikipedia

 Symptoms of dissociation resulting from trauma may include depersonalization, psychological numbing, disengagement, or amnesia regarding the events of the abuse. It has been hypothesized that dissociation may provide a temporarily effective defense mechanism in cases of severe trauma; however, in the long term, dissociation is associated with decreased psychological functioning and adjustment

The stresses of preparing for Princess Celestia’s visit combined with a stranger she in unprepared to meet and has no way of knowing is safe was too much for Fluttershy to handle which triggered the dissociative state. It is likely she would enter these sort of states as a filly when she was being abused.

Another stress induced problem Fluttershy suffers from is the loss of her wings. This is a major plot point of Dragonshy where Fluttershy’s wings stop working because she is scared of the dragon. In the episode Feeling Pinky Keen it is glossed over, but when the ponies are assaulted by the hydra Fluttershy runs away from the beast rather then flying. This could be another sign of Fluttershy entering dissociative state. During the chase Fluttershy appears to be propelling herself with the wings without flying, similar to how Scootaloo propells herself on her scooter. Part of a dissociative state can be reverting to a younger mindset. Those who revert to a younger age in a dissociative state are described as acting, talking, and even sounding like a young child. Fluttershy is reverting mentally to a age before she can fly and thus her wings will not work.

Of course no subject on Fluttershy’s emotions can leave out her angry outbursts, or as those pedophiles on 4Chan call it, Flutterage. The most notable example being at the Grand Galloping Galla where Fluttershy is unable to befriend the palace animals and breaks in a screaming madness the causes a stampede that she chases while screaming. More subtle examples include “the stare” an involuntary action engaged by misbehaving animals where she gives them what could be described as “the crazy eye” and the animals comply out of fear.


Don’t mess with her, bitch be crazy

Abuse victims lack the ability to properly deal with their emotions. Its actually similar to a toddler. Toddler cry and tantrum so often because they have strong emotions and no way to let them out properly. Fluttershy seems to shut down emotionally when faced with another pony or creature that is a bigger threat, but with the animals she becomes uncontrollably angry. “The stare” is likely the step right before an outright rage, and the animals she has dealt with before know all to well to step down before she loses it. Those at the Grand Galloping Gala learned to late the pain Fluttershy will give if she does not get the attention she seeks In a sad way its a continuation of the abuse she once suffered from.

I will speak now, on the subject of Fluttershy and animals. Abuse victims often do well with animals. They feel more comfortable around them because they are easier to read and smaller then a human. The victim may associate abuse with males if the abuser was a male or with adults if it was an adult, and be in fear of those who fit that general category.

Animals do not invoke these fears in even the most general way, unless the abuser was in fact an animal or possibly some sort of lycanthrope , but that is a different subject all together I’m not about to get into now. Fluttershy’s love and talent with animals could be rooted in the fact that she is able to interact with them on a diverse level easily, while she is unable to deal with ponies in the same way out of an unconscious fear of her abuser. Fluttershy constantly apologizes asks permission, and is meek to every other pony, while being demanding and accounting to the animals. This is because her abuser trained her to be that way with him, and she is unable to process that not everpony will expect that from her and punish her for not acting in that way.

Fluttershy also appears to suffer from social phobia, often avoiding large group scenes. She does not appear at all in Call of the Cutie Mark or The Show Stoppers even though other cast members for no apparent reason show up at the end during large social events. In Boast Busters she appears in a nonspeaking role watching The Great and Powerful Trixie. Obviously she was too much in shock of the crowd to talk. Despite a personal invitation she nearly forgoes a tea engagement with Princess Celstia due to her fears.

 See her over there? Why would they bother drawing her if there wasn’t a symbolic purpose?

Now that it has been established that Fluttershy fits the profile of an abuse victim it is time to talk about practical applications. I know there are many neighsayers out there who will gladly point out that this is nothing more then a cartoon for fillies and Fluttershy is shy. That is half of her name. Well in the previous generation the pony named Fluttershy was a photography without and mental issues, so that’s what I say about that.

I think the fact that this is a show for the young lends credence to the idea that Fluttershy was abused. Fluttershy can be a way for kids who suffer physical, mental, or sexual abuse themselves to be helped. In the future when we find out about Fluttershy’s past it is an opportunity for her to confront it directly and with the help of her friends over come it. Fluttershy could seek the professional help she needs and be shown to be working to overcome her related problems. It would give hope to the many children in the world going through the same thing. They will see the character they love and admire overcoming the same problem they wish they can overcome.

One of the first things Lauren Fraust did when creating Friendship is Magic was create a 40 page show bible which went into detail the characters, their personalities, relationships, the world lore, and history. Fluttershy’s personality is no random act of writers and no coincidence. It is finely detailed down to the last sigh. The idea that she would want to tackle the issue of child abuse in a show that educates children on life lessons is perfectly reasonable. After all, many shows have tried to do something similar? A lot, but they were all poorly written with the abuse coming out of nowhere and no history of behavior to support it, or even with the abused character being a one shot that is discarded after they are used up like a condom outside a gay porn theater. Lauren Fraust has set the stage for a powerful message of growth and change. After the special episode where Fluttershy comes to terms with her past I am sure she will end up being a more outgoing and balanced pony, and the difference will be evident thanks to the detailed work of the writers in giving her these traits well before the revelation of why she has them.

What Some Forum Fags are Thinking

When I first began developing this idea I presented it on the Current Events board on Gamefaqs. The feedback I received was very helpful. Here are a few of the things they said:

It wouldn’t be surprising. 1 in 4 women report suffering a rape or an attempted rape by the time they reach Fluttershy’s age. Statistically, at least one of the six main characters should be a rape victim- Mecha Sonic

This is really thought out, and possible, yes, but not very likely. Sexual abuse is not something usually brought up in a kid’s show, and definitely not one about ponies. However, I commend you for thinking it out and being logical.-UserNameIsOP

Is this seriously a topic? – Sun_And_Steel