My Little Pony Fan Cartoons

If the Brony fandom is known for one thing its their obseesivness over a cartoon for little girls. If the the Brony fandom was known for two things it would be their obsessiveness over a cartoon for little girls and their sexualization of the non-human characters of the show. If the Brony fandom was known for three things it would be their obsessiveness over a cartoon for little girls, their sexualization of the non-human characters of the show, and their creativity. Bronies, likely more then any other group of fans create original content based on their love. There are the normal items any show will have, fan-fiction, drawings, poorly written unfunny reviews of  episodes, but then the Bronies turn it up to eleven. You’ve got the plushies, the hundreds of Tumblr accounts where fans ask the fictional characters questions, and even original cartoons.



Double Rainboom


Double Rainboom was billed as the first ever fan episode. Its actually some kid’s animation final project.

It starts off with Twilight in her lab creating a potion. Twilight creates potions right? Kind of I guess, I think she did once. There is a long sequence of Twilight mixing things together. The most persuasive theme of this cartoon is that things go on too long, to the point that the cartoon itself is even longer then a normal episode. So after the too long potion mixing sequence Rainbow Dash just sort of shows up for no apparent reason. Twilight is all like “What you doing in my house” and its apparent there is no reason for Dash to be there other then the fact that if she wasn’t the plot wouldn’t be able to progress.  Twilight finishes the potion, which for no apparent reason causes a giant cloud of smoke to appear in which is contained the troll face. The the second common theme for this cartoon, references to things that are popular on the internet, whether it makes sense or not.


So the evil face containing smoke creating potion is a talent enhancer  Twilight explains that it increases the natural talent dictated by the cutie mark of whatever pony drinks it, but she doesn’t just say that. There is a stylized cut away using those felt style chibi style that showed up briefly during BBBFF explaining how specially the potion would help each main character. Have you ever noticed how many main characters this show has? It takes a while. Then after Rainbow Dash proposes she drinks it to increase her dashing abilities Twilight says its not safe because she doesn’t really know what it is or if its safe. How does she not know what it is? She just made and explained what it is. Rainbow Dash calls Twilight an egghead a few times because she said that in an episode once.

Rainbow Dash of course drinks the potion. This plot wasn’t going anywhere until she did. Twilight freaks out and teleports all around the room for no reason other then to show off her teleporting animation.  Twilight whines about how she is going to have to make another potion. I forgot to mention she is really whiny. Even when she is justified in being angry it just comes off as whining. Twilight connects Rainbow Dash to a machine and nothing much happens. Its padding at the worst. Then Rainbow Dash is released and she blasts through Twilight’s roof and flies so high with such little effort even she is amazed. I do enjoy how little she cared about launching off inside Twilight’s house. She’s all “Fuck yo roof Twilight.”

Rainbow Dash flies through the town at a high speed causing various sight gags to minor characters such as Scootaloo, Derpy and Apple Jack. This part is actually pretty good. If the entire video consisted of a short introduction of the potion, a montage of high speed antics and then some sort of stinger at the end then it might feel like a Looney Tunes short. Instead the beginning istoo slow and we still have 16 more minutes.


After the general mayhem Rainbow Dash decides that she should use her new godlike powers to do a Double Rainboom. That’s so Rainbow Dash. Then the screen fades to black like its time for a commercial, but there aren’t any commercials so it just fades back in.

Rainbow Dash starts rainbowing towards the ground in a high velocity display of dashing. Twilight teleports to some outdoor location and tries to show concern that Rainbow Dash is going too fast but because of the limitations of the voice actress it just sounds like she is whining some more. “Oh Rainbow Dash you’re going too fast and I’m going to nag you to stop.” No shut up Twilight, fuck yo roof.

The result of the double rainboom is a rainbow colored explosion that destroys Ponyville and spreads across the continent causing early onscent puberty in thousands of fillies.

Rainbow Dash somehow managed opened a portal to the Powerpuff Girl dimension. Since this is an animation project it is obvious they did this in order to demonstrate another style of animation. As a story telling technique throwing a character from one show into the dimension of another show for no apparent reason is reminiscent of a fan fiction written by somebody who really wants to get characters from both of those shows to bang. That doesn’t happen although thats probably be because that would require something to happen and this entire portion is pretty devoid of a story.

A Powerpuff Girlsish monster shows up, and then a disclaimer and copyright notice saying who owns the Powrpuff Girls. Like all disclaimers I didn’t read it. Didn’t the rights get sold to the Chinese government back in 2004? The narrator does the “The city of Townsville” gag and then the monster tries to step on a dog who is about to explain how he can talk. I am guessing that the dog’s talking ability is a mystery of the show that was never revealed but if it is then I guess I didn’t watch enough episodes to see that. My favorite episode of Powerpuff Girls is when Apples in Stereo showed up. If they made a cameo I would poop my knickers.

The Powerpuff Girls beat up the monster for awhile but then the monster beats them up and they all get knocked out. Seeing how this is fiction being knocked unconscious will have no lingering health effects just like real life. Rainbow Dash flies in and beats up the monster, eventually knocking it down the street and into a building using a Sonic Rainboom. This is pretty dang awesome.

The monster as it turns out can talk. He surrenders and then apologizes. After walking off screen the girls rush after him. The monster cries for them to stop while receiving a beat down that is made to seem all the more violent because the camera remains on Rainbow Dash as debris and eye lazers fly past her. I’ve seen fans complain about how it is out of character for the Powerpuff Girls to beat up a foe who has surrendered but they were obviously out of hearing range so you can shut up your face Raripie14.


The girls then fly at Rainbow Dash with the implication that they are going to also kick her in the ass, but then they just get super pumped because she is a pony with a sweet tattoo and wings. Also rainbows. Rainbow Dash gets annoyed with all the groping and tells the girls to back off. The Powerpuff Girls are surprised that Rainbows Dash can talk, but this only strengthens their desire to keep her, making one questions whether keeping an intelligent magical horse as a pet is slavery or just a good time.

Rainbow Dash dashes off in a manner that is most rainbow. The girls go after her and its a series of that cartoon gag where one person is clearly faster but then the other person is always at the location first. This doesn’t really work here for two reasons.

1. Rainbow Dash is able to go fast enough to break reality and travel to other dimensions. Are we suppose to believe the Powerpuff Girls are faster then that?

2. The series already did this joke with Pinkie Pie.

Rainbow Dash ends up crashing and her wings are all kinds of messed up. At least four kinds. Rainbow Dash flashes back to Twilight explaining that there could be side effects, and then she whines some more. Angry and whiny don’t sounds the same. There are some jump cuts between Rainbow Dash and the Powerpuff Girls to make it dramatic as they fly in to, well shower her with love and affection. Its not like there is any real danger here.


Pinkie Pie just sort of comes through a portal grabs Rainbow Dash and drags her back across the bridge of realities, leaving the Power Puff Girls rather confused and upset. We know this because the scene lingers on them for too long.

The two ponies return and there is a sequence of Twilight angrily staring at Rainbow Dash and Dash’s reaction that goes on for several seconds longer then is necessary  Then Twilight points out the window and Rainbow sees how much she has fucked up the town. There are a few scenes that show ponies being upset their town is destroyed that serve no real purpose outside of padding. Then Rainbow Dash says, “Yeah get Spike” which is an odd thing to say in if you think about it. What the hay is Spike going to do?

Rainbow Dash dictates a friendship lesson to Princess Celestia about how it is wrong to take things that don’t belong to you, because when she did she ended up hurting people she likes. Really? Thats the lesson? How about not drinking random things you find? Or not destroying the city through your own stupidity? Or maybe just tell her how you became a Planeswalker and discovered a new level of existence? None of that? Fine, whatever. This is all just a set up for Pinkie Pie to act like she didn’t know stealing is wrong and reveals she has Bloo from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. First off Pinkie Pie totally knew stealing is wrong and that isn’t stealing its kidnapping. The entire friendship lesson was a set up for that stupid ass joke.

Also Pinkie Pie was able to save Rainbow Dash because she also drank a potion, which allowed her to “see the fabric of time and space” so she was able to cross the void and get Rainbow Dash. Well gee, I guess I can see how being really good at throwing parties lets one break the laws of reality, except I fucking don’t. Was I suppose to forget that Rainbow Dash went to Powerpuff land because she flew really fast? Because I do amazingly enough have the ability to remember things that I have seen within the last half hour.

There are some nice looking credits, but who has time to sit through those? I’ve got places to be baby.



For an animation project it is elaborate. Judging it as a fan created episode which is what is is advertised as it falls short. Everybody is out of character, the plot is inconsistent and non-nonsensical and and everything is drawn out. In the technical sense it is probably the best fan cartoon so far, but it is definitely not the most entertaining. 



From what I understand about this one its about a pony who is blind and gets made fun of. Who the hell makes fun of blind people? “Hey jerk, I bet you can’t even see what a jerk you are since you can’t see anything” Thats just lazy bullying. You shouldn’t bully people, but if you are going to bully somebody then put some effort into it. Find a word that rhymes with their name or create an elaborate scheme of Myspace where you pretend to be a boy who is in love with them and get them to send nude pics. Nobody gets featured on a 20/20 segment by half-assing their harassment of others

Snowdrop begins with Celestia narrating about snow. Its kind of boring and goes on for like a minute which is a long time in TV time. Go talk about snow for a minute, I bet you stopped after like twenty seconds, sooner if you are on your phone at a coffee shop

The episode begins proper with Teacher Pony explaining how snow is used to rejuvenate the land so earth ponies can grow some more of them sweet sweet apples.  Some filly whose cutie mark is the leaf that turns Mario into a Tanookie complains about the snow and is in general acting like a big cunt. You would think the person who has the cutie mark relating to the best Mario power up would be more pleasant. Maybe she just really hates world six.


Teacher Pony tells that girl to check herself before she wrecks herself, spring is going to be there in two days so its no thing to have a tizzy over. The teacher then segues into what gifts the ponies are going to present to the princess at their “Winter is Over Festival.” In all the over analyzing of the show nobody seems to talk about how the ponies have to present offerings to their immortal god like leaders. If this wasn’t rated G I’d bet they’d be killing virgins for Celestia.

Teacher Pony asks Snowdrop how her project is going and we find out Snowdrop hasn’t even begun. The teacher gets on Snowdrop for not having a project or partner by going on about how important this is. Well maybe you should have checked if she had a partner earlier then? Plus everybody else apparently has a partner so maybe there is just an odd number of students. What then teacher? Huh? What then?

The other student whisper about how they don’t want to work with Snowdrop. Snowdrop says she totally has a project started and it isn’t even a lie she is making up right now.

At home Snowdrop is sitting out on a cloud, this takes place in Cloudsdale and they are all pegasus, I probably should have mentioned that. Come to think of it being a blind pegasus must really suck. You can’t really fly without hitting stuff if you can’t see. Well, I guess if you’re a bat maybe you could but ponies aren’t bats. There also aren’t any rails on the sides of the clouds so its just a matter of time until she plummets to her death.

Snowdrop flashes back to a talk she once had with her mother. Mother is explaining how stars can grant wishes and ever since Celestia and Luna took over the country there have been more stars. Snowdrop asks if the stars could grant her wish to be able to see and things get awkward. Back in the present Snowdrop wishes that she will be able to show the princess that she can do something for once since nobody believes that she can.

Snowdrop cried a single tear, and it freezes and hits her leg. Then she starts carving something but they don’t show us, its coming later I suppose.  The voice over talks about stars and making wishes.

The next scene begins with Celestia and Luna at their “End of Winter Hamburger Social and Gift Exchange.” Snowdrop shows up late and interrupts Celestia’s speech. I guess being blind gives you carte blanch to also be late and rude! Don’t give me none of that “You couldn’t read the clock” crap either Bray Charles showed up just fine and performed a delightful song without any complaining about his lack of sight.

Snowdrop made a snowflake. The other fillies make rude comments about how she just brought snow. When Snowdrop says its a star not snow comments are thrown about how you can’t make stars and it doesn’t even look like a star, not that she knows what a star look like anyways. Snowdrop says that while she can’t see stars or spring she can hear them and this snowflake she made sounds like a star. That sort of makes sense in a metaphorical way, but not really.

Snowdrop continues talking about  how winter is misunderstood, nobody likes it because it is cold and wet but not in the fun way like when a dog puts its nose in your crotch at the beach. Winter also gives you good things so maybe if there were snowflakes that looked like stars people wouldn’t hate winter so much and could enjoy it like other seasons. This is suppose to be some sort of metaphor having to do with Luna and the fact nobody likes her because nighttime is dark and this takes place before Taco Bell stayed open late  so everybody just goes to sleep but night is also good because you’ve got stuff that aren’t around in the day like stars or Conan O’Brien.

Celestia likes the snowflake and asks Snowdrop to make more. In a voice over Celestia explains how the next winter the snow was gentle and foals could play in it without getting frostbite so winter sucked less. I’m not going to say it didn’t suck at all because lets face it, winter sucks. Best case scenario for winter still means its cold and your socks will get wet at some point.

A thousand years later Snowdrop is long dead and there is only one snowflake left. Luna is sad because she never got to tell Snowdrop how much she cared before she went full crazy and got sent to the moon. Weirdly, for a piece that tries so hard to connect the main character to Luna they didn’t really say much to each other. Maybe Luna was too shy to reveal her crush..  Luna says Snowdrop is the only one who truly knew her night. The last snowflake is thrown into the sky, and thats the end.

I guess this means winter goes back to being harsh and oppressive.


That was weird. It was well made, the animation looked nice and the voices were pretty good. I just find it odd that it is related to Friendship is Magic considering its tone and themes. Friendship is Magic tries beyond  anything else to be happy and positive. Snowdrop is very subdued and depressing at times. Its like making a Highlander movie thats about why you shouldn’t cut people’s heads off.

I give them props, they had a story and idea that they wanted to present and they accomplished that. I just wonder if it would have been better served if they let their creative secretions flow and made it an original fantasy universe. The entire winter/Luna connection was weak enough it could be gone without issues. Of course then nobody probably would have watched it, but true art isn’t about people seeing what you create, its about suffering in obscurity until you give up and get a job at a bowling alley.

Dusk’s Dawn

I don’t know what the fuck this thing is.

I had never heard much about it aside from it being a Friendship is Magic related cartoon. I didn’t know anything about what it was about before watching and I’m still not entirely sure what it is. As far as I can tell its a bunch of people playing the first session of a My Little Pony tabletop RPG put into cartoon form without any sort of editing for the benefit of people who weren’t there playing pretend. Characters just sort of appear without any real introduction, things happen for some reason, and then other things happen for some reason. Advanced literature techniques like character building, storytelling, and not sucking are ignored. Then to top it all off it is ugly as fuck. I don’t know anything about animation but I’ve seen film strips that are more fluid then this. It is a mess, simple as that

Dawn’s Dusk begins with a pegasus flying around for who knows why. I guess because he just gots to speed keed. You would assume his name is Dusk, I did, but it isn’t. His name is Breeze Rider and you will learn to hate him. His voice actor is appears to be a prepubescent Scandinavian boy who managers to make everything Breeze Rider says so obnoxious that it makes you wish he was real just so that you could kick it in the crotch. This whole segment is pointless and leads to a joke that I don’t really understand so I’m not bothering to try to explain it.

There are some opening credits. Then a green pony comes by and is surprised that winter has not been cleaned up yet because Breeze Rider was too busy fucking around to do his job. Green pony is worried that the owners of the land, an aristocratic family that lives in a castle, might be upset that it isn’t cleared but Breeze Rider points out that they never see them anyways so it doesn’t matter.

Cut to the inside of the building. A unicorn puts a blanket on an old unicorn. He appears to be an adult without a cutie mark but he also says its his ninth birthday, so either ponies age faster then humans or the pony making program on Deviant Art the people used to make characters didn’t have an option for children. This is Dusk.  Dusk sings a song, the gist of it being his grandfather got some crazy powers somehow and made the castle and now Dusk, since it is his birthday, is going to figure out what the dillio is.

So this version of Dusk who looks like him but darker with red eyes and a cutie mark shows up and sings about how he is going to take over Dusk’s body and then destroy Celestia. Its really weird. I guess this means Dusk was unsuccessful in his goal. The song goes on for a really long time. It isn’t the worst song ever, but it isn’t very good or interesting. Plus it ends with the villain saying “rappta dooda doo doo doo” and that just ruins his credibility.


The next scene is a pony named Mr. Brave being checked out by a Swedish nurse pony. Why are there so many Swedes in this? Don’t get me wrong I’m not racist against the Swedish or anything, but I just feel like everything would be better if they weren’t acknowledged.

A whirlwind whips up and is blowing ponies all over the place and not in the good way. Mr. Brave asks Breeze Rider whats going on and Breeze Rider says that he thinks the wind is magical in nature and not something the pegasus can deal with on their own. Nurse Sweden is able to figure out the wind is coming from the forest and Mr. Brave says he will go check it out.

In the forest Mr. Brave finds the green pony who says her friend Star Whistle is caught in some sort of magic field. Awesome, we didn’t have enough fucking characters. Considering how well developed and intriguing the ones we have so far I am looking forward to more being introduced. I wonder if she will be as dynamic as Mr Brave, he has a honorific.

Star Whistle has like a bunch of magic wind surrounding her and is firing off little tornadoes like she’s a Mega Man villain. You know what, I am going to check right now if there is a Mega Man villain who shoots tornadoes.  Yup, his name is Tornado Man. Makes sense.

Green Pony gets blown away but Mr. Brave doesn’t even flinch. They his him and just disappear. They don’t bounce off him, or dissipate or are even absorbed. They just stop existing when they hit him. What a bad ass, he is able to conquer animation itself.

Mr Brave stops the terror by jumping at her and laying on top of her on the ground until she stops shooting tornadoes. Is it just me or did it just get sexy in here. Green Pony rubs a leaf on Star Whistle’s leg. Oh yeah baby, a little higher.


A soldier comes by with the Swedish Nurse and unfortunately Breeze Rider who says some obnoxious stuff. Here is what happened: Star Whistle was asked to study a magic ring and it made her go all crazy with the twisters until Green Pony removed it. Star Breeze recognizes the ring as belonging to the DuMonte’s the owners of the castle. They all decide to go there. And now we have a plot.

There is a pink fog around the castle which Green Pony points out is not natural. I think she’s the druid of the party. Breeze Rider says “Yah, if it was I would have cleared this in 30 seconds flat.”

You know what Breeze Rider, fuck off.

Half the ponies go inside the castle while the other three attend to the sick animals outside the castle. Breeze Rider, Star Whistle and some royal guard pony who I don’t think has a name end up at the top of the castle where they find evil Dusk. Breeze Rider runs away and Dusk stabs the royal guard pony with an evil scepter that kills him. Gotta say, I wasn’t expecting that. Star Whistle tries to grab the scepter with her unicorn magic and the two fight over it for a few seconds then Breeze Rider comes out of nowhere with a blanket that he uses to grab the scepter and just sort of falls with it off the castle. Okay, I really didn’t see that coming.


Evil Dusk pretends to collapse and the pink clouds disappear and the royal guard pony stops being dead. Then Evil Dusk pretends to be waking up and Star Whistle thinks that the scepter, like the ring she had on earlier, made Dusk evil. Evil Dusk goes along with this and tells them to return to their occupations. Really, that’s what he says. He uses the word occupation. And then they just do it. This land deserves to be entrapped by darkness.

In the next scene the guard pony is complaining that he got a promotion where he guards a hall full of empty armor. Yeah, one of those “promotions.” Guard Pony says that Breeze Rider was caught by the other ponies when he fell of the castle with the scepter. Of all the things they bother to explain in greater detail its how a person who can fly didn’t fall to death?

Guard Pony ignores a dark figure flying  over him and an open window because he is a shitty ass guard. Then he notices the elements of harmony are all glowing funny and even crazier is they in no way resemble the Elements of Harmony! What is this trickery.

A title card informs us it is a few days later. All the characters are walking down hallways after being summoned by the princess. They all arrive at a point where the halls come together and are all “What are you all doing here! Mother fuckers!” Then it cuts to writing on the screen which is a diary entry by one of them saying that walking up to a problem and bashing it is not a good solution. Then it says to be continued. I bet that will never happen.


Sometimes I have dreams which sort of tell a story, but it doesn’t really make any sense when you break it down. That is like Dusk’s Dawn, it is a weird dream that doesn’t make sense. There are some basic elements that could create a story. There are technically characters, even if there are too many of them and the few character traits they have are still bland, there is a plot, even if it barely feels like it exists and leads nowhere, and there is technically conflict, even if it barely sort of exists. I know this is suppose to be the first edition of an ongoing series but its so bad I feel pity on them if they try to continue it. There are no redeeming qualities.

Like Snowdrop I even question why this is Friendship is Magic Related. At least Snowdrop tied into existing lore. Dawn’s Dusk doesn’t even try to do that. Like I said before, its a bunch of people playing with their pony original character’s in what is basically an animated tabletop RPG with fewer kobolds and even more neckbeards.

Final Thoughts

Those are the three Friendship is Magic fan cartoons I am aware of that just aren’t straight up parody. You can’t really do a funny review of a parody, especially if you aren’t funnier then it is. Aside from Double Rainboom the connections to Friendship is Magic are not really necessary. I say to these people, branch out and do your own thing. Be creative and don’t ride on the coat tails of somebody else’s hard work. If all you do is comment on what other people have then you will never find success or happiness.