My New Project: A Webcomic About Finland

After bitterly complaining for years that I am sick of writing television recaps and would rather being doing something else, I finally started a new project: a webcomic called Elä Suomi. It will cover the history of Finland from the Middle Ages to World War II. The characters are the national personifications of Finland and the other countries that will appear. They will act out historical events semi-accurately.

Like celebrity sex tape pioneer Pamela Anderson and serial killer Aileen Wournos, I am principally of Finnish descent, so that remote country has always interested me. Elä Suomi was inspired by reading Scandinavia and the World. SatW is really good and you should give it a look if you haven’t. Maybe comics where nations are depicted as people is overdone, but so is being snarky about TV shows.

Here is a preview of the first three comics. It is set in a comic book page format, and each new comic will be like a new page, but I not able to draw in that comic book style. I think the artwork ended up being sort of children’s storybook-looking, which suits what I am going for just fine.

The blonde in the blue dress is Sweden, specifically, Mother Svea, Sweden’s national personification. Finland is the little girl. Since Finland was ruled by Sweden for several hundred years, a lot of these comics are going to be Finland following Sweden around. Because that is what the bulk of Finnish history was, really. There will be little write-ups to go with each page since you won’t always get the joke without it. It’s like how I am always confused when I go to Penny Arcade because I don’t play video games.

A new page will be added twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. And I’ll still write TV recaps. But Degrassi doesn’t return until the summer and I’ve fallen out of watching most TV because cable TV doesn’t show any boobies. I pay a hundred dollars a month for cable and still can’t see any boobies. I fucking hate that, man. I fucking hate it.

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