New Domain Name:

I’m having trouble with the registrar who I have with. The domain expired, but I didn’t renew it because I forgot and the registrar never sent me any notification that it was about to expire I only found out last week when the domain stopped connecting to the website.

Right now, is in this flux period where it’s expired but I can still renew it and the WHOIS info is in my name, however, the registrar’s setup won’t let me. This happened right at the beginning of the Thanksgiving extended weekend, so I didn’t think anything of the fact that no one at the registrar replied to my support ticket. But now it’s Tuesday and I still can’t get a hold of anybody there even by phone, so I am wondering if everyone in the company was fired or fell victim to the T virus or something.

So I registered with a different registrar. This will be the site’s new home. If I can get back, I’ll have it redirect to the new domain. If I can’t, I won’t consider it much of a loss. I’ve only had it for a year, and didn’t really like it much. Coming up with a domain name these days it hard because so many words and phrases are taken. I like Warm Fuzzy Glow because it’s sounds like a good fit for a website that is mostly about TV.

I’m still working on getting the forums functional again. Some of the database stuff is still trying to connect to and I’m having to learn how to change that over.

Thanks for coming back now that we exist again.