Shane Kippel Knows We Exist!!!!!!

Recently, Shane Kippel (that’s right, the sexy beast who played Spinner on Degrassi) did an AMA on Reddit. Reddit AMAs are forums where celebrities or interesting people answer questions from Reddit users. Kippel intended to use the opportunity to promoted his new band, Dear Love, but most of the questions were about Degrassi.

A reader by the name Lara alerted us to the AMA, though not until the day after. Celebrities, even C-listers like the Degrassi cast, typically only answer questions for an hour at most and then never return to Reddit. It’s for the best I wasn’t around to take part.  As the old saying goes: “One should never look into the eyes of one’s own gods”.

Lara did ask Mr. Kippel about Boycott the Caf:

Notyourstickerbitch 6 points ago

Have you ever read the website “Boycott the Caf?” And if you have how do you feel about their love for you?

shaneykipps [S] 6 points ago

I have! And I’ve never figured out what I did to avoid their crosshairs. Why did they hate every other character but me???? Since they didn’t hate me, I have nothing but love for em!

Oh my God.

Firstly, I wish to thank Lara for her question. As a reward, I invite her to visit Warm Fuzzy Glow headquarters, where I will photograph her naked. (She will have to pay her own travel expenses, and the photos will remain the property of

Secondly, I can’t even describe how awesome this is. I just can’t. The only words I have would be the moans of an orgasm. For most people, this would be like if President Obama fist bumped you. But Obama can go suck a bucket of dicks. A written acknowledgment from Kippel is way better.

Also, every answer Kippel had was gold, pure gold. Here is what he had to say about his celebrity encounters:

I was walking through a hotel lobby in Vegas and had Bob Saget tell his whole posse to wait as he b-lined over to me and said that he HAD to have a picture with me cause his kids wouldn’t believe him.

He even wrote about his boner in the classic episode “Weird Science”:

Greatest part of popping the boner was one of the class reaction shots when I was off-camera, and turned around with a giant salami poking through my pants. Candid reactions were captured, let’s just say.