Someone Fired from Pretty Little Liars Spilled the Beans on Who ‘A’ is


Pretty Little Liars is a drama on ABC Family about four teenage girls who are pretty and lie while dressing way too nice, and being too fit, for people living in Pennsylvania. The Liars are Spencer, the uptight smart one; Hanna, the blonde dumbasss; Emily, the gay one; and Aria, the adorable little pixie.

The four Liars’ queen bee, Allison, disappeared in the first episode and was presumed dead. Then, the Liars began being stalked by someone called A, who has unlimited time, money and tech expertise to harass four teenagers continuously for five years.

PLL has been on the air since 2010 and has yet to answer the big question: who is A? First, the Liars thought it was Toby, but he was nothing more than a sexy badboy. Then they suspected Noel, but he was just a moody jock. Then they thought A was Ian. And that would have been a good guess—a really good guess—since Ian tried to kill one of them. But then A killed Ian, and that was that.

The show promises to reveal the identity of A at the end of every season, but never does. It’s always someone who is sketchy as fuck, but not A. First A was supposed to be Mona, a girl Allison picked on. But she wasn’t the real A, only working for A (but still doesn’t know who A is). After trying to kill the Liars, Mona was sent to a mental institution for a couple of weeks and then got to go back to school. It’s cool, though, she became friends with the Liars.

A was then supposed to be Ezra, a teacher at the school who started a relationship with Aria. It’s not right for a teacher to date a high school student, so Ezra quit his job so they could stay together. The Liars discover Ezra’s room full of surveillance equipment. But he is not A. No, he was only spying on the girls because he wanted to write a book about Allison, who he tried to hook up with before he met Aria. Don’t get the wrong idea, Ezra is one of the good guys. For real. He and Aria are still together and he helps the Liars out. I know. I know. But look, if the writers don’t feel the need to judge Ezra, neither should we.

Another suspect was Spencer’s older sister, who was married to Ian. But she put Aria in a coffin on a train for some other reason that had nothing to do with A. There was also this crooked cop, but then he died. Or maybe I am thinking of another crooked cop. I don’t know. I’m forgetting a lot of details here. My blood sugar is a bit low. I’m going to go eat some hamburgers and chocolate and get back to this in an hour.

Yes, the show is as stupid as it sounds. Even stupider, in fact. I left out a ton of nonsense. The thing is, the town the show is set in has way too many people who are either dangerously mentally ill or have dark secrets that make them easy to blackmail. Pennsylvania is really dysfunctional like that. Which explains Rick Santorum, Jerry Sandusky, and Bill Cosby.

Anyway, I really didn’t need to write that explainer, as this article will only matter to people who watch Pretty Little Liars.

Late at night on July 8, over at the Pretty Little Lairs subreddit, a person claiming to have been a production assistant fired for failing a drug test, posted the identity of A and explained how it is revealed.

Was a PA on PLL. I was working during the finale and pretty much every episode through s6. I think I know enough.

Ask me anything. Like i give a fuck anymore.

EDIT: Will probably be deleting this soon. I’ve sobered up and this seems like a bad idea all of a sudden. Last looks, i’ll give you 30 minutes or something.

The poster deleted his account, though his comments remain. The incident became known as “Drunkgate” and lit up the subreddit. Because Reddit threads are nearly impossible to actually follow, another poster went through the effort to organize the Drunkgate spoilers into a single easy-to-read outline. Many redditers doubted Drunkgate, but the top voted comment presented the best reason to believe:

You guys want to know why I believe this guy? Because the people who run this shit-show are fucking dumb enough to fire some guy before the fucking season is finished airing. If you’re dumb enough to write as badly as some of the PLL staff, you’re dumb enough to fire someone who is low on the work totem pole who doesn’t give a shit about spilling your secrets. Dumbasses. –Afields0044

Drunkgate got the attention of the media. By that, I mean the type of media that reports on TV show spoilers. Had CNN ran with the Drunkgate story I would have flown to Atlanta to punch Don Lemon in the balls.

I. Marlene King, the crazy cat lady who is also the executive producer for Pretty Little Liars, posted the message: “No one has been fired. No one has leaked the identify of Charles.” Despite being a text message, she posted this as an image on Instagram. I don’t understand why doing that is a thing.

I’m still going to believe the Drunkgate spoilers, because while they are absurd, make sense for a show that never ever makes sense. It’s not as if A being someone else will be any more believable. No matter what, the A reveal is going to be a WTF moment. Over the course of the series, A went from sending threatening text messages, to breaking into the Liars homes, to murder, to disabling two policemen, hijacking a police van and imprisoning the Liars in a giant dollhouse. So A has gone from a nuisance, to a petty criminal, to a murderer, and ended up as the Joker from The Dark Knight.

Whatever, I only watch Pretty Little Liars for Shay Mitchell’s legs.