Switched at Birth: 1.06 “The Persistence of Memory”

Season 1 Episode 6
Airdate: July 11, 2011

Bay looks at the photo of Regina when she was pregnant. Bay has it open in Photoshop. I assume she is one of those computer illiterate people who doesn’t know how to change which program accesses which file type, so everytime she wants to look at a .jpeg it opens up in (her legally purchased! copy of) Photoshop. Bay notices that there is a parking ticket on the windshield, and tries to enhance it, hoping it will provide a clue as to her father’s identity. A pregnant Mexican whose baby daddy is gone is posing next to a pickup truck. And the kicker: there’s a parking ticket in the window. That’s my kind of humor!

Daphne cooked dinner. Because she is vegetarian, she made a Greek lasagna with tofu. “It actually is good,” says Bay, just trying to be nice. Fuck tofu. How about you just make a regular lasagna without the meat? That’s how I make it and it’s great. The best part of lasagna is the rossatta cheese and pasta sauce. I could just mix those two things in a bowl and eat it while I’m watching ABC Family and I’d be in heaven, regardless of how stupid ABC Family is.

Kathryn thinks it would be a good idea to enroll Daphne in an advanced cooking class at Buckner Hall. “So she can make something without that tofu shit…oh I mean because she likes to cook.”

Toby is still in debt to Wilkie. He begs Bay for money, but see tells him to foof off. Toby gets angry and grips her arm really tight. “You aren’t my biologically sister, so it’s time I took my right as the most virile male in the house.”

Bay shows Daphne around Buckner. Well, not so much as show her as point to the different buildings. She’ll never set foot in any of them, so it’s still a lot on Bay’s part. Buckner’s courtyard totally blows the deaf school’s away. The two talk about Toby’s gambling debt. Bay says he sold all is amps and mountain bike.

We got to Toby. Wilkie, the kid Toby owes money to, can’t give Toby a pass because Wilkie also owes money to a bookie. “I bet big on Notre Dame last week and lost my shirt,” he says, and the bookie may hurt him if he doesn’t get the money soon. Way to stake money on Notre Dame, asshole. You deserve to have your legs broken. We learn that Toby paid $4000 and still owes Wilkie $10,000.

Bay sees Emmett at Buckner. He is outside stalking Daphne taking pictures. Also, skipping class.

Bay shows him the photo and asks, “Can you enlarge the image and sharpen it? Because I just know how to take the paintbrush thingy and color over it. Also, every time I want to look at a photo in my computer it takes two and a half minutes to load. What is up with that?”

Daphne has trouble following the class because the teacher/chef doesn’t always face the students when she speaks. They are cooking hamburgers and fries because the teacher is hungover. Daphne causes a small fire when she doesn’t hear the timer and leaves her the fryer on for too long. The school demands she have an interpreter with her when she is in class.

Emmett returns to Bay. Unlike Bay, he noticed the license plate in the photograph and has the information with him. Can you just look up someone else’s license plate? Also, he keeps skipping school.

Daphne now has an interpreter. Wilkie, her cooking partner, flirts with her. But some of the girls say mean things. The above screencap has what they said. Those bitches! But in their defense, they think this is what Affirmative Action is.

Daphne feels completely ostracized at Bucker. She can see the kids gossiping about her and doesn’t notice when she walks into the road and almost gets run over by a car. Her sexy cooking partner pulls her to safety. I am pretty sure he is Thor from The Avengers movie.

Daphne asks Regina why she never got her a Cochlear implant when she was little. Regina says she considered it, “Before I met Melody and Emmett and learned better.” Man, deaf people are pushy like Mormons about the whole being deaf thing. Daphne says she just wants to be like everyone else. “Too bad,” says Regina, “because you never will be.” Way to go, mom. Regina tells her daughter that as a deaf, she is part of a “unique culture with its own language and history.”

“I don’t need the Deaf Pride speech right now,” says Daphne. “OK,” replies her mom, “if you don’t want to hear about Deaf Pride then sit down while I teach you about La Raza. You’re part of two things.”

Emmett and Bay find the car in a junkyard. It is strapped to another car that sits on its roof. I want a job that involves attaching one car on top of another. I’d always clock out at 5 knowing I did something meaningful. Bay shifts through the vehicle hoping for something to point to her dad, but comes up empty. As empty as her father’s love for her.

Emmett tries to tell Bay about another possible way to find out about her father. But since Bay can’t read sign language, it devolves into playing charades. That’s kind of funny.

Wilkie has a way to clear Toby’s debt and save his own life. He wants Toby to steal a test that they can sell to the other students.

Kathryn asks Regina the same question Daphne had about the Cochlear implant. Regina explains that installing a Cochlear implant would involve cutting open Daphne’s brain. Baby brains may be dumb, but cutting them open is still risky. Regina also tells  Kathryn she is being a jerk for not learning sign language. In Kathryn’s defense, she is probably too stupid to learn it.

Daphne is ready to quit Bucker. She tells Bay that when she was last in a hearing school in the 3rd grade, the girls called her retarded and she had no friends. Some of them were harassing her when an 8-year-old Emmett jumped in and saved her. He took her home, where Melody introduced her to sign language for the first time then set Regina straight.

Toby tells his dad about the gambling debt, but not how much. Jon says Toby has to take responsibility for his actions, so Toby says he will do that and Jon is like, “Go get ‘em tiger!”

What Emmett was trying to tell Bay earlier is that the Vasquezes have a bunch of their things in storage at his house. Emmett dresses as a pirate as a weird form of flirting.

Bay finds her (as in, it was assigned to Daphne) birth certificate. It lists the father as Angelo Sorrento. It means she is only half Puerto Rican. That’s a relief!

It’s nightfall and Toby has to break into the school. Wilkie procured a key card and it works. Toby is in. He just has to get through the web of lasers and the Charlemagne Diamond is his!

Daphne brings her cooking teacher brownies. The interpreter likes them as well. “I’d offer you one,” Daphne says to the kids who made fun of her and are now eyeing the brownies, “but you might catch being deaf.” Burn! No brownies for you!

One of John’s golf partners (the greatest relationship two straight men can share) is a board member for the hospital that was responsible for the switch. John and Kathryn are suing the hospital, but the partner says the hospital has no money and also people will hate him for suing a hospital. John and Kathryn decide to accept the settlement the hospital offered. However, their lawyer informs them that the hospital just withdrew their offer because they have new information they think they can use against the Kennishs. Dun Dun DUN!

The next day at school, Wilkie tells Toby that the school knows a test is missing. He is suddenly acting as nervous as a drug addict. When Bay comes by, he limps away like he is Golam.

Bay looks up the name of her dad. She uses a website called Search Berserk. I knew she knows nothing about computers.

Search Berserk has 45 pictures under its image search and Bay thinks this means she found 45 people with that name.

She sends this text message to Emmett. Text messaging is like the most awesome thing ever to deaf people. Now they can use phones, kind of. What is weird is that the message came to him one line at a time. That is not how a text message works.