Switched at Birth: 1.07 “The Stag Hunt”

Season 1 Episode 7
Airdate: July 18, 2011

Breakfast time. Bay threatens to shave off Toby’s eyebrows if he eats the last lemon square, so Toby meekly offers to share it. Bay says then she will only shave off one of Toby’s eyebrows. Toby surrenders the lemon square. Goddamn it man, grow some balls. Who cares if you don’t have eyebrows? Lemon squares are the best. You’re a Goddamn ginger, you can barely even see your eyebrows anyway.

Kathryn shows off some sign language she learned to Daphne. Kathryn is way too proud of herself right now. Also, she got every word wrong.

An email was sent to the Buckner parents about the stolen chemistry test. The principal is giving the thief 24 hours to come forward and be suspended. When the sun sets on tomorrow evening the penalty becomes EXPULSION. The parents go make out while the girls confront Toby. Bay knows Toby stole the test. Bay and Daphne want him to come forward, but he has faith in Wilkie’s craftiness.

Daphne thinks they should do more to get him to come clean.  Bay disagrees. “What ever Toby did,” says Bay “is done.” Dun dun DUN!

Kathryn’s friend, Denise, stops by and informs her that someone’s daughter was expelled for having a copy of the stolen test. So, a kid who has a copy of the test is expelled, but the thief will only face suspension. They are drinking wine at 9:30 in the morning. Denise was one of Kathryn’s co-stars on The Real Housewives of OKC.

Meanwhile, Regina and Bruce are in a hotel bed after making the love. This is why I don’t like hotels. I don’t want to be confronted with the thought of all the people who must have had sex in that bed over the years. Though I do love hotel breakfast. It is the best part of traveling.

Bay found a website belonging to her father. He works in a club and lives nearby. She shows this to Emmett, who is raring to take her to the club. Daphne walks in. She is surprised to see them together, and mad that Emmett was helping Bay without telling her. Daphne has always believed that her dad abandoned her family because she is deaf.

Later, Bay and Emmett dance to some music that was found with her birth certificate. It is a groovy tune. “Those are animals noises,” Bay explains. That’s a pretty racist way to say a black guy is singing.

Kathryn sees that something is bothering her son. Toby ends up confessing John. Now John is a mad dad!

Daphne goes along with Bay and Emmett on the quest to meet daddy. They knock on the back door of the club and a woman answers. And Bay says something so incredibly awesome:

“Hello, cool sexy bar lady.”

That made me laugh. I’m not sure what Bay was going for there. I assume when she tries to get into clubs, she goes as her male drag persona, Johnny Rouge.

In order to get in, Emmett does random signing because it makes hearing people uncomfortable. It also makes Emmett look like a mentally ill retarded person. The woman lets them in so Emmett doesn’t rape her.

Denise arrives at the Kennish compound to tell Kathryn that her sons also bought the test. Of course they drink lots of wine. OK, so Denise and Bruce are divorced. But Denise tells Kathryn, “Every now and then we like to forget we’re divorced.” They have sex and open up joint checking accounts.

Back at the club, Daphne and Bay see Angelo setting up equipment on stage. It’s daddy! Daphne immediately approaches Angelo and gives him the speech she has been waiting her whole life to give. Daphne totally tears him apart for leaving them and not being strong enough to raise a deaf girl. “Look at me!” Daphne yells when he doesn’t respond.

But what is funny is that Bay has the completely opposite goal. She doesn’t want to scare Angelo away. So she starts talking before Daphne is done with her spiel. “I’m looking for my father I don’t want to yell at you or blame you for everything.” Bay says. “I’m your real daughter.”

But it’s the wrong guy. This Angelo Sorrento says he is gay and never slept with a woman. Because the ABC Family audience couldn’t understand that this was a different Angelo Sorrento otherwise. It turns out this a gay bar. “Seriously, everyone in there was gay?” asks Bay afterward. There were only two people there. Oh, now I get it, that was a “woman” who answered the door.

Daphne says they can’t give up the search, saying, “There can’t be that many Angelo Sorrentos in the world.” Sister, you have no idea how many kids the average Italian woman pops out.

Regina and Bruce are making out. Kathryn told Regina about Denise, but Regina didn’t believe her. Still, she asks Bruce if he is sleeping with his ex-wife, of course expecting it not to be true. “Yes I am,” answers Bruce. “Wait, what?” says Regina. The music actually stops. For real, there was music playing in the background and then it stopped right at this moment. It even made the screech like it was on a record player.

Kathryn is making a margarita in the blender when Regina says she was right about Bruce and broke it off with him. The two women conclude that they are now friends. I mean, they still don’t really like each other, but I don’t think Kathryn actually likes any of her friends.

Toby is not going to get in trouble because Wilkie took the rap. Toby’s debt is cleared and he faces no suspension. He still plans to play poker. And lose all the time. Toby is a stubborn little so-and-so.

Bay asks Regina to help Toby with his gambling addiction. Regina visits Toby while he is laying guitar. I thought he pawned all that. Maybe Wilkie gave him his acoustic back as a rebate. Regina wants him to quit gambling and will arm wrestle him over it. It’s how they settle things on the Eastside. Toby doesn’t want to take that bet (see what I did there!), so Regina tells him about her own trouble with addiction, when Social Services threatened to take Daphne away because she was a dirty drunk. The point is Toby has to hit bottom, so Toby decides to quit gambling because talking to Regina was hitting rock bottom.

John tries to get information from his golfmate who sits on the hospital board. The hospital revoked the settlement they were offering. The golfmate says it is because they have information on Regina. Something BIG. “I’ve said too much already,” he says and drives away. Dun dun DUN!

Emmett tries to tell Bay he likes her. But because Bay doesn’t speak sign language, it becomes another game of charades. Just write her a note. Emmett gives up and just kisses her.

While Regina is gone, Daphne tries to open a mysterious guitar case that was left by her dad. It has a three-digit combination. Daphne tries several three letter words by entering the numbers that correspond to the letters on a touch tone phone. After much trial and error, the combination is revealed to be the number code for B-A-Y!

Daphne is shocked at what she finds. It’s a collection of photographs of Bay throughout her life. Angelo has been following Bay for years! Dun dun DUN!

The First Assistant Director is Brett “No Jibba” Dos Santos. That sounds like the name of a shitty energy drink or a member of LMFAO.

The First Assistant Director is Brett “No Jibba” Dos Santos. That sounds like the name of a shitty energy drink or a member of LMFAO.

Final Thoughts:

This is the first episode of Switched at Birth that wasn’t sort of dumb. The complicated relationship between Bay and Daphne finally arrived at something that is going to be a real conflict between the two of them. I mean, they’ve managed to share each others families pretty well so far. That hasn’t been much of a problem. It fact, it’s become more a positive considering that Bay and even Toby have adopted Regina as a third parent and can talk to her about things they cannot to their Kennish parents. But Bay and Daphne have such radically different feelings toward their “other” dad that I feel it is going to be really interesting when we meet him.

Also, I didn’t mention this in any of my recaps, but Emmett has told Daphne several times that he would never date a hearing girl, because relationships between deaf and hearing people don’t work, so it adds to how shocked Daphne is over his interest in Bay.