Switched at Birth: 1.10 “The Homecoming”

Season 1 Episode 10
Airdate: August 8, 2011

Daphne is in Emmett’s room and sees his wall of photos devoted to Bay. She used to be up there! Emmett has a new stalkee! Daphne thought she was his one and only. Damn it, Daphne, you’ve had eight years to put two and two together and figure out he likes you, but you didn’t and now you have been replaced! Daphne can’t believe he likes Bay because Emmett used to insist he only wanted to be with a deaf girl.

“I changed my stance when she showed me her boob!” he replies.

Bay is part of a student art exhibit at Buckner. “This is a memorial to the brave New York policemen who broke up the Occupy Wall Street protest” “That’s wonderful son. But I have to go to a meeting downtown. We’re discussing a plan to raid the police pension fund.”

Bay sees an olive-skinned man looking at her display. When Bay was rummaging through Angelo’s old car, she found a heart-shaped guitar necklace and is wearing it right now. The man asks why she has his guitar pick. It’s Angelo! He really loves guitar.

Wow, that was a coincidence! Bay’s real dad is here! And so is legal dad. John approaches them and shakes Angelo’s hand, not knowing who he is.

Daphne asks Bay why she didn’t tell her she was seeing Emmett. “You don’t even know him!” says Daphne. “That’s why we’re dating,” explains Bay. When Bay makes the sign for “dating” it appears to be bumping fists together. That’s hilarious!

Bay goes to a restaurant with Angelo, who says he read the article in the paper. He says his heritage is Italian, French and Algerian. “I’m Arab?” says Bay, “cool.” All the rebellious kids are converting to Islam now.

The deaf kids are holding a silent carwash to raise money for Carlton, their school for the deaf named in honor of its patron, Carlton Banks. Daphne and Emmett kiss but then Emmett say no, he likes Bay. girls sure are coming onto Emmett. It’s the motorcycle. Girls love a deaf boy with a motorcycle.

Bay brings Angelo over to dinner. John and Kathryn still know who he is, so Bay tells them and John is like, “Begone, foul knave!” Daphne enters the kitchen and wants to know who this is.

Anyway, the scene ends with Angelo leaving and everyone crying. Regina tries to console Daphne, while Kathryn tries to talk to Bay, telling her daughter that bringing Angelo here was a bad idea. “This isn’t about you,” says Bay. “It’s about me.” (and Daphne, but Bay is never concerned about Daphne). Bay says they can’t stop her seeing Angelo.

The next day, Angelo corners Regina when she leaves work and they talk in a park. Regina thinks Angelo is only back because he learned he has a rich daughter. But Angelo says he left because he thought Regina had an affair. Especially after the DNA test confirmed Daphne was not his. “She was blonde,” says Angelo. “She had blue eyes.” This again? Daphne has red hair. Is it just my TV that’s the problem?

We are back at the car wash again. It is a multi-day affair. Bay and Toby and Wilkie are also there, despite their working ears. Wilkie hits on Daphne, and see what I mean about Daphne not being blonde? Wilkie is, and when they are together, you can clearly see that Daphne is a carrot top. This has been bugging me way more than it should. Seriously, do Latin people just not know what red hair is?

So, Toby’s band has been booked for a festival, a 15 minute set before the Cold War Kids, which sound like it could be a real band. The problem we have with rock music today that all the simple names were taken in the ‘60s: the Animals, the Turtles and so on. Plus, your band’s name also needs to be something that no one has registered the domain name for. So, you end up with long names that are just a bunch of random words strung together. This is how we end up with a band called My Morning Jacket. I guarantee you that is not the name any of them wanted.

Anyway, the festival organizers want Emmett to be a part of this, because a band with a deaf drummer is a hook. Emmett doesn’t want to play another show because Wilkie and Toby are retards (Emmett only sounds like one. It’s a big difference).

Bay, Toby and Wilkie have a conversation, but Emmett can’t keep up. He breaks up with Bay because of this. Their plan to help out at the car wash to convince Emmett to rejoin the band has backfired in a big way!

Angelo has news for John. He says nurse who was working in the maternity ward the day of the switch had been working 48 hours straight. But their lawyer isn’t sure if Angelo is trustworthy and warns John and Kathryn that if they use this information and it turns out Angelo is lying, they can be convicted of perjury and stoned on the river bank, which is a punishment still on the books in Missouri.

Regina is pissed that her boss, Gerardo Rivera, is taking too much of her paycheck, so she wants to open up her own salon. But the bank won’t give her a loan, despite the fact that Regina prepared an impressive multi-page proposal using charts and graphs and even collated it. I spend all day on the computer and I don’t know how to do any of that. I bet I know more free porn sites than Regina, though. The bank man says her credit is terrible and she will need a co-signer.

Anyway, Toby went to Emmett and told him that Bay really likes him. I figure Emmett would already know this, but it’s enough so that Emmett gets back together with Bay and also will join the band. Emmett has never spoken on the show before, but says this to Bay: “I just want you.” He has a very stereotypical rough deaf guy voice, which actually makes it more romantic. I am a totally cynic, but even I totally clasped my hands together and went awww… when I saw this.

The boys leave for their concert. Bay made Emmett a front for his drum kit. Their band is called Guitar Face. What did I tell you about band names these days?

After the boys leave, Daphne tells Bay she knows what she wants. Bay is like, OK but then Daphne says, “I’m not giving up on Emmett.” Bay is confused because she thought Daphne was talking about Angelo. In this scene, Daphne looks like she is willing to kill Bay.

That night, Angelo stops by the Kennish Kompound to talk to Regina. He says he expects money from the lawsuit and will use it to start a new life for Regina and whichever one of the girls they chose. “I want us to be a family the way we’re supposed to be,” he tells her.  “Things are going to be different, I promise you.” No he is lying. People on TV who say that are always liars!!!

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