Switched at Birth: Shortcaps 1.18-1.21 “The Art of Painting”, “Write a Lonely Soldier”, “Game On” & “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”

Here are the four shortcaps of a TV show that doesn’t deserve even that much.

“The Art of Painting”

Season 1 Episode 18
Airdate: February 21, 2012

Emmett tries out a hearing aide for I think the first time ever. Then Olivia’s high-pitched phone that only dogs can hear rings and tortures Emmett. Emett is enrolled in a speech therapy class and Olivia says one shot of whiskey will help him practice speaking. No, she really does. “What is she going to give you for your SATs?” asks Bay “heroin?”

The nurse who was on duty when the Bay and Daphne were born and came forward to help their lawsuit has been fired. She tells Kathryn she sent out 25 applications but no one will give her an interview. An HR person confided that her involvement with the lawsuit has marked her as a stoolie. She tells Kathryn she applied for an ultrasound position somewhere. “But you’re a nurse,” says Kathryn. Is ultrasound a downgrade from nurse? Anyway, the nurse says that she will have to drop out of the lawsuit if she can’t get a job soon.

Kathryn wants to give the nurse some money. But Doogie Howser lawyer advises against this because it could look like a bribe.

So, Emmett has been skipping school ever since he moved in with his dad. He tells Bay he can just get his GED later on. Bay tells Melody this. We then go back to Emmett, who takes several shots of whiskey.

Gallery time! The curator is eager for Bay to see some art, but Bay is being a bitch due to [[her art not being included]]. Though Bay is a bitch about 70% of the time. It’s here default setting. She places a sticker of her motorcycle drawing on a post. Regina is happy to be included among the artists, but the overhears a man and woman talk about how her painting came out of the pain of her daughter being switched at birth, when it was really made years earlier when she was dealing with alcoholism. The woman says the red represents bloodlines. I like that the show is pointing out that you can just make up any random interpretation for a piece of art and it will sound right.

Meanwhile, Daphne and Wilkie have to show some rich Buckner athletic donors around the gym. The deaf school is going to have to cut their girls basketball team, so Daphne tires to hit them up for donations for that. Of course they do not open their wallets. I don’t know if it is because it’s a school for the deaf or girl’s basketball that would make it seem like more of a waste of money to these donors. Daphne explains that she is at Buckner part time here but does academics at Carlton. Daphne seems to be at Buckner all the time, though.

Emmett, his dad and Olivia arrive at the gallery. Melody can smell the alcohol on her son, so she can Emmett’s dad argue using sign language. Melody refers to his home as a “frat house” and he calls her home an “army barracks”. Move back with her or she will go for full custody. Emmett is mad at Bay for talking to his mom.

Regina is mad at the curator for misrepresenting her art. But she forgives him after she sees the check she got.

Kathryn sold their SUV, bought a new sedan, and gave the nurse the difference. John doesn’t like it, but Kathryn shows him that the new car has a touch screen display for Bing, which seems like an incredibly bad idea to have in a car. “You can listen to music on Pandora,” she exclaims, though she had never heard of Pandora until the dealer told her. Kathryn calls the iTunes Store “The Napster”.

This is a weird product placement for Bing. I do remember that around the time this episode aired there were tons of commercials and random product placements for Bing on TV and the web. It’s like Microsoft allotted hundred of millions of dollars for an ad campaign, and wasn’t picky about where the money was spent. They funded, like, 2/3  of the podcasts I listen to for a month.

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