Switched at Birth: Shortcaps 1.24-26 “The Intruder”, “The Shock of Being Seen” & “Tree of Forgiveness”

1.24: “The Intruder”

Season 1 Episodes 24
Airdate: September 10, 2012


Bay sneaks over a fence into a junkyard and snaps a photo of the Partridge family bus.

As per the fight last episode, John is doing the cooking now. Plus, a catcher from the Indians is on his way to breaking John’s record. John is no longer a man.

The newlyweds arrive, much to the surprise of the Kennish-Vasquez Alliance. “This marriage is strictly on paper,” Regina assures everyone. “Nothing is going to change.” Grandma Vasquez is pissed that they are breaking the law. An elderly Hispanic woman is suddenly a defender of strict immigration laws. John and Kathryn are divided. John is fine with it, but Kathryn is all, “As a writer I think it’s a bad idea.”

Bay is the only one who is totally happy. She gives Regina a gift, some obsidian she took from the Galapagos even though she wasn’t supposed to. Bay doesn’t respect anyone’s property. “Which makes it the perfect gift for shame marriage,” Regina jokes.


Regina and Angelo have to be interviewed by an Immigration agent to verify that their marriage is genuine. Regina is worried they will be found out. “We don’t have to make up a story,” Angelo assures her, “because we lived it.” They are interviewed separately, but their answers are in synch because they are able to recall details from when they were a couple years back.

The Immigration agent is concerned, however, that a background check revealed that Angelo applied for an apartment for himself. Angelo claims it for his bitch of a mother-in-law, but the agent replies that the couple will have to be subject to several surprise inspections to make sure they really live together. I know about this from the episode of Rocko’s Modern Life where Rocko had to marry Filburt to stay in the country. Yes, that was an episode. Rocko was awesome like that.

Bay returns to the junkyard and paints her artwork on the bus. Is she going to try to drive the bus out of there?

Angelo and Regina break the news to the Alliance that Angelo will have to live with the Vasquezes in the guesthouse. Kathryn thinks they will get in trouble and seriously—this is the actual quote from the episode—asks, “Didn’t you see the movie Green Card?” At first, I thought of that recent Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds romantic comedy, but that was a different movie. Kathryn meant a 1990 movie with Gérard Depardieu and the L’Oreal woman. The fact that Kathryn can reference forgettable romantic comedies from twenty years ago says a lot about what Kathryn does all day.

Bay and Grandma Vasquez have a scene. Bay is still mad at GV for calling the INS on Angelo. “It’s too late to apologize,” Bay says. But Grandma was not going to and instead says, “I’m sorry you have such a jerk for a dad.” Granny V was there when Angelo abandoned little deaf Daphne and knows he is a scrub.

John and Kathryn fight again. John was cool with the marriage but not Angelo moving in. Kathryn was against the marriage but fine with Angelo moving in. These two dingbats are meant for each other.


Emmett wants to enter his zombie movie for the deaf, Dawn of the Deaf in a horror film festival. Deaf horror is a genre. After Daphne sees if Bay is OK with him being there, Emmett comes over to edit it. He adds a music score. How does Emmett know what horror appropriate music sounds like? For all Emmett knows, he could be putting in “Yakety Sax”.

Also, the boys at school put Simone on a website called Slut Score, because she is ever such the slut. Toby sticks up for her and calls the boys “douches” like he just learned that word. Simone thanks him for defending her. I guess this marks the turn-around where Simon goes from the villain to sympathetic.

Simon was the girl Emmett slept with. So when Toby sees Emmett at his house, he shoves the boy into the driveway. Bay helps Emmett up and makes sure he is OK. The fact that she concerned that Emmett’s skull is not bleeding shows there is still a spark between them.


Daphne is still relegated to washing dishes at work. One of the coworkers drops off a bunch of dishes where Daphne asks not to put them (he didn’t hear the deaf girl—isn’t that ironic?). When she moves them, she ends up breaking them all. Daphne runs off to cry. The chef follows her and is all, “Don’t cry. You have no reason why.” He may put on a hard visage, but he cares about his employees. He says she can call him Jeff or Jeff the Chef—which is the label he puts on his brand of steak sauce. Anyway, Daphne isn’t really upset over the plates. She’s crying because she doesn’t want to share space with Angelo and those broken plates were a metaphor for her world.


Bay returns to the junkyard to see that another graffiti artist has claimed the bus. “What the HELL are you doing?!” Bay yells. Bay only has a sense of property rights when its hers being violated. The girl replies that she was responding to Bay’s art, which is an accepted practice among graffiti folk. This girl paints snakes and goes by the name Medusa. Bay and Medusa have never met before. You’d think the Kansas City graffiti community would have a message board or something to congregate.

Because having Angelo in the guesthouse is upsetting Daphne and Bay was the one who wanted him around, Angelo will move from the guesthouse to the primary house. Oh, OK then.

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