Switched at Birth: Shortcaps 1.11-1.15 “Starry Night”, “The Tempest”, “Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear”, “Les Soeurs d’Estrées” & “Expulsion From the Garden of Eden”

ABC Family typically airs a ten episode “test” season of their new shows in the fall. And, if the series is picked up for a full season, will begin airing episodes 11 through whatever early the next year. They did this with Switched at Birth. Here is the second leg of season 1. Now, I want to get through the first season before the new episodes begin in September. I also don’t want to spend a lot of time on the show since none of you read the reviews anyway. So here are five short recaps all together.

“Starry Night”

Season 1 Episode 11
Airdate: January 3, 2012

Bay is trying to communicate with Emmett over the phone. By that I mean they sign over a video chat. But it’s impossible for Emmett to understand her when she is signing one-handed in front of a shaky phone and can’t sign well anyway. Jesus, just send him a text or IM.

Toby, Emmett and Wilkie are at the festival. Wilkie admits that they are not opening for Cold War Kids, a made up band, like he told them. Instead, they will play a small stage while Arcade Fire, a real band, has a show on the main stage. Aw man, now the only people who will go to see them play are hipsters who liked Arcade Fire up until they won a Grammy. And you don’t want those fans.

I notice that there are a lot less beer cups on the ground than any music festival I have ever been to. Which doesn’t make sense because beer is $7 here, and that is really cheap by music festival standards. Someone says something about a band named Helen Mirren’s Cleavage. God damn my generation, let’s either come up with non-stupid names for our bands or just quit rock n’ roll all together. The problem is all the simple band names were taken in the ‘60s and ‘70s: the Animals, the Who, the Doors…etc. Nirvana was the last band we had with simple one word name (that was an actual real word) and still had to settle with several bands who had taken the name prior to them. I guarantee you that no one in Neutral Milk Hotel likes that name, but stringing together a bunch of random words is all that is left.

John and Kathryn do not want Bay to see Angelo unsupervised, so Regina escorts her. The ladies meet Angelo at a restaurant. “Look at us,” says Angelo. “Family.” Angelo is doing his best to ignore that Daphne exists.

Daphne is very upset about her mom being around Angelo. Kathryn tires to bond with her by renting a horror movie. Daphne likes one horror movie because deaf people made it, so now Kathryn thinks Daphne is a horror movie fan. To Kathryn’s credit, she is in tune with her child’s interests as well as any mother. Daphne decides she would rather drive to the festival.

So Kathryn and John watch the movie. It is a movie that was shown 3-D in the ‘70s, so they wear 3-D glasses. Either they have a brand new and super expensive 3-D capable TV or don’t understand how 3-D works.

Daphne arrives at the festival at night when everyone is camped out in tents. Emmett wakes up to see Daphne staring at him, which is super creepy.

Bay is also at the festival too. I like how the show doesn’t have the budget to create an actual music festival, as a whole crowd of extras cost money. But a bunch of pup tents in a park are cheap!

Kathryn talks to a nurse who claims to have worked 48 hours straight the day of the switch. “You must have had hundreds of patients,” Kathryn says, “how do you remember me?” “Because you called a nurse every two minutes for help to change the channel on the TV. The hospital remote confused you.”

In order to get people to their show, Toby’s band changes their name from Guitar Face to Free Booze. Of course, the crowd is angry when they find out they have been Jewed and boo. Hey, free boos! LOL! The band gets hit when things as they play. Yeah, that crowd is angry about being lied to. As angry as I was that time I went to a Blink-182 show because they lied and said they were a good band. Boy, was I pissed.

Daphne and Wilkie sit on a raft in a lake. This festival has a lot of nature but not a lot of people. Daphne tells him about how her dad returning has upset her and Wilkie pushes her off the raft. But Daphne is fine with it because pushing a girl into a lake counts as a romantic gesture now. But not when I did it to my sister!

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