The 100 Most Intense Moments of Degrassi’s First 10 Seasons (Top 10)

This list is the culmination of having spent my entire adult life watching and reviewing every episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation. And I would have gotten the top 10 to you sooner, but I came down with writer’s block. Well, not so much writer’s block, as depression brought on by questioning why I’ve wasted my life.

10. KC’s Couch

9.11 & 12 “Heart Like Mine”

I didn’t think any moment not featuring the original cast would make it to the top 10, but I surprise me sometimes. KC was the stock at risk youth of the late 2000s Degrassi. The Sean for a new generation. Like Sean, he had a criminal record, anger issues and did not live with his parents. Unlike Sean, he was taller than 5 foot 5.

KC was introduced in season 8. He was part of the gifted program along with Clare, Alli, and Connor. Which made no sense because Alli was clearly retarded. Maybe gifted means in Canada what special needs means in America. KC and Clare took an immediate shine to each other, though KC cheated on her several times in their first two months of dating. In one episode, Alli kissed him for no good reason.

Nothing Alli did ever made any fucking sense. Including kissing KC. How would that relationship work when he was four feet taller than her? Lewis had to break up with Mini-Mimi for that very reason.

In “Touch of Grey”  we learn the truth about KC, that he lives in a group home and once stole a car. He had to be 12 or under at the time he committed that crime, which is pretty fucking awesome. The group home thing was supposed to be some big mystery that was revealed to the viewers, but we hardly ever saw most of the students’ homes or met their parents, so I don’t know why we were expected to wonder about KC’s home life.

Connor visits KC’s home, which is in fact a group home for troubled youths. KC does not want Connor to tell anyone where he lives, so of course, Connor does. KC has anger issues too, and he totally shows the rack of basketballs who is the boss at the tryouts.

In the season 9 episode “Close to Me” KC develops a friendship with his basketball couch. He becomes a sort of surrogate parent to the orphan boy.

The Coach Greets KC

It is Take Your Kid to Work Day for the grade 9 class. KC is in grade 9, but has no parents so he has to spend the time in detention. That is kind of cruel. KC heads off to the gym to shoot basketballs alone and meets the basketball coach, who is surprised to learn that KC is an orphan. KC is on the basketball team but I guess he hasn’t met the coach until now.

This relationship seemed like a good thing at first. KC had a man who cared about him and could keep him on the straight path. However, the couch turned out to be a creepy dude, who wanted to drink booze with him as well as double team prostitutes.

I also think KC and Clare broke up in this episode, but am not certain because he seemed to be dating either Clare or Jenna at different episodes leading up to this one.

After only a few seconds of making out, Couch walks in to “get his wallet.” I think he actually wanted to watch them do it. He just wasn’t sneaky enough. Jenna is creeped out and leaves but KC stays.

Couch is having a brew with KC. I think the label says the beer is called Iron. That is an awesome name for a beer. That name doesn’t mess around, this beer is Iron, bitch! It is long, hard, and made out of metal, just like your dick after you finish drinking one! Iron!KC and Couch get drunk and Couch buys some hotel porn. So far I don’t see any reason why this would be considered out of the ordinary. My wrestling couch use to do this with me all the time .

Couch’s by the hour girlfriend comes by the hotel room. This makes KC feel pretty awkward. Its one thing to have sex with your basketball couch, but bringing a prostitute into the mix is a bit much. Now they’re going to have to wear condoms.

I wonder what’s going on in the ho’s mind. She’s sitting their while Couch tries to convince KC to have sex with her. Now that has got to be awkward. I don’t know why the prostitute would agree to have sex with a 15 year old anyways. That’s like way more illegal then just being a prostitute. If she was a man she would totally go to jail for doing that. KC takes off, leaving the Couch to cover the bill.

Claire asks KC why he isn’t in the gym being everybody’s hero. I think he is going to go hero himself in the bathroom. That or shoot Couch. Either way it’s going to be a damper on the championship game. KC enters the locker room where he has a short confrontation with Couch. KC says he is going to expose the couch for the scumbag he is while Couch smoothly yells “I never touched you with my penis!” That’s not a suspicious thing to yell.

Mrs. Hassafrass and Snake are standing in the gym watching the game when they notice KC coming in. KC tells them something is wrong and hands Mrs. Hassafrass the gun. Well. that’s one in her hat I guess. Raditch couldn’t prevent any shootings. This is the one highlight of her career.

Couch is led away by the police while some band plays. I don’t know who it is but I can tell you who it isn’t, awesome singer songwriter Neil Young.

This was a very good episode because the writers surprised us all by actually building KC up to this moment, by establishing his character in previous episodes enough so that everything he did in this episode was believable. Here is what Johnny wrote in his summary:

KC is fitting prey for a predator. Previous episodes show that he suffers an identity problem due to his situation in life. Its not far fetched to believe he would seek the attention of his basketball couch. This is why he keeps going back to him despite the initial rape. KC is torn between having somebody in life who is older showing love towards him (even in such a twisted way) and the act which disgusts him. The combination of confusion, revulsion, and betrayal logically brings KC to steal his couch’s gun and I was seriously anticipating the ending.

9. Manny’s Thong

3.03 “U Got the Look”

This was Manny’s first proper episode.  Other than a date with Craig in season 2, she spent the first two seasons as Emma’s shadow. Usually, whatever Manny did or said was reacting to something Emma did. Even the season 1 episode where she joined the cheer team and finally had lines, she was sort of pushed aside to focus on Emma’s dumb crusade against cheerleading.

It was this episode that Manny finally came into her own. She shed her little girl image by dressing skanky. This would be the Manny we would know for the rest of the series: sort of a stupid version of Paige.



Fun Fact: Cassie Steele was 13 when this episode was filmed.

8. Manny’s Boobs = Big Trouble

5.01 “Venus” Part 1

Oh Manny, you can’t do anything right. The fifth season began with the young Santos wanting to get breast implants. Yes, she already has big breasts for a girl her size, but keep in mind that Manny is functionally retarded. The desire for implants came from Manny’s dream of being an actress and thinking that bigger boobs would make up for her mediocre acting skills. OK, that’s true in Hollywood, but she also seemed to want them because she was jealous of Emma. I didn’t understand that either, but keep in mind that Manny is functionally retarded.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty two Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty two

OH MY GOD MANNY WATCH OUT FOR THAT BUS! On the way home, Manny is almost run over by a bus.

The bus had a advertisement for a plastic surgeon. Manny has no sales resistance, so she instantly heads off to the plastic surgeon’s office.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty two

The plastic surgeon suggests Manny get a boob job, and Manny is all like, “Sweet, I’ll go for it.” God damn it Manny, no. Your breasts are just fine. I like big tits as much as the next pervert, but you are a short girl.

Manny may have made it out of this episode relatively OK, but she had the misfortune of running into Peter Stone, the most dastardly villain in Degrassi history. Peter is able to manipulate relatively smart girls into dating him, so imagine what he could get an idiot like Manny to do.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty two

Manny drinks liquor at the bar. Eventually, the party wind downs and Peter approaches Manny, because everyone else has left six hours ago and Peter needs to get Manny out so he can lock up.

Degrassi The Next Generation episode eighty two

Peter takes Manny to another room, where drunk, Manny takes off her shirt while Peter has his camera on. Hot damn Peter is cool.

That was part 1. Part 2 had Peter emailing the video to the entire school and Manny’s father kicking her out of the house. Manny’s father is horrible. Every immigrant we’ve ever had on Degrassi has been horrible. Stefan Brogren hates immigrants.

What was crazy about this episode is that Manny was not kicked out for the boob video. Her parents didn’t even find out about that. It was for visiting the plastic surgeon. So, even if Peter had not been around to ruin her school life, Manny would still have wound up homeless. That is how much Manny wrecks herself.

Have a video camera? Well Manny is going to get naked for you; all it takes is a couple of wine coolers.

– Bangability: Which Degrassi Character Would Be the Best to Sleep With?

7. Paige is Raped

2.07 “Shout” Part 1

This was the first real serious moment of Degrassi. I mean, the episode where Ashley did drugs was a season earlier, and the episode where Craig’s dad beats him was this season’s premiere, but those were more funny than serious as far as I am concerned.

I like how even though Paige still feels dirty from her rape, she still wears shirts that expose her belly. Though, with Paige, I doubt she owns any shirts that don’t expose her belly.

In the US, this aired as a three episode event, even though it was supposed to be a two-parter, with the third episode airing towards the end of the season. The time jump screwed up our understanding of the story, not that the-N would care. And describing anything on Degrassi as a “story” is being kind.

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