The Babes of Degrassi Junior High

Get to know all the babes of Degrassi Junior High!

24. Dorothy
Babeness rating: DQ

Like Scooter and Bartholomew Bond, Dorothy is disqualified according to height requirements. This munchkin is Arthur’s obnoxious younger cousin whose sole purpose is to fulfill DJH’s token fuzzy-haired Leprechaun quota. She is shaped like a potato and is about as sexy as one too.

23. Tessa Campanelli
Babeness rating: DQ

Tessa is also disqualified according to height requirements. IMDb says she’s in 11 episodes of Degrassi Junior High, but I only remember her being in the last episode when she and Scooter accidently burn down the school during the graduation dance and nobody believes them because they are idiot 6th graders.

22. Nancy “The Fat Girl” Kramer
Babeness rating: F—

Nancy is the obnoxious school president who could stand to wear a little less spandex. In season 3, Nancy bends over too far and accidently creates a butt vortex which sucks in Stephanie Kaye. Everyone said she went to study in France, but now you know the embarassing truth. I think if Nancy were never on this show, nobody would miss her. She runs the school newspaper but obviously doesn’t do a very good job at it–she lets anyone publish anything they want, so long as the article has 200 words. If you happen to only have 199 words, she will wad you up and stuff you into her belly button.

21. Diana “Ugly Betty” Economopoulos
Babeness rating: F-

I was pretty sure this was Ugly Betty for a while but I checked the credits and this is the ridiculous name they came up for this poor chick. Since she has such a stupid last name, I will continue calling her Ugly Betty. Anyway, Ugly Betty does jack squat on the show except be ugly. You can find her standing outside of the dance where Joey ignores Caitlin, being a reject. At best, she is an extra who is given speaking roles from time to time. At worst, she is Ugly Betty.

20. Trudi “Creature from the Black Lagoon” Owens
Babeness rating: F

I thought this creature was an uncredited extra but apparently its name is Trudi. I kind of feel sorry for her because I think maybe someone backstage gave her that hair-do as a prank. Trudi has a pretty manly voice and physique, but because she appears in fewer episodes than Nancy, I gave her an F.

19. Lorraine “L.D.” Delacorte
Babeness rating: F

L.D. missed out the day they talked about hygiene during health class. I’d like to think that she was at speech therapy, but unfortunately her listthp haunts her for the rest of the seriesthh. Lucy takes L.D. under her wing and gives her a make-over in one episode, but L.D. finds that being neat and sanitary is not her thing. When L.D.’s auto-mechanic father goes to the hospital for his heart problems, out comes L.D.’s irrational fear of hospitals, because her mother died when she was young. L.D. has virtually no interest in boys, which coincides with her abstinence from good hygiene.

18. Small Ethnic Girl
Babeness rating: F

I tried my hardest, I really did. I could not find this girl’s name anywhere. They never say her name during the show but she basically plays a slave/sidekick to the other characters. I nearly DQ’d her for the height requirement rule I made up to exclude the moronic younger characters, but Small Ethnic Girl doesn’t do anything particularly offensive. You can usually find her helping Kathleen with her robe in theater class, listening to Melanie gab about Dr. Sally, or hanging out with Ugly Betty, Trudi, and the rest of the unnamed rejects.

17. Voula Grivogiannis
Babeness rating: F+

There are way too many Greek-sounding characters on this show. Seriously, are Greek Canadians that big of a majority? Why aren’t there any French Canadians on the show? Anyway, Voula ditches Degrassi within the first season, but before that, she can be seen being ditched by Stephanie. She acts as Steph’s campaign manager for school president but gets jealous because she doesn’t get any credit (and also didn’t get a free kiss). Later, her parents pull her out of school after Voula shoplifts with Lucy. Voula parties like it’s 1899 with her giganto-glasses and Quaker morals.

16. Melanie Brodie
Babeness rating: D-

Melanie wouldn’t be so far down on my list if it weren’t for her razor-sharp metal mouth. When she speaks, all I hear is saliva noises. She gets teased for being flat-chested in “The Great Race,” but this doesn’t bother Yick, who has a masochistic, unrequited crush on her. Melanie dresses like a Girl Scout, which doesn’t help her chances at love with the older Snake, who she crushes on for several years. She is pretty much your stereotypical, underconfident middle school girl, who is a little over-interested in listening Dr. Sally’s sex show for underconfident teens and calling Kathleen a prude.

15. Faith
Babeness rating: D-

I don’t know why I even included Faith; she’s only in one episode. She is Bordem High’s horoscope guru. When Erica becomes interested in Clutch, she goes to Faith for advice. Faith wears stars on her shirt and big, hideous moon earrings because she is into astrology. She also has some kind of fake teardrop tattoo thing on the right side of her face because she is a stupid goth. But alas, she is friends with Clutch, so she must have some likable quality to her. Thus, D-.

14. Trish Skye
Babeness rating: D

Trish is a reject from The Kids of Degrassi Street who made it over to DJH as an extra. In this series, she basically has about one line every season. She’s usually seen around Nancy, Tim, and some other rejects in the journalism room. When she reveals that her dad works for a make-up company, Melanie tries to score a free discount, but Trish shuts her down. Trish is kind of short but that side-ponytail of hers is kind of adorable.

13. Susie Rivera
Babeness rating: D+

Susie is basically the younger, less sassy version of Lucy. Whereas Lucy pretty much rules the upperclassmen, Susie is only Caitlin’s sidekick. Any time Caitlin does something stupid, Susie is there to give her some sass. But not that much sass. Susie also succumbs to the pedo-powers of Mr. Colby and later joins up with Lucy to turn him in to the principal. Sista power! Unfortunately Susie is a bit of a homophobe when Caitlin reveals her lesbian crush on Ms. Avery. Besides that, her only other crime is being the real-life sister of the actor who played Scooter. I guess only one of their parents was a midget.

12. Heather Farrell
Babeness rating: C-

Yeah, I know she and Erica are identical twins. But Heather is definitely the uglier one. They both sport the same curly hair and polka dots, but Heather is the party-pooper of the two. She definitely has some funny tooth thing going on too. She is usually the character who delivers the PSA-type dialogue to the other characters because she is the studious, losery twin. Erica rightly calls her boring and immature in just about every episode, but Heather is the more logical twin so the two stay side by side for the whole series. Heather helps her sister when she is trying to get with Clutch by pretending to be Erica. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

11. Kathleen “The Prude” Mead
Babeness rating: C

Kathleen is kind of a spoilsport old hag, but you’ve got to hand it to her: she’s got a pretty crappy life. Her mother is an alcoholic, she has an eating disorder, and her best friend is Melanie. How could it get any worse? Well, simply put, by having an abrasive personality and zero tolerance for anything remotely fun. Still though, somebody’s got to be the prude. She is an insufferable killjoy but she gets the luck of handling some of the heaviest plotlines. Her gossip is painful but mostly funny (“Is epilepsy contagious?”) and she and Rick have a romantic moment for about 5 minutes, so she must have something going for her.

10. Maya “Wheelchair Girl” Goldberg
Babeness rating: C

Maya may not be the best-lookin’ babe at Degrassi Junior High, but she sure is the fastest. In tough situations, she just whizzes off in her power chair, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. You can see her zipping around in the background in seasons 2 and 3 (in the first season, Wheelchair Girl is played by another actress), sometimes with a bright orange flag hoisted on top of her chair like a mast.

9. Caitlin Ryan
Babeness rating: C+

Caitlin is your average, upper/middle-class kid whose parents are both teachers. She is portrayed as a studious and smart journalist-wannabe but is actually really out of touch with the rest of her peers. When she has her fling with Rick, he eventually dumps her because she treats him like a social work case. And she writes an article against animal testing without realizing that her epilepsy meds were tested on animals. Oops. So she’s a little ignorant, but that doesn’t stop the ever-ignorant Joey from asking her out. I guess she is kind of pretty, but really, she could stand to lose all those goofy headbands.

8. Christine “Spike” Nelson
Babeness rating: C+

Spike is probably the worst actress on the show, but whatever. She is Degrassi’s resident sex expert since she and Shane “did it” one time in 8th grade. Unfortunately, that one time was enough for Shane to impregnate her. Spike ends up being the show’s token pregnant girl so all of her plot lines surround her pregnancy. Her episodes are a little on the boring side but she earns this spot for being DJH’s top hootchie mama. Plus I bet it takes her a really long time to get her hair to stick up like that.

7. Alexa Pappadopoulos
Babeness rating: B-

Alexa and Simon act as one babealicious duo after Stephanie lets Alexa borrow her skank clothes. Alexa’s mom wouldn’t let her wear the clothes, basically calling Stephanie a “woman of the night,” but this didn’t stop Simon, “The Dude,” from liking her. The two break up approximately every 2.5 minutes, but are mostly inseperable, except when Alexa hits on BLT saying, “I like muscles.” Anyway, Alexa plays the foil to the smart but shy Michelle as the outgoing, lovable idiot of Degrassi.

6. Amy Holmes and Alison Hunter
Babeness rating: B

They aren’t twins like Erica and Heather but they are pretty much identical anyway. I don’t know which one is which and I don’t care to find out, because they are primarily just upperclassmen eye candy. One of them has a crush on Snake. That is all.

5. Michelle Accette
Babeness rating: B+

Michelle starts out prudish and bashful but gains confidence when she gives a speech about her shyness in Mr. Raditch’s class (that doesn’t make sense to me either). She hits it off with BLT in 9th grade but her parents are blatant racists. She usually hangs out with the popular Alexa and is the smarter, sweeter girl of the two.

4. Erica Farrell
Babeness rating: B+

Everyone who is a Degrassi fan has a favorite Farrell twin. That favorite twin is always Erica. Erica is the better twin because she doesn’t spew motivational-poster-type dialogue and makes out with a random dude at the school dance. She gives great advice, such as “you can’t get pregnant the first time you do it.” Erica is constantly held back by her prude sister, Heather, who convinces her that she contracted mono after the makeout session with said dude. Luckily for us, it turns out to be tonsilitis, so Erica is still open for business.

3. Liz O’Rourke
Babeness rating: A-

We first meet Liz when she transfers from another school and everybody at Degrassi shoots her weird glares because apparently she is “easy.” That’s what Joey thinks, anyway, so he asks her if she wants to “do it.” Of course she doesn’t want to do it, especially with Joey, because she is a punk rock man-eater. Liz is an awesome, angry protester who befriends Spike and rejects Joey’s advances on multiple occasions, so naturally she gets a spot at the top of this list. The only thing that bothers me about her is that she’s a little bald.

2. Lucy Fernandez
Babeness rating: A

Lucy is an all-star at Degrassi. She’s smart, well-dressed, and sassy. Her parents are inattentive to her so she often throws wild middle school parties (i.e. the one where Spike got pregnant). Her sassiness merits the attention of Mr. Colby, the pedophilic substitute teacher, as well as the hunky 11th grader, Paul. Lucy and Paul date for a while but she calls it off when Paul pressures her to pork him. She dumps Paul for Clutch, the long-haired stud, and the two are the best-looking couple on the planet for a while until Clutch becomes an alcoholic.

1. “Stephanie Kaye” Kobalewsky
Babeness rating: A+

Queen bee Steph captures the attention of all the boys when she runs for school president under the slogan “All the way with Stephanie Kaye!” Every day before school she transforms into a skank in the girls’ bathroom. Later she scores a date with studmuffin Wheels because of her “lady of the night” attire, but her mom prevents the two from gettin’ it on. She is arguably the “main character” of the first two seasons because most of the plots revolve around her, but she disappears after depression hits her from growing up too fast. I would loved to have seen her character continue, but alas, Stephanie Kaye is too cool for school and is shipped off to France.