The Glee Project: 102 “Theatricality”

Season 1 Episode 2
Airdate: June 19, 2011

The kids enter the Combat Arena and see that “Lady Gaga” written on the wall. They all get really excited over her because they are too young too know who Madonna is.

There is some reality show drama as Emily calls Lindsay a phony, and Lindsay is annoying.

Robert Ulrich enters and tells the kid that they will have another special guest. Matheus wonders, “Who’s it going to be, another Glee person?” Nope, it’s Ed Schultz.

Glee Project 101

Actually, it’s Idina Menzel, who plays Rachel’s mother. The kids have to each sing a line from “Bad Romance” and Ida selects Alex as the winner. I think this means he will be safe from elimination. I didn’t hear anyone state that this is the case, but that’s how most reality shows do it.

The group challenge today is to perform in a video for that one Twisted Sister song. I don’t recall the name of it, but they only have one song so I’ll just refer to it as “The Twisted Sister Song.” I guarantee that most people will know what I mean. In the video, the kids will play high schoolers who fantasize about being rock stars.

The kids head to the choreographer, who once again is frustrated by the fact that none of them can dance, let alone in unison. The choreographer tells them he will not be at the video shoot tomorrow because he hates them all and will be in his apartment drinking.

Glee Project 101

Then we go to the video shoot. Robert says, “One of the most popular aspects of Glee are the big musical numbers.” Well, yes. That’s the only reason people watch Glee, really. That and Brittana. It’s not like anyone would sit through 45 minutes of Glee‘s dialogue and plot holes if it wasn’t broken up with a song every ten minutes.

Glee Project 101

Samuel thinks he looks boss with his keytar. He would be correct.

Glee Project 101

Ellis is going to kiss a boy in the video. This is her first kiss, actually. Ellis confesses to us that she has never been kissed before. The only people who ever want to are 40-year-old men who own windowless vans.

Alex is going to have a scene where a bunch of guys growl at him because his is a homo-gay. Alex talks about how hard it has been as an out homo-gay while still in high school. None of the other gay black dudes have bothered to tell him about the Down Low.

Glee Project 101

With the video done, the three most adorable contestants find themselves up for elimination: Matheus, Ellis, and McLuglug. They are given their song assignments and proceed to their dressing rooms to rehearse.

In his dressing room, Matheus notices he still has a lipstick mark on his neck from the video, but decides to leave it on. “Maybe Ryan would think it’s funny,” he tells us. I doubt Ryan will get it.

Matheus has to sing “Give You Hell” by The All-American Rejects. It’s funny, I always mis-hear the chorus “Hope it gives you hell” as “Opie gives you hell”. Like it’s a Andy Griffith reference.

McLalalynn’s singing impresses the judges the most, but Ryan Murphy, who was inspired to create Glee after watching Dora the Explorer, tells the young lady that he feels he knows the least about her out of all the contestants, and still is not sure how he could write a character for her. Maybe that is Ryan’s fault, not her’s. The only black person on Glee is Mercedes, and Ryan still doesn’t know how to write for her. Mercedes gets one story each season and it’s always about how much she loves food.

Glee Project 101

Despite the criticism of McLeloola, Ellis is eliminated and breaks down in tears. She looks so sad when she cries. I want to buy her ice cream and take her to the petting zoo to make her feel better.