The Glee Project: 103 “Vulnerability”

Season 1 Episode 3
Airdate: June 26, 2011

This episode begins with a voice-over (the same voice who brings us up to speed at the beginning of every Glee episode) recapping the contestant drama and bickering that has been going on, but we haven’t actually gotten to see in either of the previous episodes. The editing on this show is really horrible.

Emily tells us how weird it feels for her to be the oldest contestant. She is only 22, but everyone else is 18 or 19, and anyone who has been a college senior but found themselves around freshmen knows how unsettling that age gulf can be. You know how that would happen, either because you waited til your final year to take that 101 requirement, like me, or are using the fact that you are the only person old enough to buy alcohol to your advantage to finally be the cool person in a group (I have also done this).

glee project 103

The guest judge this episode is Dot-Marie Jones, who plays the coach. The kids have to sing a line from a Pink song. I don’t know which Pink song it is, not that it matters. I can just tell it’s not one of the ones where she says she is not Britney Spears. You see, Pink is nothing like Britney, and she wants you all to know that. You see, Britney Spears is totally pop and Pink is rock…in her mind at least.

Jones picks Matheus as the winner, which means he will get extra time to rehearse with her. Dot-Marie Jones isn’t a singer or dancer, so I don’t know how much that will help.

glee project 103

The group number is “Mad World” from that 80’s band who licensed the song to Donnie Darko. The kids will have to select a word that describes something they are insecure about.

Back at the contestant lounge place, Lindsay annoys the others by talking for a real long time. “Sometimes I feel like going up and putting a sock in her mouth,” Damian says about her. I like how the other contestants despise Lindsay as much as the other Glee kids despise Rachel.

glee project 103

Moving on to the video shoot, the kids will have to wear signs with their insecurity word and walk Universal CityWalk. This is supposed to be embarrassing for the kids, but they are being filmed and I think anyone just hanging around Universal Studios would expect that.

Matheus’s sign reads “small”.

McLindaO’Leary’s insecurity is her ethnicity. Yeah, I would feel ashamed if I was black too.

Damian’s word is “numb” because he doesn’t know how to love a girl, only blow her up like she was a British police station.

Emily’s word is “used” because music producers used her sexually. It kind of sucks that she didn’t even get a career out of it.

Lindsay can’t even come up with a word. She selects “fake” because everything thinks she is too pretty and prefect. No, seriously that was her reasoning. “I’m just a trophy,” she whines. God damn it is she ever Rachel Berry.

glee project 103

Cameron’s word is “misunderstood”. As he explains it, people don’t dress like him in Texas. And also he is a Christian and he never wanted to be a part of the popular scene. He says he is an outcast.

Wait…is he an outcast because he dresses like a hipster or because he is Christian and none of his classmates are? I would have thought that the Christians would be the popular scene down there. It’s hard to tell what Cameron meant. The editing on this show is atrocious.

Robert and the director don’t think Cameron is giving a good performance. The problem, as they see it, is that is he is comfortable with himself and well-adjusted. Oh, no, he’s comfortable with himself! That won’t fly here! He needs to cry at least twice!

Alex sign reads “gay” because he is. Seeing Alex bravely walk around West Hollywood with that sign inspires Marissa to change her sign. Instead of her insecurity being “flawed” she changes it to “Jew”.

glee project 103

Ha ha. No, her sign is “anorexic”.

glee project 103

This is at least not any more degrading than any other reality TV show.

glee project 103

Thank you Glee, now I know I m not a lone.

It is almost im-fucking-possible to mock Glee when the show does it plenty itself. I mean, the episode where the glee club sang “Imagine” with deaf kids could have come out of a dumb SNL parody of the show.

Cameron, Damian and Emily are up for elimination. Cameron is given an Elton John song, Damian gets Elvis, and Emily is assigned a Bruno Mars song, because Glee has a hard on for Bruno Mars. Seriously, I had never even heard of this flake until Glee.

glee project 103

Cameron sings really well, but that is not enough for Ryan Murphy.

glee project 103

Ryan calls Cameron “the coolest cat we’ve seen” but does not like the fact that he is wearing a suit. Ryan wants him to look like he did in his casting photo. Cameron has the same hair and glasses, but Ryan is still critical, saying:

“I don’t know if you fit on the show when the show is really about underdogs. You look like a Paul Smith model.”

What the hell does Ryan Murphy think the kids on Glee look like? Every member of the main cast could be a model.

glee model

This is when I thought back to something I noticed early about this group of contestants. Not one of the twelve is blonde. Now, I’m not blonde either, but being from the Upper Midwest–the home of Scandihoovians–it’s sort of odd to see a group of people without a few banana tops.

I think the reason is that Ryan Murphy didn’t want any blondes in this contest. He doesn’t think that a blonde girl could ever be an underdog (the equivalent for a boy would be someone who wears a suit–Ryan Murphy logic). This would explain why brunette Rachel is unpopular and always insecure next to blonde and popular Quinn, even though Lea Michele is incredibly attractive.

Anyway, Ryan makes Cameron change out of the suit and do the song over. Robert and the choreographer think he is being stupid, and they would be correct. But in Ryan Murphy’s mind, I am sure they are calling him a genius.

glee project 103

Cameron comes back and sings the song the same as before, but now he is in a jeans and cardigan. Ryan Murphy loves it.

Now onto Damian. He sings amazingly, but Ryan is concerned about writing for him because, as Ryan says, “he’s the most caricature.” What? OK, Murphy is an Irish name, but I’m still certain Ryan Murphy is worried that he couldn’t make a character out of Damian that isn’t a total Irish stereotype. What am I going to do with Damian? The only character I could create for him would have to be a leprechaun. And that might be offensive to real leprechauns.

Now on to Emily. She gets eliminated.