The Glee Project: 106 “Tenacious D”

Season 1 Episode 6
Airdate: July 24, 2011

I missed the first five minutes because I was getting a drink/did not want to watch The Glee Project anymore. I don’t feel like watching the part I missed in a rerun or online, so we’ll just skip to what I did see.

glee project 6

The guy who plays Karofsky is the guest judge and he selects Marissa as the winner of the song I did not hear. Marissa is glad she won because, as she says, “It means I’m being Tenacious D.”

Cameron laments that he has yet to win an opening challenge. Does it matter? I don’t know if it counts toward anything other than getting some extra rehearsal time with the guest judge, which may not even be helpful in this case since I don’t know if guy who plays Karofsky can even sing.

The song today will be a mash-up of “Under Pressure” and “Ice Ice Baby”. So, it will be “Under Pressure” with rapping thrown in? If we went back to my teenage self, who had fallen in love with David Bowie after discovering his/her music and played a vinyl copy of Ziggy Stardust on my dad’s record player in the living room whenever I had the house to myself, I would be deeply upset by this mash-up, and probably write an angsty screed on my Livejournal. However, my 20-something self–who has seen my country jump into three wars half-assed, while the government debates whether they should crash the economy, AND there has been a mass shooting in my second least favorite Nordic country–is jaded with the world and doesn’t care and is surprised to find that Livejournal still exists.

glee project 6

The kids will be getting slusheed in the video. With real slushees too! I did not know the slushees were real on Glee. I would have assumed they’d be fake since they are really cold and messy and Chris Cofler is too pretty to be sullied in such a manner.

At dance practice, the choreography guy is gone. Instead, the lady who is his second in command is showing the kids the steps. I bet he told Ryan Murphy he’d quit Glee “if I have to spend one more minute with these fucking shit fuckers.”

Then we move on to the recording, which I didn’t watch. The Wire plays on DirecTV’s in house channel at the same hour and I was flipping back to it during commercials and then stayed there because I would much rather watch an episode of The Wire I had seen 8-10 times already than a new episode of this poopfest.

glee project 6

When I flipped back, two guys were throwing slushees at Marissa over and over again, which I found kind of abusive.

glee project 6

Each contestant has to get slushees thrown at them. Except Cameron, who gets sprayed from a hose when he opens a locker. Cameron can’t take it and the production team has to cut. Robert does not think much of Cameron, because every other contestant was able to stand the cold. In Cameron’s defense, none of them were getting a continuous stream of freezing cold water on their face and neck. I don’t think they were even hitting him with slushee. I think they just opened the valve to an exposed plumbing pipe in the wall.

Also, as you can see in the screencap, they were throwing a bucket full of slushee on him when everyone else got a cup.

Forget not being able to stand cold water, how about you get rid of Cameron because he wets his diaper if he kisses a girl?

I watched The Wire a little bit more and came back to see Alex, Cameron and Marissa in the bottom 3. So winning the opening challenge doesn’t protect you from elimination.

glee project 6

Alex sings a song from Dreamgirls while wearing a dress, because Ryan Murphy wanted to see him dressed as Amy Winehouse last week. Man, I’m not going to say nothing, it’s too soon. I think Alex has discovered that he can stay in this contest as long as dresses as a girl. From what we’ve learned about the mind of Ryan Murphy, he would be correct.

glee project 6

Then Marissa sings, but I flipped back to The Wire and watched the rest of that episode instead. It was right when Omar had a gun to the back of Slim’s head, and Omar, man, Omar. Wikipedia says that Marissa was eliminated, which is dumb because she was a good singer and had pretty vibrant stage presence. It looks like we’ve entered the middle phase of a typical reality TV contest. The weakest contestants left early, so instead of eliminating the person who did worst that week, they are going to get rid of the one who hasn’t created any drama. Looks like Alex and Cameron will make it to the final episode.