The Glee Project: 2.07 “Theatricality”

Season 2 Episode 7
Airdate: July 17, 2012

Blake and Michael have become best friends but don’t know how to maintain their relationship while they are competing and also both like to be the top. Ali says things are “quiet” without Charlie. Robert says the theme is Theatricality. Lily says Theatricality “is something I embody all the time.” I think she embodies a lot ha ha ha! Robert announces the guest mentor is “one of Glee’s hottest new stars” but it’s actually the guy who played Sebastian and had speaking lines in a whopping 4 episodes. Anyway, Ali is deemed to have sang the Chorus Line song the best.

The big song is “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls. A timeless song by timeless artists. The premise of the video will have the kids play grocery store clerks who fantasize about becoming specific pop artists. They are:

Abraham is David Bowie.
Ali is Katy Perry if she was in a car accident.
Aylin is Madonna. Which Aylin is giddy about.
Blake is Boy George. Blake says he doesn’t want to go “the stereotypical way of playing a gay man.” “I have a homosexual brother,” he explains, “so I know it’s not all about being sassy.” Too bad he needs to be like George Michael, who is a living embodiment of every flaming gay stereotype.
Lily is Cindy Lauper if she let herself go.
Michael is Elvis.
Nellie is Britney Spears, because the idiot judges are not going to back off trying to force her to be the sexy one on this show.
Shanna is Lady Gaga. She was forced to wear a dress made out of meat for five hours. Shanna was able to resist vomiting, which kind of pisses off the judges because they were expecting that kind of footage.

In choreography, Zack tries to explain the dance moves as “poses” the kids just need to remember. He long ago gave up the idea he could teach any of these kids how to actually dance.

In the recording studio, Michael doesn’t do well, which is typical, and Nikki tries to ask if Abraham is “androgynous” and is pissed that he doesn’t want to answer.

The video shoot goes well, unlike most times. Ali is deemed to have been the best. Shanna, Blake, and Aylin are also called back. Michael is the fourth worst.


Bottom 3:

Nellie sings the one Melissa Etheridge people still remember. She is here because the judges are mad at her for never acting sexy. Nellie is clearly uncomfortable with always being singled out for that role. The judges should stop trying to force that on her and find someone else. Aylin seems like she would jump at it. Nellie cries and asks, “Why do you guys keep doing this to me?” She cried, which the judges like, but also questioned their dumb ideas, which they most certainly DO NOT like.

Abraham sings “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes, which is a band the E! Channel keeps pushing for some weird reason. Abraham is here because he wouldn’t give Nikki a yes answer when she asked if he was “androgynous”. Abe again explains that he was bullied for being gay and effeminate in school so doesn’t like to dwell on a term like that. The judges don’t care. Abraham is going to refer to himself as androgynous whether he wants to or not. Glee is all about helping gay youth GODDAMNIT!!!!

Lily sings “Someone Like You” by Adele. She is here because the judges felt they couldn’t find Cindy Lauper in her (blubber). If they wanted an artist Lily could look like, they should have made her the fat girl from Wilson Phillips. Lily cries about being fat.

Nellie was the one who cried the least, so she is eliminated.

Anyway, this recap was pretty short. So here is my second chart sorting out with contestant could replace which Glee character. Here is the one for the first season.

This Contestant

Could be the Next

Abraham Kurt
Ali Quinn (for a couple of weeks)
Aylin Artie
Blake Puck
Charlie Brittany
Dani Santana
Lily Lauren
Mario Mercedes’ Ex-Boyfriend, Warren Sapp
Maxfield Sam
Michael Mike
Nellie Tina
Taryn Jane Addams Academy
Tyler Will
Shanna Rachel