The Glee Project: 2.08 “Tenacious D”

Season 2 Episode 8
Airdate: July 24, 2012

The kiddies hang out in the playpen as they wait for the next competition to begin. Aylin says she can’t wait for the next song. With her makeout buddy gone, Aylin can actually focus on the game. “Throughout this completion I’ve grown so much,” says Lily. Ha ha “grown so much”. You know I laughed so hard.

Robert enters and announces the theme is Tenacious D, then asks the contestants what that means to them.

“It’s when you’re with your bro,” says Blake, “and there’s a hot sexy lady at the dojo, but you’d don’t abandon your bro to go sex her up. Instead, you double team her.”

“And you fuck her gently,” continues Michael, “but then you have to fuck her hard at the end.”

“It’s taking on City Hall,” says Shanna.

“It’s Sasquatch,” says Ali. “Sasquatch is real.”

“It’s fighting demons,” says Lily, “with the best song in the world.”

“It’s Dio!” shouts Aylin while waving her arms. “Ronnie James Dio!

“And Wonderboy,” says Abraham as he places a fez on his head. “He has mind bullets.”

“You’re all correct,” says Robert. “I have never been proud of any of you, until right now. That was beautiful. Come over here and give me a hug! NOW GODDAMNIT!”

The homework song is “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. Abraham says being a survivor applies to him because, “I was supposed to be a lawyer before I gave it up to be a performer.” What? Never mind that doesn’t make him a survivor in any way. How old is he? People typically start law school at 23, or 22 at the youngest. And Community taught me that you have to graduate college first.  He could still go be a lawyer. He has plenty of time to take the LSATs and get into law school and start a career pretty young if he chose to. Shanna says she is a survivor because her mom did drugs when she was little. This is the first time that one of the contestants has said a song applies to them and it really, actually has applied to them.

The guest judge is Amber Riley, who plays the food loving Mercedes. Amber is here after having suffered several recent “stress fractures” on her feet do to dancing in heels for Glee. I think stress fractures are what stunt doubles and football players get. Damn, Congress is looking into more safety regulations for football. They should look into regulating Glee. Amber picks Ali as the winner, her second homework win in a row.

Amber then says the big group number is “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Oh, hey, the homework songs is called “Survivor” and so is the band who recorded the big group number! Clever, Glee Project.  Robert says the video will be a sequence of stunts that must be completed perfectly in one shot, or everyone will have to start over from the beginning. Abraham tells us he will “hate the bitch who keeps messing up.” Abraham has gotten even gayer.

Over to recording. “I love working with Blake,” Nikki tells us. “He’s the one to beat, for the guys.” She is not just talking about his singing abilities. Hormones can make a pregnant woman really horny. But next is Michael, who pretty much always does poorly with Nikki. She advises him to pretend to hold boxing gloves, because why the hell not? “Blake was able to hit it,” Nikki tells Michael (I am sure he loved to hear that) and then tells him to go “just hard to the end.” Yeah, she wishes Blake would hit it hard to the end!


Now to the video shoot, which takes place in a school gym. Here is the elaborate routine that must be done perfectly in one take:

Blake will run up the bleachers then pass a basketball to Michael, who holds it as he jumps through a tire hoop. Then Abraham will run through twelve tires. Aylin will jump over three hurdles and pass a baseball to Lily, who will then throw it to Ali, who will hit it with a bat. Then Shanna will hold Blake’s legs and steer him like a wheelbarrow a few feet to where Michael and Abraham will double Dutch through rope held by Ali and Lily. Then Ali will swivel through some orange cones and then toss a bottle of water to each sprinting contestant, who will form a pyramid with Abraham on top, then collapse all together. Ali will join them under a basketball hoop, and make a basket over her shoulder. The kids will also have to remember to lip synch while doing all this. Failure to lip synch for your life will result in starting over.

Of course, getting an error free run does not come easy. One time, Lily couldn’t get off her sweatshirt in time, so Erik the director asks Aylin, “Can you help Lily?” “Strip?” asks Aylin “Yeah.” Ha ha ha. Oh, Glee Project! The double Dutch routine causes several do-overs. Abraham twists his left ankle. Shanna throws up in a trash can outside. The producers wanted her to do that last week, but will accept it this week. Lily is nearby waiting for her to be done. She’s eyeing that yummy chum.

Ali has unleashed the beast

34 takes are needed to get it all perfect. Since Ali can never make the basket (because who the hell can shoot over the shoulder in a wheelchair?) that part of the routine needed to be altered. In the pyramid, Abraham catches a ball and tosses it to Ali. Then, everyone lifts her up so she can place the ball in the basket. Yea teamwork!

In the end, Ali and Shanna are given praise. So is Blake for always doing his takes perfectly. Aylin is criticized for being Aylin but is called back.

Before we get to the bottom three performances, there is a short scene from earlier where the boys explain jock straps to the girls. Girls don’t know how they work, but if you’re a boy who has never played sports, you wouldn’t either.


Bottom 3:

Michael sings “Brick” by Ben Folds Five. This is Michael’s first time up. He constantly does poorly in the studio, but has constantly escaped the bottom 3 (he was only here once before, and that was the night they finally got rid of Tyler, so he lucked out). He should have been up here more often, but he sang well today and Ryan Murphy liked it. “Thank you, Mr. Murphy,” says Michael. “Oh please, Mr. Murphy is my mother’s name. Call me King Ryan the Great.”

Abraham (his third time here) sings “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. Before he performed, he was instructed not to kiss up to Ryan Murphy like last time. He did not do particularly well.

Lily (her fourth time) sings “I’m the Greatest Star” from Funny Girl. She did very well. When she is asked why she thinks she is up here, Lily starts crying about how Aylin made fun of her for singing loudly back in the studio. Lily always finds something to cry about. Lily knows how to play The Glee Project.


There’s a TWIST! While Ryan Murphy and the people who are condemned to work with him are discussing who to let go, Abraham walks back on stage. He says he isn’t going to let them get rid of him. Abraham is eliminated.