The L.A. Complex: 1.02 “Do Something”

Abby and Raquel walk down the studio lot in their hooker outfits and talk about how hard it is to get work as actors. Raquel, being older,  is used to rejection and tells Abby she will just have to get used to it too. Raquel doesn’t give her a ride back home, claiming she has a “big meeting with a producer”. She doesn’t, but Raquel is done being nice. They are girls, and Raquel found a minor reason to dislike her the moment they met, so they can never be friends.

Tariq and Kaldrick King enjoy a meal outside. Kaldrick talks about how he can’t be who he wants to be, because he is trapped in the image the public has of him. Then he beats up a guy who took a picture of him when he was holding Tariq’s arm. Calling it: Gay!

Abby returns to the apartment to see the manager evicting her because she has never paid rent. Abby can’t believe it! Yeah she should go back to Canada. Again, the government pays people to make TV shows, so she is almost guaranteed a paycheck. She’s blown two guaranteed roles in a row by being stupid, she’s not cut out to survive this city.

Without nowhere else to go, Abby shows up at the door of her favorite bitch, Nick, and ask to move in with him. Abby is still dressed in a bra and short-shorts, so of course Nick says yes. They decide to watch The Notebook. Who is the fucker at Epitome who loves The Notebook so Goddamn much? Oh…what’s that? Rachel McAdams is a Canadian? Her cousin must work at Epitome.

Connor finds Raquel in his trailer, still dressed like a prostitute. Raquel wants to have sex with him too, but Connor is like, “I’m at work right now.”

Back at the strip club, Alicia and Ricky hit it off. Alicia is determined to not let rejection set her back. “Because I am blonde with big boobs,” Alicia says, “everyone underestimates me. But I’m a part-time stripper who is already too over the hill to be a dancer. So watch out world!” Ricky invites her to a charity event for Eskimos.

KK and Tariq are at a strip club. At least half this episode has taken place in a strip club. They are very bored and the girls do the most lazy dance ever. They should be shaking it like this:




Tariq explains that the reason KK has not put out an album for several years is that he is rich, so is no longer part of the gangsta lifestyle of his early albums. I don’t see why that should hold him back since 75% of all raps song are about being rich. KK takes offense to Tariq trying to figure him out. “You don’t know what kind of man I am!” Kaldrick King proclaims. Gay!

That night, the apartment has booked a folk singer. Raquel is on the phone with her agent, awaiting word on the hooker role, when she hears Abby scream from the balcony that she got it. Raquel is frustrated. I like that Abby and Raquel kept their hooker outfits on all day.

Abby is happy, and says, “I’m going to call my parents and give them the good news!” She probably should keep the nature of the role is out of the conversation. Or bend the truth a bit. “Yes mom, I play a self-employed, street smart young woman, who has a long list of clients and mainly works at night. My business partner is an African-American man with a fondness for fur coats and Cadillac cars.”

Nick leans in for a celebratory kiss, which Abby wants no part in. Oh come on Nick, you just got a lecture about not doing that! On the other hand, he did find Abby a place to live—twice. In this situation, most men would reasonably expect blowjob. I mean, give him a peck on the cheek at least, Abby. You’re sending mixed singles in that outfit, too.

We see a brief moment of Connor, working furiously on an exercise bike while trying to memorize new lines late into the night. Oh poor baby, that must be so hard, except you get paid $30,000 a week and get summers off. Boo hoo hoo.

This is why I can’t root for any of the characters to succeed. If they land their big break, they are going to have a job with a salary hugely out of wack with how difficult the work actually is. If it was just about making a lot of money, they would be in law school or medical school right now. They’d have better odds of becoming rich than with show business, except those being a lawyer or doctor is really hard. Instead, they are hoping to make it rich with a job that’s not all that hard, comparatively. It’s also why I don’t sympathize with Abby’s money problems. She could be making an alright salary in an office job in Toronto, but would rather be down here barely just getting by. These people’s poverty is a choice because they are gambling that their path will make them rich in the end. Asking us to cheer for for these people is like asking us to root for someone playing the lottery.

I’m watching because of the hooker outfits, that’s it.

Kaldrick and Tariq end the day at his mansion. KK has a large vinyl collection and puts on a record. It had better not be a Canadian record. The two men take each other’s clothes off and have sex. Dude, I bet he’s totally gay.

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