The L.A. Complex: 1.03 “Who You Know”

Season 1 Episode 3
Airdate: January 24, 2012

The episode picks up shortly after where the previous ended, with Tariq and Kaldrick King on the floor of his mansion in the mist of some post-sex panting.  “You need to leave,” Kaldrick tells Tariq. “Get out.” Typical man. But hey, you know what they say about interns: you don’t NOT pay them for sex; you give them college credit to leave afterward! LOL!

Abby shows up at the studio lot ready for her hooker role. She tries to visit Connor, whose show is on the same lot, but finds him having sex in his trailer.

She is so shocked that when she tries to leave, she trips on the steps and falls down. Now she has a bloody gash on her forehead.

I’d rather this show have a catchy theme song than pop up the title whenever someone is nude.

Meanwhile, Raquel and the two neighbor dudes, who wrote a script she wants to star in, have been sitting in a meeting room for half an hour waiting for her agent to show up.  The two dudes have to leave because they are getting paid $2000 to shoot a bar mitzvah. Raquel is not happy, but the dudes should try to sell their script to the bar mitzvah boy’s father. I mean it’s a bar mitzvah in Los Angeles. Good luck finding a parent there who doesn’t work in show business.

After more than an hour, Raquel finally meets her agent, who informs her that she has not read the script, and drops her from the agency because she has not had work in two years. Raquel retorts that the agency were the ones who made her turn down Sharktopus, which is an actual Sc-Fi Channel movie, even though it sounds like more like the Cinemax softcore porn version of a Sci-Fi channel rip-off of a blockbuster.

Back at the lot, Abby’s role has been reduced to playing a dead body. Then, the star of the show insists that she be covered up. Seeing a dead hooker reminds him too much of his last girlfriend. So, a crew member zips Abby inside the body bag.

Abby ends up being paid much less than she expected because she had no lines nor was seen. Show business is rough stuff.

Raquel goes to an AA meeting. She does not have a drinking problem, but goes to find a someone to buy her script. “Are you pitching me a script at AA?” one guy cries. “Not cool, Raquel,” says another. Hey Raquel, way to be looked down on by a bunch of pussy asses who can’t hold their liquor.

Over at the comedy club, Nick is bombing yet again. His bit about glass blowing goes nowhere. He tries to start something with “I’m from Canada, which is weird.” OK, so that’s three confirmed Canadians so far.

Later, Nick sulks at the club’s bar, where a young lady takes a shine to him. They do lots of shots and drunkenly stumble back to her place. But this chick is crazy and wants to get off by having Nick choke her. Nick doesn’t know how to go about this and thinks he killed her.

But she just fell asleep.

In the morning, Connor is up with a wardrobe lady he took home to have sex with. Meanwhile, choker girl wakes up and wonders what the hell Nick is doing in her apartment.

“You passed out after I choked you,” he says.

There is a montage of Raquel going around trying to find a new agent while Alicia is at a dance auction. No agent picks Raquel up and Alicia does not get hired. 🙁

Nick sneaks into his apartment. Since Abby rejected his kiss, he has been too shy to be there. Nick is a huge wimp. But Abby comes in and sees him in the shower. She wants to watch his comedy act that night. Nick is worried, because he knows he is terrible, but also can’t say no to Abby.

OK, so here is what Alicia has been up to. That former child actor she met, Ricky, and his manager want her to film a pornographic movie with him. They sold the rights to a porn company, but are going to pass it off as a celebrity sex tape that was accidentally leaked. Ricky is betting this will raise his profile, but I don’t think a celebrity sex tape has ever made the man famous. Alicia was initially against participating, but her sense of shame has been lowered after losing two try-outs in a row and needs the money.

She meets Ricky in a hotel room, where the manager has her sign the contract. He steps out and the couple gets busy.

This reminds of when news went around that Dustin Diamond, Screech from Saved by the Bell, had made a sex tape. I am certain the writers used Screech as an inspiration for Ricky.

The producers are not happy with Connor’s acting. He is going to be assigned an acting coach. The director is frustrated with his inability to cry during a scene, and orders a crewmember to rub a menthol stick under his eyes. This is an old theater trick to induce tears. Also to make black people want to lick his face.

In desperation, Raquel seeks out an older man she met at AA. She passes off her behavior at the meeting as a result of her alcoholism, and leads him on with a date. He takes an interest in her script/vagina.

Nick is back on stage and doing poorly. No one laughs, except the choking girl he hooked up with, but she is laughing amongst her friends. This inspires Nick to ad-lib a routine about that incident.

The audience laughs and the girl is embarrassed.

I am delightfully surprised that Nick made people laugh, because he has never done it before, which really makes you wonder why he wanted to be a comic in the first place. I mean, not only was he not funny on stage, he was never funny at the motel, or work, or anywhere. You’d think Nick would be a pretty funny guy, even if he was a bad comic. That’s how it works, right? There will be a guy who is the funniest person in his group of friends, always makes people laugh at parties, was probably the class clown, and will have people keep telling him, “Yo man, you should be a comedian.” I can’t imagine anyone ever said that to Nick; he never seemed to be that kind of guy. Which makes his sudden ability to get laughs not really believable.

OK, so here is what Tariq has been up to. Kaldrick is deep in the closet, so he overcompensates by being bored at strip clubs every night and acting incredibly mean to Tariq when others are present. Tariq’s boss doesn’t understand why Kaldrick doesn’t like the kid, so tells Tariq it would be best to stay away for awhile. But Tariq has to drive Kaldrick home. Kaldrick wants him to come in for butt sex, but Tariq is mad about how Kaldrick has to pretend to hate him. So they just make out in his car.

Connor is home alone. He tries to phone Raquel then Abby then Nick (for sex probably), but none of them answer. He is lonely. Man, just drive over to the motel. All your friends live in the same building and don’t have money to go out. Plus, there is party there every night, so they wouldn’t go out even if they had could afford to.

Instead, Connor puts on a tea pot and sets out some lotion. This is going to be an all-nighter masturbation session. I knew he was trying to call his friends for sex.

Actually, he pours hot water on his arm in an act of self-harm. Normally, we associate self-harm with teenager girls. Way to be a teenage girl, Connor.