The L.A. Complex: 2.04 “Be a Man”

Season 2 Episode 4
Airdate: August 7, 2012

Previously on The L.A Complex:

Abby broke up with Nick. She is trying to get along with her co-stars who she witnessed committing a depraved act and want her to keep it secret.
Beth and Simon have lost out on one audition and need to get more without an agent.
Connor is living with Raquel after he burnt down his house. They have to put a hold on their relationship because he is dating an aging actress because she is paying him.
Kaldrick attempted suicide, was briefly institutionalized, had his single drop and then sought out his estranged father.
Nick has to compete with Sabrina to keep a job as a writer for The Paul F. Tompkins Show. Sabrina has been playing dirty to win.
Raquel was desperately in need of work, so took a role in Cactibear II: Shaper Claws, Pointier Needles.
Alicia and Tariq are no longer part the show, I guess.

Two unseen older boys chase a little black boy through the ghetto. I remember this from D.A.R.E; they are drug dealers who chase children down to force them to try drugs. We were warned to watch out for those in the sixth grade. The child bangs on the door of his home, pleading to be let in, but his dad says no.

This is Kaldrick dreaming about his childhood. He is stayed the night at the homeless shelter his father runs. If I were Kaldrick, I would take the opportunity to punch his dad in the throat while he sleeps.

Connor scrolls through a story about his dinner date with Jennifer Bell that appeared on a Huffington Post-like gossip site (which means they copied and pasted it from some other site without attribution). Raquel is going to go to start work on Cactibear II today. Raquel hates the whole idea of the movie but is eager to work with the director, one Mr. Lane Randoon, because he’s had three movies at Sundance. Kevin Smith has had, like, all of his movies appear at Sundance. I don’t think getting in Sundance is that big of an accomplishment. The premiere party for Connor’s medical drama is tonight. He and Raquel are both sad she can’t go with him because he is contractually required to be seen in public with Jennifer.

Nick is at the writers’ table before the rest of them arrive. He stayed up late to write the ten desk pieces he needed for today, while the rest of the staff went to a bar. This is when Nick learns that, at the bar, Sabrina convinced the other writers that the show would be better without desk pieces. All of Nick’s labor was for naught!

In their apartment, Beth and Simon prepare for his two auditions today. Simon munches a poptart and asks why his sister is not eating breakfast. I guess she can’t afford to. She should just inform her little brother that people between the ages of 15 and 30 hate to eat breakfast. Our tummies don’t wake up until 11am and don’t shut off until 3am.

An insurance investigator goes to the Deluxe to speak with Connor. He wants to know why the firefighters reported that he was drinking a beer when they arrived. Connor should just say he’s from Australia and that’s how they roll.

Beth and Simon meet a mother and son at the audition. Simon and Tyson hit it off, but Beth dislikes the mom because Beth dislikes everyone. Also, the mother recommends that Beth take Simon to get a haircut, teeth whitening, and consult a stylist, because that increased Tyson’s success. Beth snaps back that she is not going to treat Simon like “a dog in a dog show”. Hey, bitch, maybe when you willingly enter what you know is a superficial and vain industry, you shouldn’t act so damn incredulous about it or bitch out people who are trying to help. The charity of others is the only reason why you and your brother aren’t dead in an alley right now.

Raquel is in front of a green screen for Cactibear II. She wants to know where to stand and look, but the director is like, “Just wherever.” They do one take and that’s it. Raquel thought that was a rehearsal take and asks for another to get it right, but the director declines and says they are “not big on rehearsals”. It’s a Syfy Channel movie. If it takes more than a day to film, they’ll go over budget.

Back at the writers’ room, the producer puts Nick on the spot to pitch a bit they can do with the music guest, some group called the Black Keys. Nick confuses them with the White Stripes, because he suggests maybe they could do something about the question of whether they are brother and sister or husband and wife. Everyone is like, WTF Nick? Which makes Nick extra lame is that the whole siblings-or-married shtick was resolved in 2003, so about ten years ago. Maybe it’s still a rumor in Canada, I don’t know. Nick then whines about how he is tired and will probably be fired and just broke up with his girlfriend. Instead of calling Nick a pussy, the producer says they might as well all go to a bar. It’s around noon, by the way. Television writers sure do drink a lot. Maybe just The L.A. Complex writers do.

Connor meets Jen at a clothing boutique to find outfits for the premiere.  I assumed celebrities have professional stylists who dressed them for big events, and the premiere of a network TV show should warrant that treatment. Then again, I doubt anyone involved with The L.A. Complex has ever been invited to an event of that importance.  Jewel Staite would—for the Serenity premiere at least—but likely doesn’t have anything to do with scenes she does not appear in. And I doubt she will be invited to any premieres after being associated with this show. Ironically, once the Canadian government cancels The L.A. Complex, Jewel Staite is going to end up like Raquel. Anyway, Connor and Jen use the same dressing room. STEAMY!

Beth and Simon see Tyson and his mom at a restaurant. That’s odd, at the end of the previous episode and earlier in this one, it was implied that Beth couldn’t afford food, but now they are at a fast food place. Simon wants a friend, so Beth apologizes to Tyson’s mom and they eat together. When she is asked about their parents, Beth explains, “My dad is in construction and my mom’s a mom.” Beth also claims to have graduated early. Simon and Tyson are up for the same audition and Beth wants to buy a thrift store suit for it, but Tyson’s mom says he won’t need one. He will need a flower girl’s dress, though.

The writers are at a bar. While the guys tell Nick that the best way to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend is to show them naked pics of her (no, really), Sabrina slips some money to the bartender to make sure all of Nick’s drinks are triple strength, but puts no alcohol in hers. I don’t know if that will throw him off much since he is Canadian; excessive amounts of Labatts is how they stay warm in the winter and disinfect wounds caused from wolf attacks. But Nick is soon extremely drunk and slurs his speech. “You know what else isn’t fun?” he tells the group. “Sleeping alone in a bed of your own tears.” Were anyone other than Nick to say this, that person might lose the respect of his peers. But Nick has none left to lose. In fact, Nick went from 0 to 0.5% respect merely by not wetting his pants today.

Nick figures out what Sabrina is doing, so thinks he will outsmart her by suggesting they all go to a strip club. Being TV writers, they are all for it. Nick thinks Sabrina will be cut out of the fun, bragging to her that strip clubs are “kind of a guy thing”. Except Nick would ejaculate just looking at the neon sign of the naked woman outside. However, Sabrina rocks the strip club by getting a lap dance.

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