Victorious: 3.09 “How Trina Got In”

Season 3 Episode 09
Airdate: May 5, 2012

Rob is treating Tori to a lunch at the sushi place because he wants to get into her pants owes her a favor after she helped him massage his grandmother’s huge feet. You know what they say about women with big feet, right? They got big vaginas! Two little girls make fun of Rob for using training chopsticks. Imagine how badly they’d make fun of Rob if they saw his retarded puppet. The bill comes, but Rob forgot his wallet. And Tori left her purse at school because Rob offered to pay. “Don’t you keep emergency money in your bra?” asks Rob, who thinks that’s something girls do. Tori replies that she does not. “Just let me check,” says Rob.

The owner lady slaps Rob for not having money and having a face you just want to hit. Tori and Rob discuss sneaking out. But the owner pops up behind them, ninja style and says if they try that, a sumo wrestle named Haiku will sit on them.

Over at the school, the rest of the gang is sitting at their usual lunch table. Cat pulls some candy out of her bra and gives it to her friends. Of course the boys eagerly eat it. Behind them, Tori’s older sister, Trina, sings very badly. This is a performing arts school and the students had to audition to get in, but Trina has no talent. So Cat asks the question: how did Trina get in?

Andre tells the story. Right here reminds me of Hey Arnold, when Gerald the black kid would always be the one to tell the urban legends to the other children. I hope this was an homage to that classic, average quality Nicktoon. Anyway, Andre says that four years ago, Trina had the “voice of an angel”. A panel of five faculty members who judge the auditions accept her into the school after she sings a beautiful opera. After that, a stage light that Singin set up wacks her square in the throat. She was no longer able to sing. “That light hit Trina so hard it knocked all the talent straight out of her,” Andre states.

Jane and Beck retort that is not how Trina got in. Before Jane can tell her version of the events, the bell rings. But Cat really wants to know he story, so she pulls more candy out of her bra and offers it to anyone who will tell her how Trina got in. Cat has a lot of candy stuffed in her cleavage. You’d think it would melt.

Back at the sushi place, the owner is not showing them mercy. She brings up an incident from a previous episode in which she funded a school play in exchange for casting her daughter. But the kids ended up leaving her daughter hanging from a rafter. Tori thinks she can leave and get the money. But she doesn’t outside before Haiku carries her back to the counter. I think letting one of them go to get money is a perfectly acceptable solution. The owner really hates this two. It’s understandable.

Class is delayed, so Jane has the opportunity to tell her Trina story. According to Jane, Trina always was a horrible singer and failed her audition. But she set off a canister of knockout gas. With the faculty members passed out, Trina, wearing a gas mask, marked “yes” on all the forms.

Beck says that did not happen. Jane replies it was the story she heard. Then, Cat offers her friends licorice. She pulls out a long red string from her cleavage. Jane cuts pieces off and they all eat. I am afraid to think where the other end of that string lies.

The sushi place looks like it has a really nice computer. It’s a sleek looking Mac. Restaurants I have been that have computer stations are outfitted with Dells that are way to slow due to no one ever maintaining them and are one step above library computers. Tori is a spoiled brat.

The sushi owner suggests Tori and Rob phone a friend for the money. The tow did not think of that because teenagers are usually incapable of to a problem is to complain and whine. Tori left her phone at school with her money, so she use Rob’s to call. However, Rob has no service. “They want 45 bucks a month,” says Rob, “I’m not paying that. I’m a Jew.”

The two have to work off their bill by chopping squid. Haiku shows them how while chanting the squid chopping song:

Chop, chop, chop the squid

Chop, chop, chop the squid

Chop, chop, chop the squid

Disappoint my father

Back at school, Cat pulls more candy from her bra.

“Hey Cat, why do you have candy in your bra?”

“My uncle puts it there every morning right before I leave for school. He gives me candy because I give him sugar.”

Beck tells his version of the Trina story. Trina is a crappy singer and the faculty calls her terrible. So she challenges them to a fight. 5 vs. 1. If she wins, they let her in. The faculty take it up. There is a crazy fight sequence that Trina ultimately wins.

Tori and Rob have finally chopped all 17 pounds of squid. They can leave. But while Tori goes around the corner, Rob jumps over and breaks a whole bunch of plates. The owner says they will have to work here all night to pay for that. But Tori says only Rob is liable for that and leaves. She’s had it with that boy’s shit.

There is a Gary Busey quote on the whiteboard.

Class is underway. Mr. Sikowitz, the standard Nickelodeon weird adult, tells the kids about keeping sandwiches under his bed. Tori arrives class late and causing everyone to wonder what fish she smells like. Sadly, as this is Nickelodeon, we get no vagina jokes. 🙁

The kids ask Tori how her sister got in to this school but Tori isn’t sure. So Sikowitz tells them.

Just before her audition, the principal needed the faculty to help him stop Singin from masturbating up and down the hallways. Only Sikowitz remained to watch Trina’s audition. Trina gave a horrid audition, but Sikowitz started to hallucinate due to drinking from a strange pencil shaped coconut (he drinks from coconuts a lot). He thought Trina was creating those amazing psychedelics. So, Sikowitz marked her as a yes.

“I’m not proud of it,” he tells the class. The kids can’t believe that is the true story. I think it is a valuable lesson in how disappointing adults can be.  Sikowitz asks where Rob is.

We return to the sushi place, where Rob is forced to give Haiku a foot massage.