Watership Down: “Tale of a Mouse”

Wow, it’s been a while since I did one of these hasn’t it? Actually I apparently wrote this review like a year ago and even took screenshots but never actually finished it. If I remember correctly I lost this volume of the DVD Box Set for awhile and just moved on with the episodes. Then by the time I found it again the program I had on my computer that allowed me to play DVDs from other regions wasn’t working. I’ve since then gotten another program that let me rip the DVDs so I can start the reviews again. Until then you get this lost review for your enjoyment.

For those who actually pay attention to the story this episode takes place between The Vision and Lost.

Remember how Hazel and Primrose proclaimed their love last episode? Now they’ve got kids. Yup, just went and gave birth I guess. Either rabbits have a gestation period of about 32 hours or a few months have gone on between these two episodes.

Keehar terrorizing playing with the newborns while the most epic music ever is playing. It sounds like he is about to make the final trench run on the Deathstar.

“Reflections are for millponds” Bigwig declares. I am not going to explain the context for that statement. Well, actually I will because otherwise this review would be hard to explain. Basically the newborns have never eaten anything from a farm so the other rabbits want to change that.

Keehar thinks it would be a better idea if he got fish for the baby rabbits instead of things rabbits eat and flies away. You know the rest of the rabbits have been living with Keehar for far too long because his insane ideas don’t even phase them anymore. Nobody even comments on them. They’re just like “Whatevs and then go about their business. I imagine its like what it would be like to have a retarded child. In most households it would be a big deal if a pile of human feces was found in the cat box but those parents just scoop it up without comment

Dandelion is inspired by the talk about raiding and tells the story of Elahrairah and how he got his revenge on a group of greedy farmers by entering a pie eating contest and vomiting up on all of them.

Then he tells the story of how one time Elahrairah stole a bunch of cabbage by tricking a dog. Elahrairah’s trick isn’t particularly clever but neither is the dog so it all works out.

One of the baby rabbits asks Bigwig what flavra is, and Bigwig calls him ignorant. He also explains what it is, basically anything rabbits want to eat that isn’t grass, but I’m sure the information is overshadowed by the blow to the self esteem.

Hazel, Bigwig, Fiver and Hawkbit decide to go raid the farm. Grass is very poor nutrition, so most animals that eat it have to digest it more then once. Grazing stock such as cows or sheep will chew on their cud and have multiple stomachs but rabbits do not have this luxury. They have to eat the grass, pass it through their system, and then eat it again. Basically they eat their own shit and if you had to eat shit all day you would definitely risk your life to get some carrots.

The rabbits try tricking the dog but he doesn’t understand their language… and is asleep. Here is my plan for tricking the dog. Wait until he falls asleep (already accomplished) then go into the garden and steal food.

Meanwhile Hannah is inside the house. Remember when Hannah appeared in episodes? Its been awhile. A cat chases her into a breadbox, but Hannah doesn’t really care. A loaf of bread is more then enough to sustain her and she is a mouse so its not like she has a job or any real obligations. She doesn’t even own a TV so she won’t mind missing the season finale of Hellcats

Plan B: Bigwig gets the dog to dig under the fence and chase him. The rest of the rabbits will hide behind a wheelbarrow. They sneak in the tunnel while the dog is gone and eat like kings. The trouble is the dog refuses to dig under the fence. Stupid lazy dogs. They never burrow when you need it. Instead the dog tries to climb the fence and falls on his head. At this point the rabbits are just sitting their laughing at his stupidity.

The cat sees the rabbits out by the fence and decides she would rather eat them then wait for Hannah Uh oh, shit is going to get real!

The rabbits all get away but Fiver. Fiver sucks at running away. He ends up trapped underneath a wheelbarrow. The cat knows he is down there and can reach her paw underneath but can’t reach him, Fiver however can’t get out.

They need to save Fiver but instead of being helpful Hawkbit just keeps making sarcastic remarks. Frankly I think if the three of them rushed the cat while she is busy trying to get under the wheelbarrow they could take her out. The cat wouldn’t be expecting it and they have her outnumbered. Like most problems this one could easily be solved by gang violence if only the participants where up to it.

Hazel has a plan. Step one is having Hawkbit stick his head up the cat‘s butt. This enrages and arouses the cat, causing her to chase him. Then Hannah who apparently showed up at some point runs under the wheelbarrow to tell Fiver what the plan is. The plan can be summed up at digging. I’m not sure why Fiver didn’t think of that. Besides running and hopping digging is the only thing rabbits do.

Bigwig is on the other side of the fence digging an escape tunnel for Fiver Hawkbit wanders over and says Bigwig is as good as digging as a woman, so Bigwig shoots some diarrhea into his face.

Bigwig and Fiver both dig their way into the garden. The dog sees Fiver, and he still sucks at running away, but manages to barely escape through Bigwig’s hole.

Team Rabbits make it out safely and even manage to get some flavra out of the deal. Not a bad day in adventuring for our favorite little bunnies. The dog realizes there is a hole that goes under the wheelbarrow and squeezes his way though it. Remember, the cat still thinks Fiver is under there. She probably shits a brick when a dog jumps out from beneath it. The rabbits all laugh, but unfortunately the episode continues rather then end with an 80s style freeze frame.

Back home Bigwig is telling the story of what happened while everybody enjoys some carrots. That wacky Keehar comes swooping in with some fish which the baby rabbits are less then enthusiastic to eat, I tell you what. Keehar eats the fish himself and everybody laughs while the screen fades out. Damn it, we had another chance for an 80s style freeze frame there but nope, don’t get one.

Thank U Star’s Rating and My Rebuttal

Oh well! Overall, I thought it was an okay episode. Not much seemed to happen, but I suppose there are much worse episodes to follow in the second series, so I’ll still give it a reasonable score. Get us back to Efrafa storylines!!

3 Out of 6 – Average

The lack of much of a plot, and the wasted 2 minutes padding at the start of the episode result in this episode being given such a low score.

Way to call it Thank U Stars. This episode is total filler and sucks. I have no idea why they thought we would want to watch this instead of something with Efrafa. They haven’t been around at all for awhile. The Raid ended on a high note and the more episodes we go without Efrafa involvement the more that momentum is wasted. You think they would throw at least one scene in about them. Like show them searching through the woods, or discussing how they can’t find Watership Down, anything to let us know they just didn’t disappear.

2 out of 6.