Watership Down: The Great Game

Hazel showing off his best side

Its been two months since Campion was arrested before the filler episode. Well Hazel says its been two round moons. I assume that is two lunar cycles. Could be two times since Bigwig showed Hazel his bunghole. Hazel and Primrose are checking the message tree but nothing has been left by Campion. Primrose brings up Fiver’s prediction from a few episodes ago, “The warring comes comes from the lonely and brave, the one who saves us is the one we can’t save,” as she feels it is about Campion. Hazel says that everything will be okay, although he is probably secretly happy the biggest rival for his pootang is destined to be killed while saving his kingdom. Hazel and Primrose go back to Watership Down.

Hannah volunteers to go into Efrafa and find out what is going on with Campion. Hazel warns it could be dangerous but Hannah is just happy to have a role on the show.

Keehar checking out the turtle's best side

Then Keehar crop dusts a turtle and confuses the shit out of him. Hannah gets dropped off near Efrafa and sneaks inside where she  sees Campion looking rough and then getting roughed up by some burly ruffians. Rough times ahead.

Campion is getting questioned by Vervain while Woundwort watches. Vervain tells one of the guards, Moss, to cut Campions food eating time. Moss says with concern that Campion is already on quarter rations, and Vervain tells him to shove it. Moss then gets yelled at by Vervain for calling Campion sir, and Moss is like, “Whatever I don’t get paid enough for this.”

Woundwort tells Vervain that Campion won’t keep living if Vervain keeps starving him. Vervain is pretty willing to kill Campion in order to get the info he wants. Next step is water boarding, then forcing him to watch Movie 43. Woundwort does not want to kill Campion since he a dead Campion doesn’t really benefit him in any way. Hannah is watching and we know she don’t approve because she makes a crazy grimace face.

Hannah reports back to Watership Down, saying Campion is going to die soon. Fiver is shocked that Vervain has judged Campion guilty without any proof. The thing is Fiver, Campion is guilty. He has been a double agent for a long time now. The other rabbits are also outraged that Woundwort is willing to kill the rabbit that saved him, despite his guilt as a traitor. Bigwig says that Campion knew the risks and that they should probably all start writing their eulogies. This pisses off Fiver. Fiver mentioning that Vervain’s unfair trial of Campion  reminds Hazel of the story of The Trial of El-herah because they both have the word trial in their titles. The Trial of El-ahrairah and The Trial of Campion: A Sexy Misadventure.

We don’t get the stylized animation for this story that they usually bust out for these things. That would be cool.  Instead the characters just summerize what happened.  It goes down like this: Some honkey accused El-ahrairah of stealing carrots. Even though stealing farm products of some sort is basically 99% of what El-ahrairah does he somehow convinces Prince Rainbow that he is innocent not by actually being innocent but by attacking his accuser’s reputation. This solution is very similar to the time El-ahrairah was accused of rape.  The Downers all decide they will win Campion’s freedom by taking the moral of El-ahrairah’s story and make Vermain look all crazy.

There is a montage of them preparing for the plan which includes a scene where Hawkbit gets covered in what I am sure is mud, but looks like blood.

Remember to not wear white anymore Hawkbit

Hawkbit has finally started his period!

Vervain is out on siflay while Hazel and Hannah watch him from a close distance. Like, if Hazel can get that close to Efrafa why can’t they just conduct a commando raid and extract Campion? Hazel is like two feet away from Vervain. They could have just assassinated him. The Downers have been pretty much acting in Efrafa territory with impunity this entire episode. Obviously the patrols are just getting out of Woundort’s line of site and smoking weed in the woods.

Hannah, pretending to be a hedge wizard, comes out and starts talking about magic. This gets Vervain to believe she is a mystical figure. Vervain is very superstitious according to this episode.  Vevain follows Hanna to the enchanted trail where she promises some crazy shit will go down.

Officially Rating: Too Cute

There is a totally cute and awesome hedgie  that is wearing flower petals. She has been instructed by Bigwig to act all crazy and out of it to make Vervain think she is a free spirit. So she is like the girl in college who has never smoked pot before but heard about it and want everybody to know she is totally high.Like that girl the hedgie is wearing flower petals and has Bob Marley posters all over her room despite never listening to any Bob Marley song. Vervain believes this is some sort out crazy magical experience. Next Hannah takes Vervain to a pond where a moorehen swimming. moorehens don’t swim apparently. In the episode the moorhen is riding around the pound on a turtle.  I have no idea what a moorehen is however so its all lost on me. It looks like a female duck to be all honest. Ducks swim all the time. At least the moorehen has a cute voice.

Next Hannah says she is summoning Frith’s messenger, out comes Hawkbit covered in blood and wearing a turban. Hawkbit says Vervain can have his wish and the main characters hop out from behind a rock and in robotic tones declare Woundwort is there master. Vervain orders them to follow him but they say they only follow Woundwort. Should have wished they would have followed you Vervain. This is some total Wishmaster legal bullshit right there. Vervain asks if Campion is a traitor. The main guys say they will only tell Woundwort. Vervain sees this as a sign that Campion is a traitor. I know this whole plan was to make Vervain look insane, but really Vervain was already pretty insane.

Vervain runs off to get Woundwort and the other characters all laugh and call him a dumb ass.  Vervain tells Woundwort that he has captured Bigwig, Fiver and Hazel but doesn’t give the details. Woundwort being the understanding and trusting leader that he is agrees to go with Vervain without his army or even proper questioning. Moss and Campion are also coming along.

First they go to the log where Vervain met Hannah. He tells them how this is where he encountered the hedge wizard. Vervain then calls to her but of course Hannah isn’t there. Woundwort gets pissed. Vervain then leads them to where the singing hedgehog was. Vervain tries to call her but she doesn’t show up, making Vervain look the fool. Then they go to the swimming moorehen, guess what happens. Thats right the moorehen is there swimming, Vervain is justified and Watership Down soon falls to Efrafa. The End. Bright eyes, burning like fire…

 Totally hidden.


The Downers of course don’t show up at the end of the trail. Moss is told to search for tracks but he finds no evidence of them, which is weird since they are hiding really close by. He should be able to smell them. He probably isn’t trying to hard since he assumes Vervain is now Verinsane. Vervain rants and raves about how he isn’t crazy. Strangely ranting and raving about how you aren’t crazy rarely makes you appear to not be crazy. Woundwort oddly seems more amused at Vervain’s descent into madness then angry and orders him to be demoted from most trusted adviser to slave. Moss is ordered to take Vervain away.  Woundwort then reappoints Campion to captain of Owsla and indirectly apologizes, saying Campon was a victim of Vervan’s madness.

Bigwig comments how Campion must feel lower then a snake’s dick since he is swearing loyalty to Woundwort while activity betraying him. Hazel says its time they got him out of Efrafa You know when a good time to rescue Campion would be? When he is alone in the woods with Woundwort with your presence completely hidden. Seems like that would have been a good time for an ambush. Well, the ship has sailed on that opportunity. Okay new idea, get a dozen bats, a head of cabbage and meet me down at the rail road tracks. Ahh here it goes.

At the end of the episode Campion goes to meet with Hazel and Primrose. Vervain is outside slaving away and going on about how he did see all the things he say and how he is not crazy. Then he yells threats at Campion and ends up getting tackled by guards. Thats not helping his case at all.

Primrose and Hazel try to convince Campion to come home with them, but he refuses. Campion even refuses to be told where the warren is. Then he leaves. Primroses wonders why Campion won’t come with them. Hazel says its because Campion is a warrior and Woundwort is his chief. Primrose points out Campion is betraying his chief to which Hazel reples “and that is his tragedy.”

Watership Down just got deep yo.

Final Thoughts:

Very good episode that sets up Campion’s dilemma between being loyal to his home warren and the chief who is destroying it. The Downers continue to show how they are able to stand up against a far more powerful opponent through innovation and intelligent tactics that the straightforward thinking Woundwort doesn’t even consider. All in all the episode is the sort that gets you pumped up to see where this is all leading to, which sort of sucks because we have like five filler episodes before they conclude the story arc.

Which Side are the Good Guys Again

One side freed the double agent they convinced to join their cause by manipulating his feelings of love towards a woman with no intention of being with him by using trickery to drive a religious person insane. The other side has few freedoms because they are very concerned about security